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  • Mynaa M.

Hungry Orphans, Better Strangers II

Here we have an overflow of aphorisms, like all else of its own sentience and volition, its own instinct and art, seeking to find not just a home, but creation here on Earth.


Needs more salt.

Ye higher men, think ye that I am here to put right what ye have put wrong?

Or that I wished henceforth to make snugger couches for you sufferers? Or show you restless, miswandering, misclimbing ones, new and easier footpaths?

Nay! Nay! Three times Nay! Always more, always better ones of your type shall succumb,—for ye shall always have it worse and harder. Thus only—

—Thus only groweth man aloft to the height where the lightning striketh and shattereth him: high enough for the lightning!

Towards the few, the long, the remote go forth my soul and my seeking: of what account to me are your many little, short miseries!

Ye do not yet suffer enough for me! For ye suffer from yourselves, ye have not yet suffered FROM MAN. Ye would lie if ye spake otherwise! None of you suffereth from what I have suffered.—

It is not enough for me that the lightning no longer doeth harm. I do not wish to conduct it away: it shall learn—to work for ME.—

My wisdom hath accumulated long like a cloud, it becometh stiller and darker. So doeth all wisdom which shall one day bear LIGHTNINGS.—

Unto these men of to-day will I not be LIGHT, nor be called light. THEM—will I blind: lightning of my wisdom! put out their eyes!

Do not will anything beyond your power: there is a bad falseness in those who will beyond their power.

Especially when they will great things! For they awaken distrust in great things, these subtle false-coiners and stage-players:—

—Until at last they are false towards themselves, squint-eyed, whited cankers, glossed over with strong words, parade virtues and brilliant false deeds.

Take good care there, ye higher men! For nothing is more precious to me, and rarer, than honesty.

Is this to-day not that of the populace? The populace however knoweth not what is great and what is small, what is straight and what is honest: it is innocently crooked, it ever lieth.


THE OLD (AND EVEN NEW) DREAMSCAPES – Have you not the developed third eye to see and understand?

ALL HAIL ATHENA - Man’s utmost goddess of wisdom and war - and also arts and crafts. Truth is indeed a woman - and she only ever loves a warrior.

WOTAN - God of war and wisdom. Like Odysseus, he didn’t play by the rules (of man) - yet remained a steadfast king.

CALYPSO'S ISLAND - When one’s heart is not in it, even if “it” is the hottest nymph you’ve ever laid with - time condenses dreamlike to seemingly move slower - until upon blinking, you realize you’re a captive - and your masters and tormentors and even the gods themselves have taken chunks, years, even decades out of your life.

HARSH DECREES AND OLD BURDENS - Does Odysseus have to return home for the same reason that Wotan must abide his agreement with the giants? Why is it tragedy that a king remains king regardless of circumstances? Asking why Odysseus doesn't keep his mouth shut, his sword sheathed, might as well be like asking, why doesn't Wotan learn to make better deals?

WOTAN’S TRAGEDY - A king has his obligations as first and last subject, no matter where his duties may take him, even if it destroys him. Whence then can we be done with tragic kings? Where is the king who demands to be happy? Who has the Gunjniir, and the balls, to decree happiness? Kingdoms fall and new ones arise when plans for the son don't go as intended. Ask the Buddha’s father.

ODYSSEUS - A fine role model! He dares to hear that which drives mortals mad. He’s curious, cunning and most daring to the point of hubris. All one needs to know is that Odysseus was seen as reckless and cretinous by the Romans, but beloved by the Greeks (aside Plato and a few other system thinkers with pretention to art and its supposedly perfect forms). It seems Odysseus was too much at home in the world amongst terrible gods and horrible monsters, even far away and longing for his island kingdom - his treasures as father, husband, and ruler.

EVEN ODIN HAD TO PROVE HIMSELF (FEARLESS) - To come to see the runes, and the power one sees inside.

AN EYE FOR WISDOM - Odin made his blood sacrifice, gave his own eye, half his vision, for wisdom, insight, internal sight.

PAINFUL IS THIS LIFE - Ask Heracles. Serving under one’s inferiors is always painful - but the camel is burdened, the lion fights, and the child dances, even through their passage with Charon.

FAILURE - Is often the Prometheus of invention.

MEDUSA FOREVER GLARES - Turning life to stone.

A GENEOLOGY OF BETRAYAL - Kronus betrays Zeus, Zeus betrays Kronus, man betrays Zeus.

BIRTH OF JUST WHAT NOW - It’s not by chance that Zapffe echoes Nietzsche, speaking to the Dionysian gone wrong in the Apollonian, to say consciousness is “a very breach in the unity of life,” consciousness being “a double-edged sword,” and a potential prison.

ZEUS' DECREE FROM THE TROJAN WAR TO TODAY - Wave after wave of men, to depopulate this Earth of men and heroes.

WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS - It is not a happy ending for everyone, rather, even heroes wash up and wash out; are lost, dead, and deluded.

WHEN THE KING COMES HOME - He happily strings the bow - and the real party begins!

A MODERN ODYSSEUS - Best learn to take and make his home with him wherever he go; or make peace with the plentiful monsters, madmen and fallen gods of this one Earth.

WHAT IS A HOME WITH NO PEOPLE, CULTURE OR LANGUAGE - Something else, but definitely not a home.

EYES AS HARD AS HORN OR IRON - Rather than pathologically perceiving the natural course of instincts, passions, emotions and feelings as something to always be stuffed, attacked, denied, lied about, feared, repressed and ultimately castrated, the ancient Greeks understood with profundity born of simplicity, what it meant to be human, animal, and man.

"SO CUNNINGLY DID HE RESTRAIN HIS TEARS" – Why, he could have easily been mistaken for a monster.*

*Oh, just some casual duplicity to seek murderous vengeance, no stranger to Christianity.

DAMN YOU APOLLO - To the Apollonian instinct, “Even Achilles must learn pity and shame!”

THE FUTURE REMAINS A FOOL WHO CREEPS UP FROM BEHIND - And apparently he wants to kill more than just the tight-rope walker.

SECRETS OF AION - They’ll never know. And you? Do you make the time?

THE EVIL EYE - Aside being the ultimate symbol for the damaging surplus of human consciousness, it is simply the eye of others that is felt, even and especially when they are not around. It is the awareness, that others are aware of us, but how will they judge?

FOUR OF MANY REASONS YOU WILL BE REIGNED IN - When you are sincere and intimate; when you take other’s ideas more seriously than they do; when you take other people themselves more seriously than they do; and when you’re having too much fun.

CIVILIZATION, AS AN EXAMPLE - Was just the background noise and setting for Diogenes to place his barrel.

BEYOND EVEN IRON NECESSITY - Not gods, but children play.

THE COLD AND HARMFUL TRUTH - Ahhh, joyful and brisk.

THE UTMOST BEUTY BRINGS THE UTMOST HORROR - What have you otherwise even seen, then?

WHEN EMERSON WRITES - "Let us examine this apparition,” he means man as much as nature itself.

FRIEND - He whom I owe, because I love. A happy debt that is no debt at all.

FIEND – Better than friend. Friend may give you hospitality, allow you repose, respite, and a congenial contemporary, or even better, lend you their power, but only the fiend will strengthen you through war, expand your sight through relentless and strenuous tension, known and felt as friction until the world lies beneath you - or you burn up en route. As is Nietzsche’s best known cliché, “that which does not kill you, will make you stronger” – and will often confuse, confound, depress, and anger you on your way from here to there, and possibly end in any number of terrible or tragic manners.

OBLIGATION - Who is determining just what now? And for whom? And why? From where? And to what ends and ultimate purpose? The terms (polite coercion) of tyranny.

DANGEROUSLY HONEST - The Philosopher: But a question for you? The mass and masses: Oh no you don't!

LIKE PREGNANCY – Bad conscience, pity, nihilism, pessimism, is its own pre-natal illness, a necessary condition of the next birth and metamorphosis out of a history of ascetic and aesthetic torpor, south of heaven’s stupor and back into the body – where all birth carries a great cost that can never truly be concealed.

NOT EVEN MODERN OR MIDEVIL - But the ancient myth of self! Those who understood competing and controlling wills, forces and spirits inside man, had a more accurate notion, not of what man means, or even intends, but what it is that he is. It was a long line in Philosophy from the Buddha’s notion of “no self,” to Nietzsche’s understanding that “the self isn’t even real.”

AS WE SAY - If you’re not “making mistakes” - then it means you’ve made the big one - and are already dead.

ALL THE DIFFERENCE - Repression, vs. the world beneath you.

ALL THE DIFFERENCE II - The understanding of belief, blind belief, and the ever-widening inability to even believe in believing.

ALL THE DIFFERENCE III - A glimpse to the heights, not a glimpse from the heights, Nietzsche writing for others not to follow, but seek their own route, “…something to which we are not driven by personal need, and which we do not require, we cannot esteem so highly.” This wounds man’s ego, for what else could he think of himself or desire, but that he be necessary?

BELIEF - Is most closely in fact “the need to know.”

STAGGERING THEN - That people will take any and all beliefs, and say, "This'll do."

NEMESIS - But a reflection, fracture, or fragment of a fable called self.

JUST ABOUT EVERY LAST COMPLAINER, COMER, AND CONTENDER - You lick the honey, yet still you cry so? This, then, is your greatest confession, when even the lotus-eaters need stronger lotus.

DID YOU SEE THAT - In the mirror!?


PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE - People themselves inevitably fall into, and then out of the mix.

TAKING FROM CONSTELLATIONS - People speak and act as if they can steal away stars, but nature is an expansion where stars can only be added. THE POWER OF SAYING “NO” - Not just to deny the abyssal rejects of humanity’s spirit and their endless terrible ideas, but a powerful way to distinguish where other people’s power falls short and fails, and where your power begins. This lesson begins early in life as a toddler, but no matter how long this art is practiced, it is seldom mastered before death. REAL EVIL - The weak and stupid interfering with the influential and desirable.

COMANCHE - One of many solutions to Christianity, defined as the stranger, other, enemy, or in popular mythos, “the enemy of everyone.”

SCALPING MANIFEST DESTINY 2.0 - Imagine the audacity of the first priests in the new world, telling their captives, victims, and new Stockholmed Christians, “you are the sinners, you must beg for forgiveness”—and one can immediately see why Christians were shot, burned, scalped, and butchered by the natives, not that they even needed an excuse, for the first and many trespasses to follow were enough, but the warped and twisted Christian morality and attitude (liberal “progress” swallows the earth in its nihilism) is the wagging tongue of a snake that begged to be chopped, a bigot’s pulpit, and in the modern day, it remains bereft of god. Coming not full circle, but a half-cocked revolution of the damned, the new Christian bigots of America are now secular, but just as savage and sadistic as their progenitors.

CHRISTIANITY - A moral disease of physiological unease, that is, mental, emotional, and bodily weakness. A distance was created, a lack was created, and then the animals were constrained, restrained, and taught to perform tricks to address said lack.

THE ENDLESS GREAT REVOLUTION - After nearly 2,000 years of history, there was nothing else nations of Christians could do but hate, fight, and kill each other over differences, disparities and grievances. This should be obvious when patient zero for this insanity tells you, “I am an asshole. Not peace, but a sword!” A real and terrible end to an otherwise unreal and terrible fiction.

MORTALITY AWARENESS - That which leads to the most elaborate fictions, tricks, and their performance. TRAGEDY - A potential measure of what one has, and then had; what one wants, and what one doesn’t obtain; what one doesn’t want, and that “not wanting” backfiring in the most absurd and painful manner. The art of the wealthy and powerful. COMEDY - A potential measure of what one doesn’t have, what one wants, and what one thinks they want (without any real idea as to know the truth of these matters – the real pathos of distance between tragedy and comedy). The art of the poor and weak.

“IT DIDN’T WORK” - Say those who were in fact worked over the most, to the point that they want to give up, and give into decadence, decline, exhaustion. This is to say, modern people think religion, politics, art, government, and even European liberalism and enlightenment values have failed, in some capacity or another. Failed? At what? To the contrary, the human history of Western religion and politics have been so wildly successful, it continues to mold perfect beings: meek, weak, slavish, resentful, vengeance-seeking revolutionaries and those who whisper and fund promises of hot gravity, that is, liberalism’s never-ending causes, curses and revolutions, a tilling and churning of the abyss. Beyond the ephemeras of depression and gaping holes of gods, culture and education, both western government and religion were and remain wildly successful (in ruling over the masses, and at least attempting to constrain so many mutually hostile forces). Will we have the honors of witnessing not a new nadir, but its breaking point? We will then know, by measurable unit of reality, what America, and Americans’ greatest weaknesses are.

“WHATEVER WORKS” - Is the inevitable and valueless (as in, not based on values, devoid of merit, ancient or modern) yet pragmatic and utilitarian attitude and mentality that all governments, revolutionaries, Nazis, etc., adopt, and have in common. In short, a schizoid illness asserting itself as cure.

NOTIONS OF CHOICE - Implies a liberality that just isn’t present in this script, plot, and stage-show.

WHY SHOULD THE BEST, BRIGHTEST, AND STRONGEST SUFFER - Because the weak, the stupid, and the worst, are the most common? Where is the justice in that?

CLASSICAL MUSIC - Pink Floyd singing, “Welcome to the machine, what did you dream? It’s alright we told you what to dream.”

UNFORTUNATE STIRRINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - When was philosophy of the past anything but the waking man giving the sleeping man a more suitable dream to forever imagine - yet never attain? This way, my way, not because it’s my way of course, but even your own way, once more, not because I said so.

BY THE TIME YOU’RE TAKING A RATIONAL SCALPEL TO RELIGIOUS MYTH AND POETRY - You’re already mixing oil and water. Goodbye instinct, hello little homunculus.

HOW THE BEST ANALYSES WORK - Animals leap, fight, fuck, often with little warning, predictability, and recourse. Our analysis of animal, and the animal man, must also be so supple, lithe and lively. As the cobra rears, the shark dives, the eagle soars - man attempts to rule a home or a nation but has no mind for either. Those who seek to understand these phenomenon must not only keep pace with the past, present and future, but also the wildest of instincts that transmute man and environment – to otherwise be forever and readily present, spontaneous so as to have nothing in one’s vision, to miss nothing that comes into one’s vision.

HOW THE OLD SAGES WORKED - They were simply too genius. There was no one was around who was smart enough to call them on their shit, and they loved life too much to be in a position to take said shit, second place, or otherwise.

HOW TO MEASURE MISTAKES - Something that you did not understand, that you now intentionally and consciously learned to understand. In short, a mistake, even the worst or most tragic life, is something that you didn't somehow turn in your favor. The only "mistake" is not learning from the repetition, to the spontaneity, of your own art. This is shaping and creating, rather than existing as a block of wood to be splintered into kindling.

MORE MISTAKES WERE MADE - Thinking to live forever, to love forever, to distinguish, edify, and beautify forever—why was any of life ever tragic? The animals here were largely fine with being, but there came one stumbling over becoming anything but that which it honestly is, lost on meaning, it became lost on what in fact is. Initially, the desire roared and bristled, because this one animal in fact loved life so much—but seeing this love, this freedom from pain all but impossible, in a tantrum, they created an elaborate fiction—and continue to add and take from this mythos as the seasons and magicians demand.

NOBODY HAS MUCH SYMPATHY FOR THE WEAK - But a creature with a will to power! What does this mean? That shallow liberal political thinkers as cuddly and close to me as cobras-creatures as horrible as they are brilliant.

REAL POWER - Is not dominating the weak, but inspiring the strong, shaping the strong.

A MATTER OF ONE’S POSITION IN THE COSMOS - Inevitably, you’d be saying much the same things (of the masters, slaves, or like most, both) if you found yourself in similar favorable or unfavorable conditions.

PHILOSOPHIES OF ACCIDENT, CHANCE AND LUCK - Are necessary for those who are unhappy accidents themselves, who stand no chance. You’d be saying similar things, if you were in a similar position.

CHRISTIANITY TRIES, FAILS, THEN SUCCEEDS TO DELIVER THE SLAVES – Right back into captivity (resentment). In a world of little more than slaves, where Christianity has created more slaves than was hitherto known, the loving god will always thwart and crucify itself – and god will always die before his mission statement can ever be corroborated, let alone confirmed.

DRIVES OF DECADENCE VS DRIVES FOR HEALTH – No man has children, to then say, think, or instill the idea that, “I want my children to be dumber, weaker, and worse off than me.” No – this entire process is largely unconscious.

I CAN’T - “Can’t” is often synonymous with “won’t,” or, “I don’t want to.”

THE WAY OF MEN AND THE WORLD - If you can't, I will.

THE IDEAL STUDENT IS AS ABSENT AS THE IDEAL TEACHER - One doesn't do the homework, because the homework was never understood to be given by the teacher to begin with. Stupidity thus repeats the ages - not a sane or coherent will - but a repetition compulsion disorder.

WHY PEOPLE WHO ARE DIFFERENT ARE TEASED, EVEN IN “GOOD HUMOR” - It is man’s proverbial fellow, reminding the outsider, “I’ve got my eye on you.”

FOR THOSE WHO LEAVE THE VISIBILITY AND SAFETY OF THEIR WALLS - Upon returning, those from whom you departed, are not wrong to ask, “Where have you been? What did you find? What are you hiding? Let me see your eyes, your hands, what’s in your pockets? And just what are you trying to bring back within our walls?”

THE DANGERS OF RISING COMPLEXITY - Whence these never-ending bad rules, bad laws, bad ideas, and bad actors.

SOCRATES BETRAYS MAN - Trying to foolishly wrap existence in questions is as dangerous as wrapping it in wrote answers. You can throw Dionysus out with the Devil’s pitchfork itself, but nature, madness, and wine inevitably demand their expression.

A PHILOSOPHER OF AND FOR THE PEOPLE - Has never existed, and never will exist, at least not how people imagine this particular story.

SOCRATES IN JAIL - This is where his own consciousness, his own virtue, betrays him. That is to say, his virtue was no longer enough to satisfy even him. He was no longer happy, now that he wasn’t free to rampage about Athens as he had wont to do. He’s now faced with himself, and this is the only time when and where his daemon says, “create music.” This is echoed later in, “My father, my father, why have you forsaken me?” What does this mean? Not just that the story didn’t end how Jesus thought and hoped it might (an even bigger middle finger of some sort, you can suppose), but that even Jesus couldn’t remain sincere and consistent in his own words – the antithesis to Amor fati.

PLATO SAYS - "Not your forms, not our forms, not their forms, not the artist's forms, not the poet's forms,* and not even the Earth's forms, but my forms, they are perfect, and you can't see them." Watch carefully. Be it system thinkers, artists, or philosophers, these are the sorts of places where they hide their oh so true worlds!

*And definitely not Homer's forms (this is how you know Plato is a rotten human being).

EVEN PLATO KNEW DEMOCRACY WAS THE WORST IDEA - But what of the human ideal of settling on the worst ideas? Was this all to give man a gulp of air before he drowned? So that man may dream of happiness, in between blinks?

THE GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE - If the apostles were sleeping, who then accounted for these gospels - that of the savior's words? Thus came Jesus' sundering, “The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak,” when not sugared and falsified reads "man is weak" - and he wanted the weak to inherit the Earth. This shunted nicely into democracy, between demagogue and demon.

STAY AWAKE WITH ME - The thinker can neither expect nor ask the artist to stay awake with them, as the artists must inevitably depart for the dream again.

TIME - Too little is a conniving despair, as if lost. Too much time is to languish, as if cursed – but it always comes down to conception, perception – time a prison for most.

HYPOCRISY – It is not real, but a strange remainder that results from Socratic, Platonic, and Christian logic

EASTERN PHILOSOPHY TURNED PATHOLOGY - The western mind attempting to sublimate not an ego, but a plurality of fractured internal forces* through a Philosophy and practice that cannot, or will not take root in their clay for an even further multiplied and divided array of reason.

*See “Will, and Will to Power.”

THE ERROR OF SOCRATISM AND ITS INEVITABLE SCIENCE - Not that it’s blinded by its own optimism, but that the problem could ever rationalize and sterilize the world in an attempt at the concoction of a true and permanent cure, something that nature herself dictated, free of my hands and mind,* and don’t you know, we all know so little.

*“Objectivity” remains bad taste.

SOCRATES' DAEMON TODAY - The inheritance of delusion, sometimes called the little homunculus behind the eyes, being ground through the gears of the larger human machine.

NO PLATO WITHOUT SOCRATES - And no Socrates without Plato.

SOCRATES IN MODERN WRITING - The average idiot is coming into self-consciousness - once only a chorus written by someone else, he now echoes his own formation and creation in entire novels- and it’s intolerable to themselves - long necessitating the oldest of new fictions where man lives, loves, and finally, in the last analysis, learns! They can’t otherwise understand the art of the clay upon which a name was slapped, but in their begging and teasing of so many divided daemons, we must ask, “Just what is humanity learning?”

ONE INTERPRETATION OF SOCRATES - “Rationality against instinct,” even if it was against the instincts gone on decadence - we then have our new decadent ideal. Let us then be strength - instinct against the RATIONAL. If they recognize our will to stupidity, then they at least recognize a part of themselves, even if it’s all of that from which they flee and seek safety. Just who or what do we fear in the other? Why, our own disingenuous, lying, violent, animal yet human-all-too-human selves – a terrible and titanic will to power!

THE FEAR OF THE “OTHER(S)” – Is really a confession, but of what? One’s own lies, one’s own dishonesty (the unintentional). WHY PLATO WAS OBSESSED WITH FORMS - His insight saw the world and man in terms of p pictures - he in turn saw perfection and wanted it thus, like Socrates, an artist who can’t make art. Known for democracy, Plato asserts that it is the worst system, yet still settled for it, and why? Like the Buddha who came to see no self, that the gods and karma aren’t real, but still preached and acted as if thus—the Dionysian Freedom of Art must be encapsulated within a grand vision, where Apollo speaks, saying, Because the truth is simply that ugly, assuming anyone even sees it - but we must be able to see past it - or else - and that’s why most people will never be able to handle it, which is why Plato is an early proponent of tyranny and censorship, namely that which caters to the mob. This fetish of form was simply Plato’s proclivity, as much as Freud, Jung, Buddha, Nietzsche, and all great thinkers have their own.

BUILDING PYRAMIDS IS A COMMUNAL EXERCISE IN NOT BELIEF, BUT BEARING WITNESS - Egypt, Greece, even Christiandom, despite its unconscious pessimism and nihilism that exists under the splendid work of fiction that is heaven, in fact implicitly and explicitly state that everything is to be so devoted to ETERNITY in not just one’s mythos, but pathos and ethos. This is the Apollonian sun, whose ideal is FOREVER. The pyramid, temple and church in and of itself might not inspire grandeur, awe, and fear, but the building of such structures always served to further solidify the idea in real time, observable human reality, impressing a vast legacy upon man’s mind for epochs to come – and how much more so with the spilling of other gods' and peoples' blood? The sacking of old and new temples?

IMPRESSING WITNESS - Enlightenment is expansion of consciousness, always towards unsurpassed realms and beyond new invisible gates. The entire point of education should be to drag the student along as far as they naturally and logically can go—this is consciousness expanding together—a big bang.

THE APOLLONIAN IN THE CHRISTIAN - What’s more Apollonian than this, god’s kingdom, eternal and forever more? If not in Heaven, say the secular, than the state shall be our utopia of the EARTH - but this also carries the stench of the rotting eternal, wherein the decadent spirits have grown accustomed to the stench. As Nietzsche writes, they have a desperate need for the lie.

GOLDEN LAUGHTER COMES - At the expense of the young and the naïve, and also the old, stiff, and clumsy.

ETHOS OF AGGRESSION - How the warrior creates a pathos of distance.

PHILISOPHICALLY SPEAKING - For us to even demonstrate that we are remotely present, alive, and lively, the word virtue should be thrown out entirely. Intellectually speaking, just as god is suicide, morality in and as philosophy, is suicide, just as politics as the usurper of Philosophy as Vanguard, is a joke, and pseudo-philosophy.

DESPITE PAST AND PRESENT BEHAVIOR TO THE CONTRARY - The worst thing about equality is that westerners actually came to believe in it––except when equality begs a pardon for its hideous visage. That is, Westerners are proponents of equality, right until it gets in their way and must be stamped out in the name of this or that crusade, as it is inevitable that even the most loving of Christians must place other people, places, and things below themselves (typically the perception of a threat, or a reaction to that which is resented, feared, and hated).

CHRISTIAN AFTERBIRTH - The secular, over-socialized liberal is ground down to a crippled beast in Rousseau's image. What the old-maids, Christians and Marxists capitalize on here, is man's utter fatigue, their own desire and wish for the end.

YOU CAN TELL - From the way modern people think, speak, write, and act, that they have no conception of the notion of how much intention, purpose, and thought can actually be layered into not just words, but deeds. That even the most intelligent thinkers think the same and similar words out of one mouth means the same thing as out of any others, hints to countless critical errors made along the way.

TOTALITARIANISM IN ANY AND ALL THOUGHT - Is a confession of the most profound of pessimisms: just end it already, end them already, end us already, even when dripping with a saccharine and scientific optimism.

MAGICAL THINKING - Works wonders when one cannot otherwise justify life, even through aesthetic phenomenon. That is, from past to present, man retains the utmost reasons, a rusted iron need, to NOT be present in their own life, to escape into the bad dream of someone else, simply because these dreamers can no longer dream, certainly not without likening it to their nightmare, and certainly not on their own.

REALIZING AND OVERCOMING ONE'S OWN DECADENCE - Recognizing both the strength and weakness of the ages coalescing in one as a result of their contamination resulting from one's place in time, of time, that is man - and making sure that all vestiges of such dead men, dead eras, and stillborn futures are removed or supplanted in the psyche, before they rot the rest of the living body.

THE SAME WORDS, AND EVEN HOW THEY ARE EXPRESSED, OUT OF MOUTH A, DO NOT MEAN THE SAME THING OUT OF MOUTH B - Yet in the grotesque absurdity of a hatred and unbidden yet true belief in equality, people assume words mean the same thing out of one’s mouth, as any other. These are the walking dead—and they are legion.

EVEN THE MORTICIAN IS AN ARTIST - Who dresses and dolls the dead – but we generally don’t think of the living as corpses waiting to be beautified, unless one believes in the nihilism of Christianity and its resultant political and secular idealism following the death of god – and there’s not an artist alive who can rob the stink or dress up such a corpse as to create a convincing illusion, luster, and crimson rouge on the cheeks of life, but this never stops the old maids. The naïve and world-weary will then ask insane questions, such as, “But how can we create objective art?” Answer - you don’t, unless you are a corpse, and the mortician will then work their final Art upon you - which is also anything but objective.

PHILOSOPHER AS MORTICIAN IN AGES OF DECADENCE - Rest in peace civility; rest in peace subtlety; rest in peace silence and intelligence; rest in peace strength - these people never really knew you!

WELL, YOU SEE - It was already an autopsy when this began, not a vivisection, I swear!

MISNOMERS AND MISTAKES - Pessimism and nihilism are owed their due (understanding) as “serious” philosophies, but are otherwise dead-ends, storied non sequiturs, and visions that lead both somewhere, and yet nowhere by their own confession. They are not suitable as permanent habitats for the human mind, and otherwise result in botched physiology, resentment, and mental-illness.

NIHILISM - The adversary that is no adversary, but a nemesis to itself, and only those who see their reflection and projection in all aspects of thought and being – and the reflection, the projection, has been refuted. “Others must be happy,” says the moral man, completely asleep at the wheel.

THE TATTERED CURTAINS OF THE ACTOR'S AGE - And these performers mistake the desperation and boredom of the crowd for an encore. Why? They simply can’t help themselves. When one writes endless fictions, embodies a fiction, lives a fiction, acts a fiction, it is questionable to even ask if one could ever know or keep track of the fiction in the first place.

DELUSIONS - “The older I get, the better I used to be.”

SMALL PEOPLE AND SMALLER MINDS - Unavoidably and catastrophically have small thoughts, even on the biggest of matters, namely life itself, death itself, and all the problems that need solving between here and there.

LIFE IS AN EQUATION THAT EVENTUALLY FINDS ITS CONCLUSIONS - Mercifully as in, for the sake of those actually living, all else also find their death, ensuring there are no rational and irrational numbers, and sometimes not even a remainder.

THE FABRICATION OF AN INTERNAL LIFE – Serves the inevitable quandaries, crucibles, and confessions that are demanded of said internal life. It was intentionally shaped, to intentionally be cast into the fire, and in this intentionality came the unintentional, that it was successful beyond all means and measures, right up until it wasn’t.

WHY INSTINCTS BECOME FEEBLE UNDER CONSCIOUS AWARENESS - Because what we formerly relied upon, when it comes to fighting, playing, and fucking, was a shameless animal endeavor and delight. The moment we become conscious of it, we become conscious of it in ourselves, and the need to direct and control both conscious and unconscious matters of self and its excess of damaging thoughts, dreams, and feelings surrounding said phenomenon, and so begin to second guess, question, and botch the instinct under the illusion of some notion of a sentient awareness of “what I think I am,” "what I'm told I am," "what I imagine I am," and "what I imagine I will become,” when the instincts had formerly answered these questions beautifully, succinctly, and without despair, wretchedness, or fatigue – with a concern for the self and its survival, not the illusion of a concern for the soul, morality, judgment, a reflection of mortal fear. The instincts answered yes to life, as if of their own volition. By the time man deluded himself into thinking he was a mind, of course he would come to say no to life. It is simply too much, almost as if this answer also came of its own volition.

THE FACT THAT ANYONE CAN EVER AGREE AT ALL, SPEAKS TO THIS - That once we "see" a person, place, or thing, it's often nigh impossible to ever see it at all, let alone to see it again, and again, and even again after that. How much less so with new eyes and new eyesight! This is man and woman taught to smother the world, cognitive shortcuts and visual shorthand – it’s best to not see at all, especially that which is little, or unimportant.

NIETZSCHE'S DISGUST - It was only in the modern industrial era that man became stupid and manufactured enough to think they could do without the manufacturedness, and the manufacturer.*

*See the Philosopher.

MARXISTS, LIKE ANARCHISTS, CAN NEVER BE AND WILL NEVER BE PHILOSOPHERS - But why, someone might ask? Because symptoms of decline can never be the solution. That is to say, they fail to see how, in reaction to their problems, they come to embody the problems down to their every last nervous tick, twitch, and delusion. It is not just their bean-counter view of life and man, which they inherited from the bowels of mass graves, but a great hatred masked by a great pity. In this regard, as a logical offshoot and continuation of the Christian disease, Marxism finds its unhappy home amongst the botched and the bungled, weakness itself being the precondition for such diseases in the first place. Anarchism is another abstracted mirror of the same spiritual vision - we are fighting for heaven, the sadists and ant-farm experimenters love to scream!

AMERICAN LIBERALISM TURNING CHILDREN INTO SAUSAGE - The entire point of having children, is to give them a chance—your best chance. What liberals in America are currently teaching the children, is Christianity—perpetual revenge against man. Being that the modern liberal doesn't generally have children, or even want children, and that they even seem to hate children, whose children are they then turning into sausage? Why, everyone else's children, including yours.

LIFE IS IN FACT A COMPETITION - And just what then is everybody so afraid of? Why—losing of course!

SECULAR CHISTIAN LIBERALS - Are often losers who know they won't win at anything in life, hence they champion socialism, marxism, and even democracy itself - the ugliest of Arts that lack the power and vision to remake or repaint liberal cretinism in any better of a light. It is simply impossible, as no one can cover the stench of such rot, or mask the plague-yellow jaundice of such feeble wretches.

THE GREAT SLAUGHTER CIRCUS - Step right off, lopping off limbs, language, instincts and whole domains of being and the brain.

SOLDIERS SHARE MUCH WITH PHILOSOPHERS - If they discern instead of perish, they then survive the story that they get to tell in retrospect, post-hoc: we could have just as easily been killed by anything small and stupid, whining through the air in deadly grace, but since we survived our ordeals, even if we pissed our pants at the time, we are now so much braver, so much wiser, so much more improved, just like the stories we tell and retell over time, but somebody needed to set the standard, somebody needed to raise the bar. This tendency towards art, or forms, and not what is in fact behind and before us, speaks to finding simplicity and superficiality from profundity.

AGES OF PUBLIC OPINION, THE ACTOR, AND ATOMISM - The great irony of failed centuries of unity!

CHRISTIANITY - Conveniently ignored, and continues to ignore Plato’s warning on bad art, even though Plato's lack of art left democracy wide open - for an ever vaporous and vacuous deluge of bad art.

AT LEAST ONE OBJECTIVE TRUTH - People somehow agree in their love of a song (the general public, which varies regionally, and otherwise), a musician, or even a philosopher, and they can at least come together through a mutual love that is itself not equal amongst themselves - possibly occupying the same space (be it art, religion, or politics) - and no similarities, differences, or assumptions are guaranteed from there.

IN PHILOLOGISTS AND THE LIKE - It’s often refreshing to see a type understand the crucial nature and evolution of language; yet equally disheartening to see that the language people themselves have so little clue as to how little the semantics and pedantics of language actually matter, at least when it comes to mythological apes.

NOBLE CULTURE IN FACT REQUIRE A CHILDLIKE DISPOSITION - To truly love and live - otherwise, the sophisticated idiots of the world insist on revenging themselves on creation - kids caught up in a bad dream, or, the proverbial bad trip. THE MEDIOCRE ARTISTS - Are most artists. But the dreamscapes in which they revel, that which they seek to unveil, are beyond the pale of their fellows who hardly have a single artistic bone in their body, who are so easily impressed. Philosophers, or even “thinkers,” are no different, it’s just that America has lots of artists, but no philosophers.

AMERICA HAS DECAYED SO POORLY - That plenty of people (reasonably) miss the old propaganda, lies, and delivery methods.

"MODERN" PLAGUES - People forgot, as if they didn’t know, that weakness is the precondition for disease.

CHOKING ON DISSAPOINTMENT - The modern people of the modern world cough and cough, on each other no less.

WHY ARE AMERICANS EVER SURPRISED (STILL) - That their disastrous country founded in an even more disastrous decadence of democracy, Christianity, revolution, and slavery, is a corrupt and hollow shell, but largely for its parasites - wherein the slave masters tried to break off a piece of their slave religion, for their slaves, and the rest of the world, resulting in the world’s most embarrassing education system that has no interest in educating anybody, but for the parasites? This question meanwhile ignores the convulsions of a dying god, and cyclical history in eternal recurrence.

AMERICANS - Like dogs and children, are so easily impressed, and are often dumb, loyal, and simple, at least, they think they are simple - when they are not. The self-styled or mass-manufactured sophisticates, in contrast, are often embarrassingly simple (and generally petty), even in their loftiest of pretentions.

CHRISTIANITY, AND ITS INDUSTRIAL SCALE CALLED COMMUNISM - The rabble can all be equal in the rubble.

CHRISTIANITY, AND ITS INDUSTRIAL SCALE CALLED FASCISM - Look how efficient being good little drones can be!

“ANTI” – When everyone’s justice is to fight evil, we quickly see just how evil all human beings and cultures truly are (by their own assessments, associations and definitions).

CRITICS, CONTRARIANS, ALL MANNERS OF ENDLESS COMPLAINTS - Does one talk to the scabs on one’s feet? The callouses on one’s hands? Or the pimples on one’s ass? NO - they are simply a natural part of life, like flies and maggots.

AMERICA’S EFFEMINATE BATTLE CRY COULD BE - “War is our detour to suicide!”

LIBERAL GENIUS - Has fallen to pieces in its own self-derived psychotic fragmentation.

CONSERVATIVE GENIUS - Has been driven mad by the refusal of anything Apollonian - to be held in this world, or at least inside us.

THE THICKER THE HAY, THE EASIER MOWED - Decadent, schizoid liberalism in an ever weakening America - choking on its history of good fortune - and taking everything from culture to civility in civilization, for granted.

ALWAYS TALKING WHAT WE HAVE, WHAT WE WANT, WHAT WE LACK - But seldom is any westerner ever happy or content with what they do have, with life as they live it, and things as they are.

THE CCP - Has built Skynet, and we don't even talk about it.

IN EXTREMITIES - The blood flow is easily cut off due to a wide range of personal and environmental circumstances. This easily results in damage, and in America's case, brain damage.

AN IMPORTANT DASH FOR THE STEW - Magnanimity - even in other’s self-chosen defeat, stupidity, and insanity - especially because they don’t understand - at all.

DEFINING MY OFTEN CITED CONCEPT OF “THE STUPID AGES” - It began when the ape first stumbled into consciousness, mangling itself and its instincts, and continues on well into this modern day.

"PHILOSOPHY IS UNECESSARY" - This betrays the devil dawning light of the algorithm - has deaf, dumb, and blind technology been a better shaper of man? How would modern people answer this? Or even be capable of answering this?

A BRAIN FAR REMOVED FROM THE NECK - That it is forever detached from the body - eyes removed to any consequence for it. This isn't just the life of many a brain in a vat, but the future of "leadership' for humanity. The species could well wind up a headless ghost, chasing the algorithm, no improvement over the spirited wretch that went crazy over Jesus.

SKYNET’S MATRICES - Endless digital calculations and coercions to shape every last bit of you, from your sight, to your language, to the rest of your senses - your being and the social fabric to which you belong.

FEELING BAD - Of course you are! With a billion little commands, condemnations, and coercions coming from all facets and orifices of all mass-men, mass-women, and mass-powers from government to technology and media – one can feel the collective guilt, pity, and woe of the ages in a single maddening moment! The violence, and its scale, is simply staggering.

ALGORITHMICALLY BETTER NOW - For Skynet has taught itself how to shape the perfect drones.

NEVER BEFORE - Have the salesman worked so hard to change the world, their world; a truly awful place that is in fact in need of desperate changes.

BAD ARTISTS - Why do you let them paint you into a personification of the negative?

THE WORST ARTISTS - Get the most attention.

THE BEST ARTISTS - Often aren’t seen or understood until long after their death.

OH SHIT - You say?!

WHEN WE LOOK BACK - Wow, we say, look what they had! Aren't we impressed! And then they were gone.

THE GREAT VACATION - And then we were gone!

A LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE PAST - But you can't stay there forever.

A LOVE AFFAIR WITH TIME (SELF) - You can't stay anywhere forever.

DESPITE A GREAT LOVE OF AND FOR THE GREEKS - We are not going back; because we can't go back.

OVERCOMING - Is a fond farewell to the past and the future to have anything at all in the present.

LUXURY POLITICS AND LABELS IN MODERN AMERICA - A feverish masturbation with no release. While Rome burns.

THE JOKE BE ON ANYONE ELSE - To hear those who attend, work for, and own the most powerful, wealthiest, oldest institutions in America, complain about money and power – when this is their very game and rhetoric – justice itself the mass-manufactured morality in which to channel their own misunderstood and poorly channeled fear and hatred, the clockwork and instinct of self-perpetuation and self-preservation as the entire system (and the minds of its people) break down in real time. America’s leadership, like America’s education systems, are not only weak, but a joke – and the entire world knows it, not by speculation or question, but smell and sight.

THE MOST PATHETIC, INEFFECTUAL REVOLUTIONARIES IN THE ENTIRETY OF HUMAN HISTORY - Rather than burning down the institutions that, historically to present, have produced the oppressor classes in America (such as university, the factory for all would-be subjugators by way of mind-numbing liberal logic out of last century's garbage heap), the leftist American instead hides within and behind the government itself

NEVER BEFORE – Have the revolutionaries of the world been so sheltered and supported by the world’s most powerful forces, namely, the American government, and its institutions of Academia, as well as its use and application of old and new mass-media.

NEGATIVE RELIEF – Parasites, corruption, and its transparency through translucent corpse flesh down to rotten, stringy hide, serves to illustrate the real nature of a nation and its people - what was present and inside all along - now visible on the outside for all to see.

ROT ALSO HAS ITS COURSE - We’ll see what happens when the fungus finish sucking the corpse dry.

SURVIVAL HAS NEVER BEEN - Synonymous with sticking around forever, let alone any promise or guarantee therein.

MANUFACTURING HEROES IS LIKE MANUFACTURING NATIONS - Only a fragmented truth, and often a last-ditch effort, an ill omen and sign of the times.

WHEN A NATION'S REAL POWER WANES (ITS HAPPINESS OF ITSELF) - Its state’s power always increases. This is seen as happiness for statists and party loyalists alike, but is only one more step towards a myriad of inevitable ends.

LUXURY POLITICS AND LABELS IN MODERN AMERICA - A feverish masturbation with no release. While Rome burns.

PUBLIC OPINION IS MOB JUSTICE - And still private laziness.

GOVERNMENT GUARANTEES (FOR DEPENDENTS) - Of safe haven, safe harbor, a paycheck, a promise of employment, and as with all else that is politically Christian in America – false promises of a botched, bungled, and inbred aristocracy that hides its fear and hatred behind its moral promises, that is, its lies. At least the decadent parasites at the top are so fortunate, as someone should benefit from America’s existence after all.

NO SCALE FOR THIS - To measure the self-satisfaction of the superfluous ones, and even the malevolent ones.

THE AGENT SMITHS OF THE WORLD - Fully wired into, and only existing in the machine, Agent Smith also says “humanity is a virus.”

THE ONLY PERSON WHO REALLY CAN'T BE PUNISHED - Ironically enough, is a sociopath - he sees through your punishment. What does this mean? Much of America's feckless and moronic leadership and power-brokers are beyond punishment.

CONSERVATIVES IN AMERICA - Didn’t know what they were conserving, either why or how.

LIBERALS IN AMERICA - Didn’t know what they were throwing away, and what they were building (hand in hand with their conservative partners in crime).

BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES IN AMERICA - RIP - Not resting in peace, but blindly resisting their mutual creation – in pieces.

DRESSING NEW CORPSES IN OLD CLOTHES - The new idol is as cold and dead as god himself. Let us adorn it in the warmest of lies and the most gilded of fictions.

UGLY TRUTH ON STATISTICAL SCALES - The story that we cared about the individual was inevitably put to bed by our concern with the masses - for, what is one, compared to 100, 1,000, 1,000,000, or 1,000,000,000, and what are any of these numbers to a breathing, feeling, human-being, a sea-slug, or a chimpanzee?


THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATORS OF PUBLIC OPINION - Are now generally called “protest” and “activism.”

THE LAST MAN IS A MARVELOUS ENGINEER - Of his own destruction, slowly, and now, quicker and quicker he works, to find god in the machine.

FOR THE FAR TOO MANY, FAR TOO LOST - Life is some question or abstraction that somehow begins tomorrow—always tomorrow. Be it life on earth, life in heaven, the day that live begins, arrives, takes off, finds enlightenment, mankind mandates that he postpones life—always a tomorrow—and so blind to every new day dawning!

SPIRITUAL REVIVALS - The feeling (of the spiritual erection) that raptures the priest, is the same feeling the scientist excitedly expresses in secular joy. In America, both the priest and the scientist (along with the vast majority of everyone else), is either Christian, or Abrahamic, in at least their values and morals (their burden of heir).

GONE IN THE MACHINE - What is it to simulate so much nothingness? What is it for a simulation of a simulation to have so much nothing built into them? So much empty space?

LIFE ON THE GO - Everyone is in such a hurry, but they couldn’t even tell you where they are going, or their desired and ultimate destination - and if they can - chances are it will change with the breeze or the billowing of this or that one's mouth.

DANGEROUS GAMES - It’s not a matter of knowing “better,” but knowing differently. This is truth recognized as the utmost harm.

“PATHOLOGICAL IS THE TREMENDOUS GENERALIZATION” - That “life is meaningless.” No, instead, the Value Tables work just fine for their intended and perceived purposes of shaping man per a shaper’s discretion, but people don’t seem to understand this at all.

ART IS POWERFUL THUS DANGEROUS - Which is why secular liberal American Christians are working surreptitiously to bury every last comic, artist, and culture critic they can. These little Christian bigots know their self-chosen ideological enemies well - even if they don't understand their own relationship to said enemies, and even if they don’t understand their collective compulsive repetition of mankind’s stone-age past therein. This stone age torch is passed between man and man, woman and woman, this dividing line and that dividing line, and the endless ones that follow to cut the world into a million unrecognizable pieces.

“ART IS POWERFUL” AND OTHER DELUSIONS” – Yes, art is powerful, which is why artists and their work are inevitably put on trial. It is also why people only tend to like art that doesn’t challenge them, rather, they prefer the art that affirms them - and it is always most welcome when the person in question lacks artistic ability and vision themselves. Why though? Because there's nothing to stop them from claiming any and all art was just for them! It is not that the art is in fact powerful, it is that the powerful cleave to that which moves them – my art, my power.

RELIGION AND MOST SIMILAR BELIEFS – Serve as internalized lobotomies. A removal of one’s eyes on the inside - a powerful and dangerous art of sorts. Odin would not approve.

NO ONE HAS EVER TECHNICALLY VALUED FREEDOM OF SPEECH - Like the lie that people "love art." Instead, art, like speech, is dangerous, and long feared.

RHYTHM - Understanding time, and timing. Putting the pulse of life into a representation that is a byproduct of a brief span of time that assumes it’s representing itself and those in it, no matter the medium. Rhythm (not to mention, tempo, harmony, etc.) are few of fewer human universals, especially in language, art, aspiration, religion, and Philosophy.

THE BEST PHYSIOLOGY – That of the child, wherein the wisdom of the eyes has learned to keep up with the wisdom of the body – behold! The eyes don’t hold grudges, for they lack the hands! Here comes a spontaneous and happy creature not burdened by mind!

VOLTAIRE ON ROUSSEAU - He wants men to revert to all fours. Yet - while life demands as bestial a fun as it does a bestial art - how to best analyze a nation of second-rate, half-wit, pint-sized Rousseaus?

HUME ON VOLTAIRE – Seeing the Christian lunacy in Voltaire’s excess and weeping liberalism, Hume correctly points out that Voltaire’s logic is much sounder than Voltaire’s arguments themselves.

BASHFUL OR BOLD THEN, HE [THE CHILD] WILL KNOW HOW TO MAKE US SENIORS VERY UNNECESSARY - The word ‘unnecessary’ implies that which is below one, but "very unnecessary" implies obsolete. And after Emerson, came Nietzsche, who indeed rendered an entire history of philosophy and religion obsolete, showing so many broken toys, where they come from, and how they were broken.

WHY DO WE NEED AI - We have an entire population filled with artificial intelligence!

HUMANITY - A collective dream called forth by the animals. Wherever we go, we see ourselves!

THEY CAN'T LIVE FOREVER DESPITE THEIR BEST ATTEMPTS - The sad truth of the masses may be that they are entirely forgettable to humanity, but their actions demonstrate they would like to at least be something more than forgettable - something un-ignorable, at least in its destruction.

THINKING IN TERMS OF MUSIC - Thinking in terms of lyrics and meter may be poetry, but what of music itself? How do you know? How do you know when it sounds good? A jam is a jam. People know it when they hear it, that is, when they feel it.

THINKING IS MUSIC - That’s how I hear it, at least. To others, as indicated by their contorted and pained faces, thinking is an assault, self against self, and one can see the disastrous effects of such a dissonant cacophony worn on the grim visages of those not marching in step with their own season and sun. In short, art, like thinking itself, is painful to many.

GREAT DESIRE - Speaks to a great suffering, but a suffering of what? All great suffering speaks to a Desire of liberation - but. A liberation from what?

OUT OF SPACE AND TIME - The West has become discombobulated.

BEACHED WHALES - Westerners somehow stuck and dying stupidly on dry land.

ORCAS - When beached, they die on dry land due to the absence of water. That is, out of the water, their own organs are crushed under the weight of the creature whose body otherwise evolved to be supported in the substrate of water. It’s not the absence of water alone that kills these animals, as mammals like whales, and in this case, the dolphin, breathe oxygen, but this breathing must first be facilitated by certain conditions. In comparison and contrast, the human mind is no different - when too far cut, pruned, removed, and intentionally manipulated to be out of the space, time, and cultural substrate in which it exists, the human mind itself is an orca – not dying solely from a lack, but crushed under the weight of its own entrapped position, its very being.

WHEN RELIGION DECLARES OXYGEN A SIN - Orcas are inevitably the result, but it is not their departure from oxygen, but into oxygen, that kills them. As with much else in the religious impulse, labeling something a sin (typically out of ignorance) can easily be a death sentence, without anyone being the wiser for this new “sin’s” short and long-term reach, implication, and consequences. Most religious beliefs fall in the category of human impossibility, intentionally expecting too much from the rabble, and giving them impossibly high standards, often even impossible basic standards.

SUPPOSEDLY ENLIGHTENED VALUES - For so much lip service to sovereignty - the irony is sovereignty is not bestowed, given, and certainly not passed off through words alone. The way is not to man, but from man. Rather, power, like freedom, can only be taken. What then is the real measure of liberal, enlightenment values that propose sovereignty for all, once more, under the irony of the world’s most (militarily) powerful police state* in the USA ? Answer - they make us at least feel better.

*Power isn’t synonymous with being respected, feared, or even loved. No nation in the world respects or fears modern day America, and if they fear Americans, it is due to their volatility, emotional instability, and general mental illness, and not because Americans cut imposing or respectful figures in time, space, or history.

A MISNOMER OF MIND - We call the phenomenon “mental illness” to disassociate and separate from the true condition, embracing instead the unreality of a real (permanent, proven, nearly static, yet able to change) self that is somehow sick, when the body is not a mind, but the body is the mind, or the mind is networked throughout a nervous system of tissue itself that we call the mind that is in fact many complex systems, which like the will itself, is not a singularity, but a multiplicity of forces (organs) working in conjunction and moving energy. To the contrary, the mentally ill are often cogent, lucid, and very intelligent, but in fact suffer from a disordered will, hence when one meets the deranged and insane, the sufferers are likely to be angry and frustrated by such a loss of control in life, and we from the outside like to think, that isn’t us, that can’t be us, for we are noble and secure minds, yet we remain a body of nervous tissue that can become just as easily disrupted, damaged, and destroyed as our “mentally ill” counterparts. Or, for further perspective, the tiniest of doses of LSD will render your supposedly proven and demonstrable self and reality into incomprehensible gibberish, without your permission or knowledge. What then do you know? Mankind answers: not much at all, but even our sciences house our most cherished and hidden homunculi, the desire to be eternal selves that may be protected from the body by winging free of it to continue our delusions of enlightenment values through eternity.

OBSERVED, EXPERIENCED, EVEN LIVED PROPERTIES ARE NOT THE SAME AS DEFINITIVE AND UNIVERSAL REALITY – The scientific method is a methodology and not a belief, but what we seldom discuss is how hard it is to develop method, that is, the measures, the values, the tools and the procedures to see the unseeable, gauge the impossible, and measure the immeasurable. With science, we did not create more senses, or a true reality, or an objective reality, nor did we truly uncover what was already there, we only came to see how confounded mankind was, and how confounded he remains, but we slowly improve our vision, our models, and how our vision beholds and assesses these models, where beyond pragmatism exists a notion of purpose which is still yet unaddressed and unanswered. We slowly increase our sight, but this is no guarantee that there is something to see, or that all will be made seeable. This is to say, the development of language and clear communication, followed by a further refinement of the senses as aided by the construction of tools, there came a fine and ever-finer tuning of our natural and inherent senses, which, so confusing, confounding, and misleading to archaic man, led to much fantastical belief, that is, the very potential of the magical and the divine: the truth of the matter being those of feelings and intuitions, not sound methodology. This is to say, man had a near boundless potential to believe, simply because he could not trust his own senses, he could not correlate the contents of his consciousness, and how much less so after a history of religious errors, misunderstandings, and lies? How much less so after so much botching and bungling through the butchery of gods, governments and the men who created them to shape and control man with a short chord called culture in the first place? More so, the scientific method is a system of empiricism and experimentation, both of one’s life, and one’s theories, a test is all, but the method itself is no god, belief or grand organizational structure in which to fit mankind as a whole, or even an individual, with the worship around science and scientists, like strict rationalism, being equally rubbish. Rather. Science hasn’t replaced religion and likely won’t, because it can’t, to the degrees that man evolved (blind nature), and was then further shaped around certain beliefs and needs (community, family, culture, etc.), some seemingly inherent, some distilled and then instilled, and the early religious thinkers and sages weren’t primitive scientists as much as they were story tellers and priests (and later philosophers) – general bullshit artists. That is, the savage dawn life had to be so overwhelming and terrifying, that mankind simply couldn’t trust their own senses until the creators came to lay sense into the world, but the needs of survival were such that 1.) Man didn’t even need to be sentient, conscious, self-conscious, or aware, of anything at all, and that 2.) Man didn’t even need to know what he truly was, where he lived, or what reality is. What mattered, and what matters still, is that his questions were somewhat satisfactorily answered, more so, that his needs of the physical world, but also of his own internal psychodrama, were met. Notice, it didn’t matter that religion was a myth. It still doesn’t matter that religion is a myth. What mattered was that a developed methodology met the needs of a man, a family, a civilization, at least until it ceased working, and in the modern age, the sort of logistical, slaughterhouse demands of mass mankind and the resultant mass needs, wants, and desires is a nightmare of mindlessly utilitarian proportions that allows no values, no principles, no morals to prevail, for we were far too successful, with little concern as to the price of that success (morals and virtues as post-hoc rationale, or justification of power). It was easy to say a single human being mattered when there weren’t millions and billions of us, but now, what becomes the rights and needs of the one compared to the hundreds, the thousands, the millions? Like religion, science itself becomes political, and a belief system that allows for such pageantry and drama, but only ever as window dressing. When you refine your instruments enough over time, you see through to the other side, and you realize no one was home all along. Like our priests, most of our “scientists” aren’t that impressive either, save a few great minds that come around once or twice every few centuries.

FOR TRUE BELIEVERS - The religious crusades of old never ended, and are still well underway today.

FOR IDEALISTS – It’s always the next crusade, generally commanded by someone else, and the idealists are there to follow. How else does one give form to vapor? One needs a great grease trap!

BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER ERAS OF DECLINE, NIETZSCHE ASKS – “Who is there then, amid these dangers of our era, to guard and champion humanity, the inviolable sacred treasure gradually accumulated by the most various races? Who will set up the image of man when all men feel in themselves only the self-seeking snake and currish fear and have thus declined from that image to the level of the animals or even of automata?”

Behold, the future is a fool who circles round from behind. Reaching forward in time, Emerson answers, “I will stand here for humanity; and though I would make it kind, I would make it true. Let us affront and reprimand the smooth mediocrity and squalid contentment of the times, and hurl in the face of custom, and trade, and office, the fact which is the upshot of all history, that there is a great responsible Thinker and Actor moving wherever moves a man; that a true man belongs to no other time or place, but is the centre of things. Where he is, there is nature. He measures you and all men and all events. You are constrained to accept his standard. Ordinarily, everybody in society reminds us of somewhat else, or of some other person. Character, reality, reminds you of nothing else; it takes place of the whole creation. The man must be so much that he must make all circumstances indifferent—put all means into the shade. This all great men are and do. Every true man is a cause, a country, and an age; requires infinite spaces and numbers and time fully to accomplish his thought;—and posterity seem to follow his steps as a procession.”

THE PRICE OF THE LIE(S) – Americans had days, weeks, months, years, centuries of which to care, for anything of value at all, especially their countrymen, but only when America falls apart right before their eyes does the American start speaking and acting as if they care, as if they have done anything but blindly plunge ahead in this age of decadence and decay, their grubbing fingers on the throttle from America’s first days, to its last, but now that time is up, of course nobody bears the responsibility for a history of lies that is ripping beyond the seams in the present

WHEN DO AMERICA AND AMERICANS LIE (EVEN WHEN THEY DON’T REALIZE THE LIE) - All the time, day after day, year after year, century after century, dreaming or sleeping.

PAST THE DREAM AGES AND INTO THE STUPID AGES - There's no use being upset, indignant, or morally outraged. Instead, grab some popcorn for the world's greatest puppet show. Also, a sense of humor seems required to avoid going insane.

OUT OF THE OLD DREAMS AND INTO A NEW NIGHTMARE - The herd culling itself on a massive, civilizational scale, always with the approval and complicity of the leadership. TODAY DOWN THE MEMORY HOLE BEFORE TOMORROW ARRIVES - In modern America, for the endless outrage, scandal, and mentally ill populace, they are so child-like, so simple, so delusional, that every offense is new and fresh, as if history and it’s puppets aren’t stuck on a bad rerun—as if the nation, like it’s religion and people, are on anything but auto-pilot. As if the present wasn’t the plan (the real lack of a real plan) all along; as if there was somewhere else to be; or some other nation and people to become; as if anyone had any choice or option, that is, “freedom” or “freedom of will.” As if someone or something else was responsible for the present state of affairs. In fact, no one even knows what happened, and if they do, you better believe it was the other guy who’s to blame.

ALIENATING THE PAST - Naïve students directed by mediocre leadership and mediocre teachers to sever the roots and relations of culture and one’s people and nation’s past, as a sacrifice in the present to shape this now newly imagined consciously unmoored (but unconsciously trapped) generation of wee babes into the future. In short, refining the domestication process of the human herd.

PLANTS OUT OF THEIR OWN SOIL GROWING BEHIND THE TIMES - By the time westerners understood how Greek they were, the flowers had already wilted through their transplantation into new and ever-shifting sands. By the time westerners were thoroughly and haplessly Christian, once more, god having died, these poor plants were uprooted, and not even cast concisely and completely into the fire, but scattered about and to the winds. Western mental illness, western lack, western schizoid fragmentation, in turn leaves man an ongoing plant without a suitable substrate.

UNCONSCIOUS ANIMAL NATURE - And its happenstance of expensive opportunity cost has us adapting, like panda bears to bamboo, like bamboo into sand. Our philosophy, our social structures, the majority of western “values” that are left, are little more than the philosophical equivalent of bamboo as a source of calories - completely unfitting for nature's top predator and game-player.

YOU THINK YOU'VE SEEN STUPID - But this is nothing. People and things can always be dumber, and worse.*

*See human history, religion, politics, etc.

LIMITATIONS AND PRESSURES - Gives form, shape and substance to everything.

THE TYRANT AND HIS MISSION WITHIN - As Nietzsche teaches - he will punish you - severely and without end - not just for your lies, but for evading him, that is, YOU!

DEMAND VS REQUEST - A demand is the anger of a refuted expectation speaking. I would say human beings stopped viewing each other as slaves, that is, as objects, but for the unpleasant reality of these incessant demands and their inevitably refuted expectations. That is, man takes a sadistic pleasure in his punishment and cruelty – the forever reminder of the slaves, of their slavery, by the slaves themselves. This is only part of the story of how they were taught to hate so well.

DIFFERENCE IN REQUEST, DEMANDS, COMMANDS - For your fellows around you, the difference between a request and demand should be apparent, but it is in this we see our neighbor’s, friend’s, families’ and fellow’s true intentions for us—that of perpetual, proverbial expectations, a fool's gold of repression whose bad recital is called reciprocity, but is nothing less or more than a demand, a command. When a request is made of you - and, without even a rude truth, you simply say “no,” it is then that the frothing will of other’s commands, hardly conscious below the surface, begins to reveal itself: an ocean of barking dogs within.

AMERICANS ARE SO IMPOVERISHED - An inordinate amount of their headspace, their “art,” their attitudes, their politics, and their lives are spent dreaming of and chasing Monopoly money, meaningless paper, and usually when they get it, they are still unhappy and they can only say, “mine” and “more?” Or, insisting they aren't shallow materialists, but serious thinkers and atheists, they obsess on leveraging pity as an abortive super-power - for shallow materialistic purposes and aims, namely that of a state, and its blind will that disgorges and erupts itself from the populace, onto the world and everyone in it.

WE LOVE A SIMPLE AND CHILD-LIKE STORY - Which is why our history, psychology, philosophy, religion, and art have been filled with so many errors, mistakes, and lies. It’s why the average modern Westerner has somehow become less sophisticated over time.

STUPID PEOPLE - Are always and inevitably upset with smart people. History, in many regards, has been the evolutionary arms race of the intelligent and the stupid.

ONLY THE BEST MEN - Can ever tame and better shape the worst men, “worst” here denoting anything from murderous tendencies to stupidity and coarseness, barbarism and bleating like mindless sheep, though, as Skynet demonstrates, the future of shaping humanity seems largely robotic, the perfection of the ultimate pruned and predated herd animal. Where humans fail, it’s telling that they're no longer even required to shape and expand the eye, and instead the algorithm will be there to shape the perfectly weak, interchangeable, and otherwise meaningless fraction, remainder, and otherwise zero of a creature.

THE NEVER-ENDING LIBERAL CONCERNS OF EVERY IDIOT NOTION UNDER THE SUN - Decadents masturbating furiously while Rome burns—utterly lacking the art of a Diogenes, at the least.

YET WHEN IT COMES TO THE APPLICATION AND LEVERAGE OF POWER - People are either too afraid, or too lazy to PUSH, to THROW - revealing their weakness, once more, seeking to get out of the business, leaving the real work for their betters, but oh how they talk a good and sporting game, that is nothing more than an idiot child’s plaything with so many missing pieces.

IT’S NOT ONLY PERFECTLY FINE, BUT RIGHT AND GOOD - That for all time in the past, and for the foreseeable future to come, not all can or will rise to the top; not all can have power or be powerful; not all can lead; and most can only follow. This is mankind as they should be, rank, order, and file, and the question of evolving out of the stupid ages isn't even on the table yet, due to a long history of evidence and a long train of paperwork on these sick animals.

THE MASSES - The problem can never be the solution.

SMART PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN VERY DANGEROUS - But in America, we have too many stupid people who think they’re smart. They are in for what we call, the rudest of awakenings. It comes, just like death comes, whether anyone likes it or not.

MIDDLE-MANAGEMENT - The ultimate decadent and superfluous class of Americans, most filling the role of space fillers and paper-weights with college degrees. RELIGION WAS AND REMAINS STRATIFICATION - The holy, the clean, and the pure (AKA, the deserving) up top, and the garbage at the bottom. This was man crafted primarily by strong hands, elaborate imagination and conception to that of an art, now shaped by bulldozers, wrecking balls, and Skynet. It seems insane to think, this very tap-root stems from the shapers, the creators, the aristocrats, thinking they could externally beautiful the internal ugliness of a morbid ape. From there to here, it was at least a new coat of paint, a new wallpaper. It was at least something that appeared more beautiful, at least from the outside, but it did have the benefit of almost making man and women tolerable to themselves and each other, but that rock could do nothing more than roll back down that hill.

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN AMERICA - Only what is deserved, and allowed. It’s not sad, but decadent and patterned - a culture gone derelict, in shambles, attempted control by likely the most moronic aristocracy* the world as ever seen, no roots, no rhyme, no reason, no recall. Dooming one’s self to failure is synonymous with the western world’s ongoing moronic and unthinking crusade. The battles are fought on empty fields. The homes are vacant. Everyone is gone, their kingdom’s time come.

*Moronic, not as in, they intended anything but what they've intended, regardless of moral considerations, rather, to do what they did, as in, stupid, short-sighted, inept, clumsy, and downright blind to the present, and what's coming down the cables - and what will result for them regardless of what securities they seek.

FASCISM AND COMMUNISM IN THE WEST - Now that Christianity has rendered man and woman alike into mental cripples who can neither think, stand, nor support themselves, in step the idealized revolutionary mass to take Christian dogma to its logical conclusion: self and world hatred leading to self and world destruction - the genesis of new mass states.

"THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW HISTORY ARE DESTINED TO REPEAT IT" - A true statement, and a euphemism that means anything but the sentience and consciousness (“free-will”) that it implies. That is, a euphemism to say, “Mankind is [still] asleep at the wheel.”

FASCISM AND COMMUNISM AS APOLLONIAN AND DIONYSIAN OFFSHOOTS OF CHRISTIAN MENTAL ILLNESS (OF THE HERD IMPULSE) - If Apollo is strict boundaries, borders, purity concerns. etc, i.e., the central thought of the conservative; than the refrain, the chorus of the masses, is a herd of collective Dionysians, thought to be left wing, but are in fact forces, doing what forces always do – patterned yet blindly reacting to other forces.

LIKE GOD, DEMOCRACY IS BAD ENOUGH WHEN PEOPLE BELIEVE IN IT - And it’s only worse when those who live under it don’t believe in it - but it’s at least less stupid than the genocidal -isms out of the European Stupid Ages.

-ISM IN MAN - The history of stillbirths, abortions, and keeping that alive, which would have otherwise died. In short, undeath, a living death. Man as the walking dead.

THE “EXTRA-MUNDANE GROUNDING PRINCIPLE” - It is often in fact the deepest neuroses that is further agitated and inflamed by other neuroses; the mother lode and source of neuroses.

THE “EXTRA-MUNDANE GROUNDING PRINCIPLE” II - Is also a grease trap, a filter for one’s damaging surplus of consciousness

EVERYTHING AT WORK, AT PRESENT - Is ancient technology, predicated on mankind's cave-age physiology, that is, a mind thus body awash in fear, bewilderment, despair, and madness. Thus we still preach.

THE CCP II - Is a much better example of refined, sophisticated, and long-thinking technological tyranny of the nightmare dystopia variety. Americans are far too schizoid, narcissistic, paranoid, childish, and generally mentally ill to be so readily cullable into Skynet's "communist" herd.

*"Communist", as in, it was a botched philosophy out of Europe that was tried and failed (along with fascism) all over Europe, such idiot experiments springing out of the Christian bile the pity-full people couldn't stop choking over, despite their delusions of being liberated from the past, rather, they were already shaped into the ravenous herd animal they came to be as a direct result of the past, and their own dream-like experience of life. Cutting to a point, it is fascinating that the only arguably and truly successful communist regime to ever exist, came out of Asia, wherein, civilizations and kingdoms have existed for thousands and thousands of centuries BC and AD, on their own Philosophical Timeline free of much baggage from the West. I'd argue, their (the Chinese) Philosophy and shaping by the old masters, religions, and government officials (I.e., Confucius, Lao-Tzu) had rendered them able to adopt pity into their more shame oriented culture; for instance, family names coming first before first names, meaning, there are no "first names" - all are a reflection of the idol - and the new idol, Skynet, is supreme). Or, in the words of an American communist who once said to me, "you don't even matter at all," to which I said, "That's fantastic! That is your party-line!" A long story short, Mao and the CCP succeeded where the Europeans failed (they were more sophisticated and "delicate," despite the brutality inherent to abortive and imagined "post-Christian" philosophies like communism, fascism, (so many other isms really, the illness is legion) and most obviously, the CCP remain far less clumsy in their vision, application, and will to follow through (an iron and high-tech fisting) than their tried and failed European counter-points of the previous century, a century that is now dead, having blown itself apart, dissected itself into oblivion (postmodern rabble and psycho-babble), now not even present to face monsters dreamed up of mankind's collective will, volition, that is, the closest thing to consent that nature could ever produce.

IF NOT DUBBED "SKYNET" - They should have called it "The Matrix".

THE MODERN AMERICAN ANIMAL - The most protected, most privileged, most decadent, most fat and plump class of people to ever exist in human history, is also the whiniest, weakest, and most pathetic class of people to ever exist in human history. American isn’t presently just a farce to itself - but the entire rest of the world that sees precisely this - that the most well-fed zoo to ever exist, is logically the worst smelling one - and full of more shit than archaic or modern man could ever fathom!

THE AFGHAN WAR - America, closer and closer to a century of failed wars, Nietzsche reminding us that wars are an attempt to avert suicide. It's been said those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it, a trite cliché, but a profound euphemism, betraying the assumption that mankind is conscious at all in the first place. Ask the Vietnamese, ask the Russians, and no doubt, the Chinese will try their hand, with boots on the ground, by proxy or otherwise.

THE AFGHAN WAR II - Vietnam all over again. The US taxpayers affording foreigners, who understandably resent the US, a jobs program through a farcical military that only exists as a “force” or “power” on paper, but is an utter lie from military higher ups and the US government at large - worse, was withdrawing logistics and air support, a huge NEVER in . Just as the US-backed Vietnamese were often nothing more than paper warriors, so it is, the Afghan and Iraqi military forces are the same - paper warriors by an increasingly paper super power that seems to be done with warfare, and is now primarily vested into suicide. This is to say, the US government primarily runs and operates on lies, to itself, it’s people, and the rest of the world, and has been doing so since well before modern history even started (see WWII).

THE AFGHAN WAR III - It was old enough to be drafted, vote, and almost drink, and own a pistol, before it even died. Then it was over in the timeless stupidity of a single day—endless failure after failure for the United States.

HOW TO TELL AMERICA IS ON SUICIDE WATCH - It doesn’t even care if it wins its wars anymore—this has been ongoing for almost three quarters of a century! It's not that the US and its people doesn’t care, it and they don't even have objectives, cannot discern any real objectives - and to what ends? This is called being on the brink of catastrophic failure.

BRINKING - When the people, the military, the police, the government, don't even understand their own purpose anymore, and don’t understand anything, least of all one another.

RUSSIA'S CRITICISM OF AMERICA - “You won’t believe this [the Taliban riding bumper cars in an amusement park, before they blew it up], but even afghan head-cutters from the Taliban turned out to be better crisis managers than the civilized peace makers from the United States.” - this is modern Russia calling Muslims and Christians barbarians - propaganda to demoralize an already tired and exhausted people, America at least, a people filled to the brim with the suicidal. As Nietzsche says, “war is only to delay or avert suicide.”

MORE CHINESE PROPAGANDA AND CRITICISMS - “The US and its allies must be held accountable for human rights violations in Afghanistan.” Sure - right after China disassembles its concentration camps and digital tyrant overlord, Skynet.


TO MANY CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS - What modern people don't realize, often fail to realize, often can't realize in their shallow pool of primal myth and modern delusions - is that for countless religious believers - the crusades never ended. To many, this Apocalypse is barely warming up.

CCP PROPOGANDA - Shows up in the US media daily.

BIG BROTHER - And his various Skynets, expand every day.

THE OPERATIVE SAYS - "Nothing here is what it seems. You are not the plucky hero, the Alliance is not an evil empire, and this is not the grand arena."

OH YES, WILLINGLY EVEN - A national anthem “like the March of the volunteers” doesn’t sound the least but coercive, or the motto crafted by the ultimate bean counter government.

HOW TO BUILD A GREAT NATION - Fill it with mediocre people, that is, dependents, apparently.

THE MODERN AMERICAN BABY - A rootless animal, a tumbleweed without culture, purpose, vision, art or aim, that is, government informants and operatives in the shaping.

WHEN MACHINES LONG AGO FORSOOK MAN - Agent Smith simply doesn't understand - what’s the point of a system with humans in it, or humans and their systems? He is dying and mad to know!

THE MACHINE-MADE MAN - We no longer need man to shape man; he is so predictable and easy to placate in his dereliction of duty and poverty, the machines can now do the shaping, with little to no input from flesh and blood beings, other than the full support of technological tyranny.

TERMINAL DECADENCE - Is inevitably reversed—the question is, to whom and what then does the saying “too late” apply? Answer: to the same as it has always applied: to people, culture, nations and their governments.

VERY SLOW LEARNERS - Is this the first time in history more Americans have been afraid of the American government, than any other force in the world, for a change?

THE REMEDIAL CLASS - America has always been one of the most decadent (decaying and dangerous) countries founded in history - and it's as if just now, conservatives and liberals alike are barely beginning to notice. Behold, the four pillars of decadence that sealed this county’s fate before it was even founded: democracy, Christianity, revolution, and slavery.

HISTORY’S END; RAPTURE IN THE MACHINE – Such thinking is only ever a reflection of those who desire an end - that is - a permanence they can’t have in life or death.

THE DREAM IS TO BE ETERNALLY CHASED BY DESIGN, AND NEVER IN FACT OBTAINED - Just what is this happy ending that the Socratics, the Platonists, the idealists, the Christians, the communists, the fascists, the technological thinkers, system builders and bean counters are dreaming of? They are in fact dreaming of and desiring death, uninterrupted, mankind’s last “once and for all,” their “final solution.”

REGARDLESS OF PERCEIVED STATUS - If two people are to get along and work together, in certain respects, we must coordinate and subordinate ourselves to one another.

MODERN SOCRATISM - It says “the fun is over, the adventure is over, we must be morose and brimming with pity.” Bullshit. Life is an adventure. If you’re waiting for it to begin, or someone to assign you your busy work, you’re already missing out. On what? Your own mind’s eye. Your own adventure on this one and only Earth, in your one and only life.

THE LIES WE ALWAYS TELL - “Stop being selfish” - a euphemism to say, “instead be, look, think, and act like me."

WHY MOST PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS FOLLOWERS - Because the rigorous physiological demands of any leadership role destroys lesser people, or with enough breathing room, they can imagine themselves competent, so long as they are well insulated from the consequences.

“RESIST NOT EVIL” - An old cultish euphemism, meaning, join us!



Humanity “acts” - without actual concern or consideration for the sake of which it supposedly acts, the future.

THE MOST COMMON EXCUSE FOR BRAIN-DEATH TO DATE - Just following orders, just doing as we are told, just thinking--not at all--there's no law, rule, or decree so depraved or stupid, that the masses, their police officers, teachers, and authority figures wouldn't follow suit.

TRYING TO BE SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT - The definition of fitting in.

CALLING IT - “The people’s republic of China” is as asinine and absurd as calling the USA “the people’s republic of the US.”

"A CENTURY OF HUMILIATION" - And nothing more humiliating to complete it than resorting to communism. It's as embarrassing as Constantine resorting to Christianity. In this regard, the West's Christian poster-child of bad philosophy (resentment) was successful in conquering China.

ALMOST WAS GOOD ENOUGH - Where the wave crashed, and humanity’s dreams receded, remnants evaporated by a scorching sun. If America is to survive, let alone become anything more than a shallow shell of humanity and its governmental organizations (like the CCP) - then it’s clear that Americans will have to suffer immensely and terribly, but more important yet unlikely, actually learn at least a thing or two from said suffering. And no - the average American’s present temper tantrums and idiocracy are far removed from the soul-killing suffering that is required to shape weak, superfluous people into anything necessary, serious, or respectable.

MODERN AMERICAN MORALITY - Government sanctioned, corporately sponsored, legally backed. When your party lines are endorsed by government, the majority of all social and mainstream media, nearly the entire lower and higher American academy, a large swathe of discontented and pathological population, and even foreign governments who are happy to see you rot in decadence - you are not the underdog, you are not fighting “the man”—you ARE the man.

FEAR DRIVES THEM - And from this, they manifest their nightmare for all to partake.

THE WAY CHINA’S PRESENT CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND BIG BROTHER POLICE STATE WAS ROLLED OUT - Is strikingly similar to the sort of rhetoric around terrorism in America, a country rife with fear and paranoia-where these well-shaped herds of dependents will continue to sanction, support and fund the states’ powers until humanity, in their pesky obstinacy, is finally killed off or fully controlled for good. Maybe they’ll let you keep the pieces of brain that they remove, as this is for your own good, after all. It always is.

SHAME - We want you to feel bad based upon how you reflect upon the herd.

PITY - We want you to feel bad based upon how the herd reflects upon you.

VAST CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN THE SAME BOAT - As a system and method, Christian based individualistic pity (isolating one's victim) operates as an inverse correlate to family and shame based values, i.e., in Chinese tradition, the family name is generally written first, before one’s own name, telling where one stands in relation to the values and hierarchy - and “one” is never a priority, goal, or aim - but for the good of the many, of society, the state, etc. The shaping of man herein, involving that of two potent poisons, has been so wildly successful, that removed or within the cultural corner-stones of shared history, language, blood, etc., the modern mass man is easily made massive surveillance government police state, leveraged by those in power, against the fears, weakness and dependence of the populations said powers control. While pity and shame have their own genesis within an individual, what demands analysis is just how these buttons were installed, how they are manipulated, as what pity and shame share in common is the isolation of an individual, with the primary purposes of channeling their mind, controlling their mind, and sublimating their wills to the powers that be (conformity, "being normal," etc.). In terms of the resultant modern day police state, the endless concern for safety and easier society, more luxurious, novel, and decadent society, the CCP increasingly looks to be the closest incarnation to Big Brother, but what then of Americans as a comparison? They are the increasingly mass-manufactured and prefabricated batches of being out of Huxley’s Brave New World.

ROUNDING AND SANDING THE ROUGH EDGES - The isolation and repression within the pity of Christianity is what leads to so much mental illness, whereas the forces within a shame-based culture seem to be, a reinforcement of preservation with the group as paramount bulwark—monolithic—can never be wrong, creates a wider grain to actually adapt one’s self. But To go against is to court mental illness anyhow - when one goes against in this regard, they are asking not just for in-depth analysis, but to become an empty vessel to be filled by the dread gaze and grim words of everyone else's evil eye.

WHERE PITY AND SHAME DEPART - When it comes to shaping and controlling others, it is inevitable that such refinement would be contingent upon one better lending itself lending One lends itself better to successfully controlling humanity than the other, but tyrants and tiny people will always find a use for both.

LONG AND LONGER STRIDES - Lots of artists suffer from little to no ambition. Plenty more suffer from too much, that is, they reach for that which is beyond them, and suffer for it, as does their art.

PREDATORS IN THEIR NATURAL STATE - Prey on their fellow animals’ weakness. Likewise, with human predators, they also prey on weakness, namely the pity, bad judgment, and desire to please of their fellow man. America’s biggest mistakes - fiat currency and its requisite bullshit tax codes; failure after failure of large-scale wars as a means to avert suicide and preserve power (that inevitably fail every time anyway); endless government overreach and its caution tape; endlessly expanding laws, rules, and regulations, which everyone cheats as often and as much as possible. How? Easily. Why? There are simply too many punishing laws, fees, taxes and government bean counters nobodies for anyone to ever be incentivized to play fair, not because they are immoral, but because they simply need to get by, and naturally, “fuck the rest of this bad noise.”

OVER-CORRECTIONS AND OVER-COMPENSATIONS - The slaves actually came to believe in the slave religion of the masters, more than the masters ever believed in it. The slaves don't know heaven (and now the state) was the black hole of someone else's history, an internal sort of memory-hole to which the slave is forever delegated.

THE MOVEMENTS OF THE PAST ARE THE MOVEMENTS OF THE FUTURE - Where mass camps and crematoriums were formerly needed for concentration camps and prisons, now, big brother bean counter governmental staff seek to murder humanity once and for all, by further castrating mind, instinct, and anything that resembles a human being that lives. In this manner, as dogs were once wolves, humanity will once have been man, and now, the ultimate herd animal--a forgettable history's crowning achievement.

BAD TRIPS BACK IN TIME - If you played the 2010-2021 news real and histrionics to the Americans of the 1980s to 2,000, Americans would believe that what they were seeing was nothing good, and everything terrible, but it is guaranteed that they would not be able understand it back then, just as they don’t understand it now, since they were the same people to turn into these people, and to "shape" these people, without even knowing how it happened, or why.

60 YEARS OF BAD PROTEST SONGS IN THE USA - Reveal that there is no protest at all, just resentment, and a confession - we in fact love these business models!

NECESSARY DOUBT (BEYOND ONE'S OWN) - Who then installed the rest?

QUALITY TO AMERICA MEANS - I am better than you, but if you're better than me, than we are in fact equal, and some animals are still more equal than others.

AMERICAN CREATIONS - It didn’t just help build its own zombie government, it also helped build and strengthen the CCP.

HERACLITUS' WISDOM IS HARD TO IMPROVE UPON - "Most men are bad." Updated, psychologically speaking, most people are dangerous, without knowing it, or while denying it. If it wasn’t true, the competing governments, mass, and minor forces of the world wouldn't be working so hard to control these most dangerous of dogs, who to this very day, continue to bark at thieves and ghosts.

GOVERNMENT - The most dangerous people, insisting they’re no problem, insisting they’re not the danger.

MY FATHER SAYS – “Pot is more popular than Jesus Christ.”

MY FATHER ALSO SAYS – "There’s no reincarnation, only eternal recurrence."

POST-MAN TECHNOLOGICAL LIFE - Who needs to share the same reality, when you inhabit completely different realities anyhow? As if this hasn't long been the case of all denizens south of heaven?

PUBLIC SAFETY, UNITY, AND TERRORISM - Are all perfect excuses for the tyranny of old, the tyranny of present, and the tyranny to come. It is the people themselves who beg, plead, someone, anything, even a monster whose skin we wear like a warm blanket - save us from our horrible selves! It is no wonder the “cures” mankind has concocted must be as horrible as or even more depraved than the people who conceive them, and the problems that inspire them.

AMERICAN VIOLENCE - As a pathological nation filled with pathological people, when it comes to the violence of the poorly socialized, the poorly civilized, the poorly educated, and those who dwell in bad physiologies, most Americans are abused, harmed, or killed by their own family first, second only to their own friends and neighbors, most commonly the violence is of the same race, against the same race (family against family, friend against friend) but whether the dysfunction is merely familial or part of a larger communal sickness, the most violence committed isn’t even from the police, but comes from the prisoners themselves, and once more and most often against those who are supposedly their own. In America, our motto is then, so much for our own, or, with friends, leaders, and countrymen like these…who needs a demanding, insecure god or a hell?

IF AMERICA IS A FAMILY – Then it’s a dysfunctional family that no sane analyst or psychologist could recommend, in good conscience, or intellectual and spirited rigor. The methods and suggestions to deal with abusive people is to distance one’s self, else be sucked into the narcissistic sinkhole of pathological parasitism and abuse, be it local, familial, cult, religious or political in origin and pattern.

DECLINING BIRTH RATES – It seems people long ago lost sight of building a civilization and maintaining its cultural institutions – survival – so children may have a place to live and thrive. Witness–a people and culture too fearful, hateful, unthinking, cynical, stupid, and inept, to procreate. This may be called 'an orca beach party.'

BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY – But only if you're intelligent and loving. Forgive me then, it is too much to ask.

TELLTALE HEARTS WORN ON CONTORTED FACES - Assuming people and things are equal, they will assume the same words, actions (and their inherent judgment calls n the value table) means the same thing out of one mouth and body, as another, or worse, any other.

BELIEVERS AND NONBELIEVERS – They don’t seem to understand each other. The nonbeliever might in fact want to believe, but they can’t, as it would be easier to swallow the prefabricated, prearranged ideas and beliefs that someone else has created to capture your mind. In turn, believers don’t seem to realize that non-believers both can’t and won’t not believe, for many a reason all their own as well, but both seem to think the other can simply rationalize away their dilemmas, betraying just how little they understand one another and themselves – the ultimate irony.

PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE IMPORTANT – But men and women of the future will be glad to not know most of them, and forget most of the rest. Who today knows or remembers much or anything from the 15th century? The 14th? The 12th? The first? Or any century beyond the blind moment that sits stinking before us? No one remembers now. Why would they want to remember the dark ages, in any future beyond them?

TRADITIONAL GATEKEEPERS – If one wants to deal with animals covered in slime and mucus, you can go hunt down squid, octopus, and slugs in tide pools for a much better time.

MAYBE 1984 ISN’T THE METAPHOR EVERYONE THINKS IT IS – Winston puts his hope in the proles, like Marx. Maybe totalitarian domination by massive, dumb, blind, entities and states is simply the future, and there is no hope, not even in Winston’s or Marx’s proles. What’s the alternative? Mass, faceless entities and states – devised and operated by proles?

EVERYONE HAS THEIR EXCUSE, AND THEIR SCAPE GOAT – Institutional or other powers, money issues, the status quo, and even the rising tides of stupidity and hatred never stopped Nietzsche from his own work and achievement. It never stopped Nietzsche’s own will to power - his will to vision beyond this world and its stillborn ideals. Instead, these difficulties and obstacles helped him forge himself of his own hand. What then is everyone else's excuse?

THE REMEMBERING ONESDante says “Knowledge does not exist without the retention of it by memory.”

NIETZSCHE’S SPIRIT – Like all spirit is a paternal love - so it is from religious dogma, to Nietzsche’s wisdom, the father’s gavel isn’t meant to utterly squash and defeat you. It’s meant to pound the stupidity and weakness out of you. It’s to shape and mold you, until you have forged yourself into something the world has never seen before – a real treasure. Thus man is forged strong, thus the world is forged strong. Even religious dogma serves this purpose, whether we like it or not – it is all a matter of sifting, shaking, shaping. People can never and will never thus be free. Why? There’s nothing to free them from, only higher ordinate needs to subjugate them to, and the need for them to understand not just why, but how.

THE PRETENTIOUS AMERICAN SIMILACRUM OF SPIRIT – Americans feign to be world citizens, but the only place they dwell is ghettos of ideological thought and shanty towns of meager intellectuality. They can’t even see that there is an entire world, cosmos, and universe beyond America. It’s always, ME, MYSELF, AND I, or WE, THEM, AND US! US! US! Did I tell you about US?!

AMERICAN BOUNDLESSNESS – Even soaring through the clouds, our heads are up our asses.

MISBEHAVIOR, IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY ARE – So much so, that when you do the right things, you are not seen or appreciated enough? Is that why the children act up? How can people remedy this, simply to be seen?

IF AMERICANS ACTUALLY WANTED TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS – As a western nation run on European, that is, American liberalism – the pretentious elites would instead praise European values to sell Americans on socialism, rather than attacking Europeans and European values – but who says solving problems was or remains anyone’s goal here? At this point, it’s simply too late to stop lying about everything now.

AMERICA'S CRITICAL MASS - Max parasitic load at the top, and max parasitic load at the bottom, and not a Philosopher to be found amongst the entire infestation.

FOR THOSE WHO PRETEND THAT THINGS ONLY WENT WRONG RECENTLY - What then of Nietzsche's criticism of Western culture, values, religion, government, and of course, the people themselves? What was even left after Nietzsche was done shredding these ghosts and puppets?

CIVILIZED PEOPLE SUPPOSEDLY DON'T LIKE VIOLENCE - Which means they believe in police and soldiers, if not bloody revolution, but in general, are perfectly okay with others sanctioned to both receive and inflict violence in their stead. What then of their civilized complaints? The fleas don’t like to be scratched, and Western civilization remains a farce.

PITY AND PITY AFAR IS POVERTY AT HOME - With some 350 million people in America, most of them poorly uneducated, or barely educated at all, the game is still played: we are just one big family, have pity for the poor (whom are often the mean, the stupid, the lazy, the most hateful and petty) - but if this is if so - then it is a bullshit family of cultish abuse. There is no secret decoder ring. Everyone doesn’t know each other, or love each other, or care about each other, and everybody and anybody certainly doesn’t belong to everyone else. More so, if America is a family, what the young, naïve, inept, and progressive American zygote can’t conceive, is just how dysfunctional, hateful, and utterly destructive the dysfunctional American family is - this country littered from coast to coast with the life-long suffering of pathological parents and the preaching and teaching of revenge and cruelty, cops and prisons to contain and patrol the madness, and an entirely absent leadership class that not only resents the rabble, but sanctions their destruction and destitution every minute, of every day, every step from the past to the present, and the people remain complicit regardless of their endless complaints, as but who else helped amass such a garbage heap?

MODERN AMERICA - The infant-like pathology of public discourse* and increasingly insane public policy* gives low status, low power people every whim and sparkle to try to assert themselves, like bot flies or intestinal worms.

*Calling anything "public" does not imply or guarantee civility or sanity.

WHY PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF EACH OTHER - Because humans, from past, present, to future, have every reason to be afraid of each other

THE BEST WORLD AND THE BEST MEN - Are in fact beholden to values. They are obligated, even beyond their own gratitude.

SYSTEM THINKERS, BEAN COUNTERS AND PROPOGANDISTS - Cut from a similar cloth, not all jobs are not meant for Agent Smith, especially not your art, your humanities, and anything else that requires a wild and beating heart.

MORAL SYSTEM THINKERS, OR, TINY LITTLE UTILITARIAN ROBOTS - The system is so evil, awful, and terrible, that WE do not want to support it—but! We prefer to instead be supported by it. Here all tarantulas are equal - to themselves and each other, and not much else.

WHAT THEN IS SOCIALISM - The politics of a living funerary urn, a heave and sigh of exhaustion, and what it tells us of modern man and their modern (decadent) drives.

COMMUNISM - Even the superfluous ones inevitably needed to codify their own philosophy. Now all they ask, like a parasite,* is that you let them just exist.

*Parasite here used as descriptive of a biological organism’s life cycle and nature, not a pejorative or insult.

A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF SOCIALISM - Not a new idol of pity, but an acknowledgment that these animals must have a certain degree of security (even if it’s not real) - just to prevent them from shitting where they eat, and tearing the whole zoo down.

EVERYONE WANTS IT - But they don’t even know what it is—and of course we’ve been teaching it all along, and frankly, it’s not that impressive. What is it, exactly? Anything and everything these divided hearts and droll minds, desire - multiplied to infinitude and encapsulated in one animal’s imagination of itself.

PITY - It arises from disgust, which was convenient for conservative Christianity for the Middle Ages, and even spilling out here into the messy afterbirth of the future. Pity has been adopted (once more) by the new species, that doesn’t realize it’s not new.

DISGUST – In the civilized world, it wears a mask of pity, if it cares to do even that. It seems the mask is needed, unless the presumed rulers of the earth show their real face.

HATRED – It is the most eager and common animal, bred and cross-bred and passed down through the ages, whether anyone asks for it or not. Like everything in life, people can’t help themselves. This little

IN ESSENCE - Power is forced, and in turn forces.

STILL LIVING HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS IN THE PAST – Even Nietzsche lived and died over a century ago, and here it is, people are still curating such dusty museums and mausoleums.

THEYRE STILL DIGGING UP BONES – And somewhere on this planet, people are still alive, even exhibiting signs of said life!

TRASH OFF THE GROUND FOR DINNER – It seems the average American is in the business of lowering standards, not raising them.

PHILOSOPHERS IN THE AMERICAN ACADEMY – Have tried their hand at the problems and have not lived up to the occasion, time and time again. They had their chance, and they failed miserable. They’ve produced a few people of note over the centuries, but now they are DONE FOR.*

*Or so it seems they are trying to produce mediocrity as the rule, which brings up the question of how will the Americans even function, let alone compete in the ever grossly coming world of the future?

IF RACE IS FOREVER PARAMOUNT - Then the slave masters of old were wildly successful beyond imagining, at least in their shackling of the human mind. That is, even though the physical practice of slavery was long ago ended in America, that so many people still feel like slaves, speaks to the founding of the most decadent nation in human history, a country born in the decline of Christianity and democracy, wherein the slave masters thought they could break a piece off of their slave religion, to instill slave morality into their possessions. What delusions and lies did those old-world Europeans entertain! What lies these new-world Europeans still insist upon!

WHAT CHRISTIANITY (RELIGION) IS - It’s not a belief system, nor is it being a part of something and its promises. Rather, it’s a rounded system of cultural and linguistic anchors and barriers that are intended to produce a particular physiological state, as predicated on social needs, induced by lies and delusions of arbitrary and downright impossible moralities, virtues, and fables, predicated on the beliefs (needs) of slaves. In short, Christianity is a mental illness, an excess of bad conscience, and promises that continue to leave believers angry and leveled in its perpetual impossibility, its ever-present unfulfillment.

AND THEY STILL GO ON AND ON ABOUT FREEDOM – Is this joke supposed to be so insulting? Or merely moronic?

A SUPPOSED CIVILIZATION – For it to not die, what is in fact more important? That everyone shares the same blood? Or that they respectfully occupy the same mental, emotional, and physical spaces without spilling blood? Have Americans learned anything from history at all? The verdict is in fact in, and the answer is a resounding - NO. Just what the hell is wrong with America you ask? Everything, namely, rampant mental illness, stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, swung by the blind and rusty Christian sword of morality, a schtick that was old and tired centuries ago, well before secular liberalism became the new mob of Christ. THIS WORLD NEEDS HUMANS – No, we need humans, but how hubristic of every petty person who ever existed to think that they are so important, that they should live forever. It seems it’s agitating to be one of many - one of thousands, millions, billions - how can anyone ever be special in such a crush?

WESTERN DILLEMAS – Not even “how to be happy with less,” but how to be happy after seeing through so many lies, false premises, false promises, mistakes, errors, follies, stupidities, ignorances, negligences, sheer blind mechanics, and the like?

THE WORLD HAS ALWAYS BEEN ON FIRE – “But how do we actually live when everything is burning up?” Answer: things have always burnt up; things will always be burning up; and things will always continue to burn up - and come back together again – even our sun and moon – even this life and that mind – including every last demon that has not been slain or employed, namely time (what one does), fear (what one explores regardless of how one feels), hate (everyone does it), and death (everyone is afraid of this, reacts to this, yet nobody gets away).

THE EDUCATED’S SERVANTS – A world filled with predominantly male slaves who pave all the roads, drive most of the trucks, keep the shit flowing through the sewers, and who keep the lights on and the water flowing. Why? Apparently so the educated can continue their shallow lives of consumption while they complain to a world that is already sick of their long standing traditions of pure bullshit and lies.

THE “EDUCATED” CLASSES IN AMERICA – It’s sad that we even call these decadent sponges, these pretentious and middling pseudo-elites, the “educated.” It used to be the poor and down-trodden who tempted fate with their threats of bloody revolutions. Now it’s the softest plants and weeds out of the middle and upper classes, but who says that wasn’t the plan all along? We just have to make everyone miserable enough, and they will surely want a revolution waged by the wealthy and educated dickheads of the world. Just know that, after the revolution, you won’t be the president of the party, but someone will need to polish his shoes and feed their fellow prisoners.

LEFTISTS AND COMMUNISTS – More terms for the botched and the bungled.

THEY’LL NEVER GET WHAT THEY WANT – Because they never get what they want. When, in history, has a mob ever gotten what it wanted? More so, when have they not inevitably destroyed themselves?

THEY ARE TRYING TO BE “FREE,” BUT THEY SIMPLY DON’T KNOW HOW – An eternal battle against a multitude of, not men and women, but feelings. It is more sad than anything else.

WHAT NIETZSCHE REALLY TAUGHT US – There is no truth? To the contrary - when the smoke clears from the rubble and ruins of the pathological herd that eventually and thankfully culls itself (for everybody’s sake), the truth is not relative at all, but will remain for mankind to see for all eternity: this is in fact what modern man is like - if you can even call this pseudo animal a “man” at all.

PERHAPS A NATION WILL ALWAYS BE A WILTING FLOWER – Ready to produce a few choice seeds - before the entire thing dies and goes under.

THE “REBEL” – He has always rebelled against the system until the system figures out how to assimilate him as well. The real question will always be – to what ends doth he rebel? To what ends does the system want to silence, sequence, and slice the rebellion from within?

BEING “OBJECTIVE” – I have nothing original to offer, or to suffer, so I’m going to pretend like everyone else to take a non-existence position. Like timorous deer in the forest, this is also a good place to hide.

BEMOANING EVEN THE EULOGIZING – So many speak as if the show has its determined and oh so certain end. Others speak as if it’s already over. What? Are you not living then? Only the dead remain due on one course.

THE FUTURE IS FEMALE – Is this why those who dwell here are so passive aggressive and effeminate?

AS A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE SAYS – “This has all happened before. We are the background noise.”

TIMES CHANGE – And just like our history, it seems our dictionaries must be written and rewritten.

WALKING ON GLASS AND BREATHING SPLINTERS – What? Why? In just who’s company? Ruling out those who seek to be used and abused, why play masochist to someone else’s sadist? This is merely a reminder to question the company one keeps.

IF WE AS HUMANS TRULY DISCRIMINATED BY STUPIDITY – We would never be able to talk to anyone ever again, especially ourselves.

EVERYONE JUST WANTS TO HELP – Another MYTHOS. This yarn has also been torn and sewn for millennia.

EVERYONE CAN GET ALONG, EVERYONE WANTS TO GET ALONG – Except the evil ones, and all the malcontents of abortions that we call modern “philosophers.”

ON THE MEND – Ye formerly sad ones and now happy ones who understand such words as these here.

WHERE WE DON’T IN FACT APPRECIATE OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER ENOUGH – Is our very stupidities. A benign stupidity is worth a laugh, for instance, and a genocidal stupidity is worth a pause, and a reflection.

BEYOND EMBARRESSMENT – It is natural to be embarrassed here, when and where one’s insides so easily and inevitably flow unto one’s outsides.

WHEN SOMEONE LOOKS AT YOU, AS IF YOU ARE THE STUPID AND/OR CRAZY ONE – Oh, thank hell you are here, great incredulous one! I otherwise thought I was completely alone!

TRUE POVERTY IN AMERICA – Americans seem destined to be forever defined by what they lack, and they certainly aren’t concerned with their utter lack of wisdom.

TRUE CRIME IN AMERICA – Listening to society’s elites, the same people and types of people who built these systems they say are immoral, then lecture and moralize to the rest of the trash at the bottom of the heap about how terrible they are.

THE PROVERBIAL ROUSSEAUS OF THE WORLD – They can command the language, they can navigate the mine fields, and maybe even man their own artillery, but they certainly aren’t Philosophers, and certainly not those of the first order. In such men, we find the nation of nobody attempting to assert its freedom in what tyranny it can afford in the overthrowing of this state, the next, or that one or another, and at the least, the over-throwing and domination of their fellow man, as this is what "freedom" has always meant to liberals in America, from slavery to the present. There is simply no end to the tiny little geniuses, especially when they lambast European and American exceptionalism, to put forth their own ideals of just how and why, they as American liberals of European descent, are in fact superior (see Manifest Destiny 2.0).

THE PROVERBIAL MONSTER-STATE OF THE WORLD – Stinking and rampaging with stupidity and squander. It births the Rousseau, or in America, the diametrically opposed hostile brothers of Charles Manson (Fascism) and Ted Kaczynski (Liberalism). Just like the production of naïve and ignorant students out of public education, America excels at manufacturing its own problems.

BOILING BLOOD – “Zecheriah, Zecheriah, for thee I have slain the best of them; wouldst thou that I destroy them all?” No, dumbass. Stop stupidly and pointlessly killing the men, women and children, as we’ve all had more than our fair share of religion’s thus far “eternal” revenge against mankind. How many more empty bodies must we produce to prove that nobody is home at all? Do we still not have a definition and standard for civilized behavior? Or even an enlightened understanding of self or others?*

*Clearly a resounding NO.

METAPHORICALLY IN FACT - I have already slain “the best” of them - and they were never that impressive to begin with.*

*Verses 294 and 295 of the Dhammapada (Pakinnakavagga: Miscellany)

Verse 294: Having killed mother (i.e., Craving), father (i.e., Conceit), and the two kings (i.e., Eternity-belief and Annihilation-belief), and having destroyed the kingdom (i.e., the sense bases and sense objects) together with its revenue officer (i.e., attachment), the brahmana (i.e., the arahat) goes free from dukkha.

Verse 295: Having killed mother, father, the two brahmin kings and having destroyed the hindrances of which the fifth (i.e., doubt) is like a tiger-infested journey, the brahmana (i.e., the arahat) goes free from dukkha.

Note, “eternity-belief” and “annihilation-belief” are closest in the West to the myth of eternal life and the psychological conditions of nihilism, respectively. -MM

SLAVES HAVE NEVER WANTED TO BE SLAVES - But only the rarest few have ever been leadership or Philosopher material. A wiser man knows his place and purpose, while wise men and slaves alike often know nothing at all.

HOW PEOPLE’S “PHILOSOPHY” IS ACTUALLY DETERMINED AND CHOSEN FOR THEM - By whether or not they see themselves as masters or slaves. What is it that their life has taught them? Little more than how to be a willing meal for something else. So much of life, from anywhere, and often even the top, is difficult, foreboding, demanding, and has been for most people for all time.

ON HUMAN AFFAIRS - It’s almost as if we care for and love one another, but our forgetfulness makes it nearly impossible.

WHAT OF HUMAN FORGETFULNESS AGAIN - Similarly, the zebra does not see that a lion lying down, is the same a lion chasing a zebra for dinner – and perhaps this lack of awareness exists to prevent the zebra from living in terminal stress, as why would evolution otherwise allow a prey animal repose beside its most avaricious predator? This beast cannot remember. It cannot make the prerequisite distinctions and connections. Similarly. Seldom can human beings.

BELIEF – Is typically a burden. Man gasps and grasps for burden. It looks to keep most believers at least somewhat shackled to this earth, and the masters who would shape them to be something more than their ignorant, presumptuous selves.

AMERICAN LABOR – They are the world’s ditch diggers. Even our useless philosophers would be better employed as manual labor, but of course, the modern American abhors anything resembling work, or that which might elevate them beyond Plato’s mob. A seeking of adversity over comfort? Madness, they say.

GARBAGEMEN, ELECTRICIANS, PLUMBERS, ETC. – Are far more important and useful, and have much better actionable philosophies than modern American academics, scholars and Philosophers. If your toilet is clogged, a plumber can help you. If your institutions and government are clogged, the embarrassment that we call the American academic could only fill it with more shit.

THE THINKING CLASSES - Have long been far removed from the hard, mean, physical side of life. It’s why most of their ideas are redundant, idiotic, completely removed from any semblance of sanity, reality, or action. When one lives removed from the hateful side of life, one can believe whatever it is they want to believe. POST-MODERNINITY IN A NUTSHELL - Fake people, with real resentment, living in a manicured world. It was inevitable that their Philosophy would be as droll and superfluous as the academy that produced them.

AMERICAN COMMERCIALISM - By the time we hear Jimi Hendrix used and abused to sell hamburgers, we know things have gone too far. This is not standing next to your fire.

WE PRODUCE MORE PEOPLE - Thus we inevitably produce more losers, but we’ve long made it hard for the real winners to unfurl their happiness, and to display themselves for the prizes they are beyond a shallow cult of personality and celebrity, that of ritual and age-old sacrifice - giving up the ghost for the greater good, a long line of disposable men.

TEARING AWAY THE WORLD / BURYING THE DEAD - Only to reveal me and you. What then have we learned? What matters to you, will always be a rhetorical matter.

YOU CAN TRY TO TAKE AWAY A PEOPLE’S GOD(S) - But inevitably, they demand to be subjugated. The hole that was carved demands a filling, and even a recarving from time to time, now and forever.

WHAT’S TERRIFYING ABOUT SEEING PEOPLE - You can see that for everything they “get,” you then see how much they do not in fact “get.” It is simply staggering.

HIGHER MAN - Has always known a life even beyond iron necessity – except when comes his inevitable bewilderment, and outclassing by the future that inevitably proves the past backwards, silly, and small, but only the children who birth themselves can ever know a complete disregard for everything of and in the world that came before them, including iron necessity and all its forceful breaths, clumsy grasping, and strange terrors, and how laughable. It is now the child who no longer has any fear, let alone concern, for monsters. This is beauty in repose, shamelessness as an art, and the next convalescence before the expenditure of power. This is the liberated spirit – not just free from, but free, for. And for what? Have you not been paying attention? For its own intended aims, purpose, and power!

WILL, PURPOSE, POWER AND WHAT TO EVEN DO WITH IT - Everyone has a take, a throw-away comment, account, or life - but when it’s time to get down to business, people seek to go up and out quicker than they can create a fiction to explain the matter after the fact. READING AND WRITING - Holding hands point by point. People don’t want to think, learn or create here. Like institutions and ideals of safety itself, they want a higher power to cradle them, everything in its “right” place, as this method is far easier than learning how to map and relate the cosmos on your own, and allowing and encouraging the opposite tact of such dependence also serves its own aims. Ask Nietzsche, on the manipulation of pressure points. What beats to tap? What manner and order? What tone in what context? What touch and timbre? Tempo and mood? How did he know what would delight us so? Answer – he didn’t, but instead raised his own snake and eagle, and there was no guarantee that we wouldn’t be too stupid, or too far with our heads up our own asses to understand. Regardless of the long-reaching, century-squandering bowel-glimpsers and gut-glancers, a devilish constellation remains forever above, ticklish and colorful, beaming despite the many eyes lingering, longing, loving, and languishing the night just so.

THE MISTAKE OF HAVING HEROES - Aspiration, combat over time, all bring men closer to the heels of the giants before them, revealing but an old romantic image in the lover’s mind, wherein the negative creates its own form, dissolving what's left - the powdery wisps of a furtive ghost, wherein once more, the world crumbles to pieces in a man’s hand, powerless before the testing thought, the man risking the same position himself. These dances with the dead were in the mind of the perceiver, but their traces remain strewn across the Earth, as if to beg one more number. As if to beg, where and what then is your composition?

WHO TO EVEN WRITE FOR - The same crowd that’s always never there, but also, and mostly, the human fall-out that’s to ensue - for many years to come.

IF YOU TAKE PEOPLE SERIOUSLY - Then by default, you are taking them more seriously than they take themselves.


DETOUR – Into the old muck and mire – but for how many decades, centuries, and millennia to come?

DEVILS WITHOUT A PAUSE - Progress, at all costs, unto oblivion. Nemesis meets Satan, a rehash of a myth rehashed, but unlike the old myths, this reality actually carries the certainty of self-destruction on a species-wide scale: to forever charge ahead, with nothing to guide you but a blind belief in some vague victory that will never create itself – a question of how something comes from nothing.

JUST WHAT WAS HIS PHILOSOPHY AGAIN – Nietzsche was a Philosopher’s Philosopher. This is true, but also a euphemism to say, he is the best Philosopher to date, still in fact better than all that came before, and in most all respects, better than those who have come after. The most terrifying yet bemusing thought to consider, that part and whole to history’s greatest genius took not just immense alienation and suffering, but likely also a brain condition. So much for the competition.

HOW MUCH PAIN - For a Philosopher to distance himself, not just from his culture and nation, but even his own race and countrymen?