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Every Trivial Fact Misc. - The American Education System Blowout Special (The New Civil War Edition)

When Americans say, “There’s a problem with our education system,” it is in fact a euphemism for a wider civilizational crisis. When teachers say, “This is why I quit teaching,” they’re saying, “Here is why I think society is collapsing.” How bad is America’s education system? It’s far worse than most everybody knows, and the deeper problems reach into and beyond K-12 and “Higher Ed.” Yet, while the symptoms of these problems are often unseen, unheard, confused, overlooked, obfuscated, and overshadowed in media and individual/public thought, to the degrees that society and people are fragmented (in their bubbles, proverbially and modernly speaking), there is no clear picture of what is wrong, and for those who do see the catastrophe, there is seemingly little they can do about it. Regardless, the disaster (and those with intentions behind it) has been in the making for decades, and like any other fraud, the crime is now manifest.


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