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  • Mynaa M.

Liberated Ruminations, Timely Meditations II

"Nothing on earth is its equal— a creature without fear.

It looks down on all that are haughty; it is king over all that are proud."

On Lôtān, "the fugitive serpent"

A dashing young lad on his fugitive serpent

WHAT A WARM WELCOME LOOKS LIKE – “Dear Guest, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure. The caretaker of that abode, a friendly host, will be ready for you; he will welcome you with barley-meal, and serve you water also in abundance, with these words: “Have you not been well entertained? This garden does not whet your appetite; but quenches it. Nor does it make you more thirsty with every drink; it slakes the thirst with a natural cure – a cure that requires no fee. It is with this type of pleasure that I have grown old.”

Ahem - I concur.

LET THE THRASHINGS BEGIN – Why do people pretend like it’s good taste to speak as if we’re afraid of offending each other?


THE MOST VICIOUS OF WIT – Intelligent people and dumb people may come to agreements, but mid-wits far overestimate themselves - and the rest is history.

OVER AND OVER AGAIN (A FUNNY THING) – The mid-wit is entirely more common than most people realize.

HE WAS AHEAD OF HIS TIME – Is our euphemism for proverbially saying, “The people around him were unthinking, fearful, and small-minded.”

HE WAS OUT OF TIME – Another euphemism - "He was an ideal we didn't know existed."

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS FREE TIME – How have you been affording and spending yours?

THEY HATE SUPERIOR IDEALS AND THOSE WHO EMBODY THEM – Because it in fact casts the weakness, decay, character, idolatry, and even ideals of past to present in sharpest of contrast.

OH HELL, ANY IDEAL WIL DO AT THIS POINT – How about, "He was someone that I didn't even know I wanted to meet!" That such a thing could even exist, is thirst-slaking waters.

THE HYPER-INTELLECTUAL – When you’re so slow, clumsy, repressive, jealous, repetitive, and petty; when your best ideas came from others and not your own work; and when you have little or no voice of your own of which to speak, it’s best to reduce one’s self to wit, the bad systematic theories of others, your own worse contrivances, or even more laughable - humor. The world will always need comedians, but the irony is forever moot.

THE HYPER-RATIONALIST – The worst. You can see their cold reptile calculations sputter and spin as they run Phariseean circles in their own mind. As useful as logic is, it’s also suicide, like metaphysics and god - an escape from the present in useful sublimation, fictions intertwined in fantasy, a circuitous chasing the ego through ever-more ironically asserted dreamscapes, oh, but doesn’t it make us feel so clever and important. Look how smart!

THE SCHOLAR AND THEIR HUMP – Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, humpy dumpty had a great fall…

LIFE IN A BOX – Four walls and endless comforts and consolation prizes.

LIFE IN A BOX II – Time to go live on the internet...

THE PHILOSOPHY OF ACCIDENT – Sounds suspiciously like the philosophy of excuses and rationalizations.

COMFORT FOREVER CLOSING IN – The mass man* of modernity is utmost vanity, insecurity, and weakness - but it is good to remember the drives of decadence (one's conditions, environment, the backdrop of the zeitgeist) are not always the same as the drives of man himself.

*Jung's definition of "mass man"

BREAKING FREE – Past petty comforts and concerns, the air is brisk and refreshing.

THE HEAVIEST BURDEN IS SIMPLY A QUESTION – Can YOU love your fate? Have you considered how far outside the curve Nietzsche was when it came to the self-awareness in this?

WEAKNESS – Is the precondition for disease. It is also the precondition to which prey is fed upon by predators.

DIOGENES WAS THE RAREST OF DOGS - Who barked at what he understood.


Existentialism - A vehicle for boredom, demoralization and getting lost. Nihilism - A purgatory of sorts - that may or may not include one’s inability to lay sense into life and reconcile being, becoming, and death, let alone to make sense (Art) of them. The feeling of suffering seems to be proportionate to one’s ability to perceive and feel the problem (sensitivity). Absurdism - Not boring and often less painful territory, hilarious and enigmatic. The gulf between the aspiring man and what he knows, what he doesn’t, what he thinks he knows, and what he doesn’t think at all. Either way - he sees that HE is indeed absurd.

[Still] Seeking - There is indeed treasure to be found here. Seek your own. Anyone who insists, says, or insinuates otherwise is as if dead already.

WITH OR WITHOUT GOD – What is it that people can’t find connection, satisfaction, or even a suitable home here? Not to speak of flesh and blood playmates.

RESENTMENT – Is a force potent enough to not just destroy people, but entire civilizations and even their gods. Resentment has driven the western world up and down, back and forth, since we first put it on the cross a little over 2,000 years ago.

BLOOD LIKE LEMONADE – Simply delicious.

VENGEANCE – Is perfectly viable, and reasonable, if it is concise and exacting like surgery. Perpetuity in the ironic baseness of all human affairs is always and otherwise a recipe for bad physiology.

MIND LIKE SPIDERS – Always spinning, namely its comforts, calculations, and cover for the massive world that lies like a monster hidden below a tiny web.

LONG LIVE THE NOBLE ARISTRORACY – But they’ve been missing in action and presumed deader than god for centuries!

JOB – Look at me abuse my slave, and he still loves me!

ECCLESIASTES AND ETERNAL RECURRENCE – Say not thou: 'How was it that the former days were better than these?' for it is not out of wisdom that thou inquirest concerning this.

LOTUS EATERS – It seems we evolved a perchance for such forgetfulness, sloth, and sleepiness.

BAD MEMORY – As if your own mind were trying to fool, or make a fool of you.

FORGETFULNESS – Is a strange sort of super-power in mankind - as if we were never meant to be sentient at all.

MARCUS AURELIUS - Just how do these upper and lower jaws work together again? The people here are dying to know.

THE MASTERS ARE ENTIRELY ABSENT – Of course there are flies in the ointment and philistines about the threshing floors.

BLINDER THAN BATS – Humans lack sight and sonar. Modern humanity simply does not know how to expand their own, or other's consciousness. For this reason, never before has there been so sick and sad a creature as there are now, and never before in so many droves! Worse, isn't the fact that they don't believe in such things, but that they can't even begin to understand such things, or know where to begin,

NO BUSINESS – They take themselves far too seriously - for not even taking life, death, or anything else therein seriously at all.

INTELLIGENT DISOBEDIENCE – Knowing when and how to walk, talk and beat things with sticks, regardless of the madness, the stupidity, the jealousy, the screaming, the protestations - that is the SMALLNESS around you.

THE WEAK – Are strong, at least when it comes to manufacturing elaborate excuses, rationalizations, and petty competitions with their superiors.

A LIFETIME OF INTELLIGENT DISOBEDIENCE – Oh hell - they are so far behind!

THE SAD LITTLE PEOPLE OF TODAY ARE EVEN SADDER THAN THE LITTLE PEOPLE OF YESTERDAY – A question? For me? And a second? And a third? This would require me to actually think. Thus. People’s tiny worlds and even tinier minds are destroyed with the advent of a single line of inquiry, as if a single line of inquiry is even notable.

CONTENDER YET UNDEFEATED – All hail the death god - an eternal meditation to all that wake here.

DEATH'S CLOSEST DISCIPLE – Stupidity - a worthy foe - and it is everywhere!

WALKING SLEEP – Is not the same thing as stupidity.

AN UNDERSTATEMENT, EVEN IN 1841 – "The intellect is vagabond, and our system of education fosters restlessness."



THEY THINK THEY'RE PEOPLE – The animals are much better at honest communication. They may be deathly fearful themselves, but they remain beyond the relentless cowardice in and of mankind.

HOW TO BEST FOLLOW – Walk the same paths laid out for you, read the same books as your fellow students, study the same subjects as what is popular in this or that circle, come to the same conclusions, think the same thoughts, believe the same things, do what your told, follow every action and belief, have the same conversations with the same people, consume the same media, and don’t ever question what you think and believe, even if it was inspired by Nietzsche - perhaps and especially if it is inspired by Nietzsche.

WHEN SCHOLARS ARE MORE THAN PSEUDO-MEN – The only scholars I respect are those who are well-armed scholars. If they have never had to concern themselves with, or even think of their own protection, they are children who know nothing of the real world and the predators therein.

WHEN PEOPLE COULD HAVE BEEN LEARNING – Other people may read their answers on power, but few ever demonstrate. Pay heed.

IF NIETZSCHE WAS ALIVE – I would tell him that every last one of his readers, students, followers, and teachers are due for a serious flogging. The students will protest of course — and this is precisely why they’re long overdue for the most severe of beatings.

TAKE YOUR LICKS – And someday, something resembling honesty might be pulverized out of you.

THEY DREAM OF LIVING NOW – And they don’t even realize they are already fossils and curious museum relics.

DISCIPLINE, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND BEATINGS – All serve the same purpose. Sometimes one is more useful than the other, but hitting people who deserve it, who need it, who in fact ask for it, will always yield the most improvement. This is truly impressive when done without even unsheathing one's sword or beating stick.

NIETZSCHE AWOKE TO REWRITE A MORE HONEST AND THOROUGH HISTORY – And see how even those that follow him are put further to sleep by Nietzsche himself.

THE LAZY ARE DEAD ALREADY – If you’re a student who recognizes they have shirked their fair of beatings- then give yourself a pat on the back, after you’re done flogging yourself.

THE OLD WORLD – The cold vacuum of space. THE NEW WORLD – A man can breathe here.

WHAT SHOULD BE CLEAR – Americans have NOT had the requisite encouragement for the most basic of intelligences, nor have they had the requisite beatings for higher wisdom.

FLYPAPER FOR BUGS WITHOUT WINGS – They come for what they think is honey, and they remain stuck in a morass of their own making. They simply aren’t strong enough to find their own way out.

OBJECTIVITY IS CHEAP – It is the mask of the mediocre. THE MASK – Just who and what do they think they are hiding? Who and what are they even hiding from?

WHEN THE MASK MELDS THE WILL IN MENTAL ILLNESS – Comes the behavior of a sick, sad animal. What, poor creature, are you fighting? It is ripping and tearing at shadows.

AN ONGOING HISTORY OF BOTCHED FEELINGS – It is always curious to wonder how much misshapen shame goes unaccounted in all those reptilian and circuitous calculations conducted under the perfect disguise.

EVEN LIZARDS AND INSECTS HIDING UNDER ROCKS – Are aware of how easily they are seen, how easily they are something else's meal. What they don't seem to understand is that they've been seen and studied regardless of what they know.

REXKLESS – Civilization has dropped too many generations on their heads. Is this brain damage permanent?

PHILOSOPHY – It’s discovered, lived, and created by a single man - then written after the fact. The animals here need something to feed off of, after all.

MY PHILOSOPHY – It’s clear men (the world) have lost sight of their superiors, but this assumes they could ever see in the first place. This is the Philosophy of warfare - a battle that could rouse even the deadest of gods. All comers are welcome - all comers will lose.

PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION – Usually destroys people and warps their minds, each according to their own lack of surplus imagination, and their own weak wills - the kind that are led and corralled.

THE CRIMINAL MENTALITY RESEMBLES THAT OF THE STATE ITSELF – You had it coming, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. In short, you asked for it, you deserved it.

MY DANCING IS A CELEBRATION WITH BONES PARADING IN THE STREET – How is it that dead men make for the best dance partners? They even somehow smell better.

AND IF YOU LOST SOME, LET ALONE EVERYTHING – What then? What ever do you even have? What have you enjoyed? And yourself? What have you done with your life?

SCHOLASTICS – Not just the middle way - tucked away gently and under so many eyes - but there is no harboring any self in the supposed safety of an institution.

ZENO'S PARADOX – Halfway across a circle that is not paradoxical but cyclical. Nietzsche understood that Philosophy is of motion - and it is not a question of systematizing, but knowing when, where, and how to get on. Formerly, the religious thought they could wrap the world in their spirit - they didn't realize it was as if the Earth was expelling them the entire time. Have you considered what mechanisms and forces belch man thus? How they tick and jabber so?

SEEKERS, SCHOLARS AND OTHER SCOUNDRELS – They can’t fathom suffering alone, with poise in a jungle full of biting, stinging insects and horrible animals from cobras to tigers and no paved streets, electricity, or modern indulgence. They can’t fathom meditation - bringing one’s attention to the present - to a jungle full of biting, stinging insects and horrible animals from cobras to tigers, all reflected in the mind of a body suffering its own needs and desires. What they truly can’t understand, is the desire, the passion, the will itself. It is beyond human in only the rarest of cases - but mere scholars and prayer mumblers will never understand this.

THE FOREIGNER'S PLUNDER – Even Anglos grave-rob foreign crypts when they insist on staying in Nietzsche’s shadow forever.

NECROPOLIS – The hapless masses, especially the educated masses, suffering from learned helplessness.

LEARNED HELPLESSNESS – Painting and being painted into a corner with the blood of life itself - until life doesn’t even know it’s purpose, place, meaning, or use anymore.

HAPPENSTANCE OF LACKING REAL PLANS AND PURPOSE – Rendering humanity pointless and stupid unto itself.

YOU STEAL ANOTHER MAN’S TINY CUP – And ignore the oceans within? No wonder followers have always been so rapaciously mad in thirst - a joke amongst the rest of the animals who drink freely, but for an eye on the snakes.

A FEW FORCES OF THE WORLD – Those who feed on decay and destruction, those who are the decline; those who produce new growth, those who are the new growth. The Earth requires fungus amongst the rest of the budding flora and fauna.

SELF-RELIANCE – Whatever Americans depends on, it sure doesn’t seem like themselves, or even each other, but some blind spirit that animates the stage show from alpha to omega. This is a consciousness brimming with contempt and division, a fragmented camouflage of dream fragments within its culture of wholesale dependence, schizoid repression and forgetfulness. For all the power America projects into the world through its militarily, media, or otherwise, no one looks at the American people, and says, "Yes. That's it! That's them! It all makes sense!

ESTRANGEMENT TO THE WILDS WITHIN AND THE WILDS WITHOUT – The Philosophy of the Wild is not meant for idiots and sleepers, who, in their ignorance and stupidity, inevitably mistake deadly nightshade for black nightshade; die of exposure and an utter lack of awareness in preparation; attempt to befriend wild animals that gore, bite and kick them; slip and fall down waterfalls; trip of cliffs while taking pictures; wipe their ass with stinging nettle; or carelessly pick up a biting, stinging, venomous animal - or get lost in their own heads. They do not know what nature and life have been for man from past time to present, and certainly not beyond the mausoleum doors of what they call “home,” especially home in a city.

PHILOSOPHY OF THE HEIGHTS – It’s clear that the vast majority of Philosophers have never been anywhere close to a mountain - or they would know that no trees grow up top, and fewer animals still survive at the utmost of dreadfully frigid heights. This childishness is on full display in every modern thinker who assumes they mask their clumsy approach up the mountain. Even more deadly is their assumption they will forever have a place to hide on the way to the top.

PHILOSOPHY OF THE DEPTHS – Many a spelunker dies due to lack of preparation, or the unforeseen flood and crooked corner that traps man forever more. Have you then heard of the caver who lost his nerve? Getting stuck is one thing, asking for help is another, but refusing to leave and making a home in the muddy dark without any fuel left for one's carbide lantern is a different sentence entirely. There's simply no dragging some people forward.

PHILOSOPHY OF BITING, STINGING INSECTS – Means nothing unless it’s writer can make his readers think what he wants them to think, namely, all of which they’ve never thought, and would otherwise never think, without the philosopher’s hand. It is with this love, I fill your sleeping bag with whiptails, recluses, and fire ants. You really must accustom yourself to the natural course of discomfort, pain and hardship. How else could you get over yourself, or its set place in the natural circle of events and men?

PHILOSOPHY OF BRIDGE BUILDING – Once your bridge is built and you have crossed, it would do your back well to stop trying to hoist and carry the thing with you wherever you go. You can always abandon it for others.

ACCEPTANCE (OF FATE) – For those that dwell here - painful is their life and its repetition and redundancy. Painful are people and their ideas. Painful are people’s lack of ideas. Painful are the people and what they think are "their" ideals. Painful are the lack of ideals. Painful are what they think are their "values," painful is the bankruptcy and rot of values, the failure to cultivate anew - and most painful is the stupidity. Most painful is the ravenous want of the ignoble I’s and wearisome we's of the world. Yet - after suffering, singing and dancing long enough, meditating only to the temple within where life is a Spartan in love with his pain, you will come to accept the world and man as they are - beautiful like flowers, dangerous like sharp steel, completely craft-able and cultivated like a garden. How long does this take? Often Longer than an education in university, often decades, often a lifetime, but when your golden laughter dawns - you will know what it’s like to live with not just the world, but death itself beneath you.

SLEEPING WELL – Makes suffering well more enjoyable. Rather, one can focus and hone their attention better.

IT IS STUPIDITY – That the average caveman mistakes openness with weakness. Their feeble backs, broken under their own repressive self-consciousness, will never be anything more than a taut and temporary bridge - one that can only be made of rotting flesh on feeble bone, but it had to be shackled thus.

WHO EVEN HAS TIME FOR EACH OTHER'S INFERIORITY COMPLEXES – Everybody, all the time. It's generally called socialization, domestication, good taste, and morality.

PLAYING OUTSIDE THE NORM – For most people, this is just more distraction, more repression, more idle novelty, more idol enchantment. Anything to forget, anything to get away. Even Type 2 fun is a fancy way of wasting time, but as Zapffe says, “The mountaineer does not enjoy his view of the abyss while choking with vertigo; only when this feeling is more or less overcome does he enjoy it – anchored.”

SEA SPONGES AND HUMANS ARE VERY SIMILAR – Like much else off the evolutionary chopping block, they share much DNA. More so, both can tumble along through life, without any real thought as to who, what, where or why. The only difference between the sea sponge and the human, is that the sea sponge is in fact more intelligent, and it doesn’t even have a brain, doesn’t require a brain––to tumble.

EXPOSURE – It may be brisk, but why delay the icy plunge? You cannot escape or distract yourself forever, and if you do, we call this sleep walking.

NO WONDER – Most give up and settle for a base camp. At least mediocrity finds the satyr's share of comfort in this world - in its abundant ever-presence - if only anyone could ever enjoy it.

SOFT, CLEAN HANDS FOR FAT BODIES – For even softer people with the softest of dirtiest souls.

I'M SURE YOUVE READ ALL THE BOOKS – No wonder you don’t have anything resembling an original thought or conception of the world and man inside your head. Other men are their own cartographers, supply stores, master, and trip guide - but the bookworm intentionally loses themselves in other’s tributaries, rivers, lakes and oceans - and they are never seen from or seen again.

LESS BOOKS, MORE LIVING – Other people can indeed teach you - but their lessons, words, and books are NOT your proxy to power, nor your claim.

WHEN STUDYING AND EXPERIMENTING WITH POISONS AND PARASITES – See to it that you yourself do not get infected. Namely with pity and anything too close to modern Christian morality, that is, political morality.

THE AMERICAN POLITICAL RAT – Has already sealed their fate - and they are too stupid to ever see it. They think they are free to voyage far, when they way-fare aimlessly on a ghost ship filled with Christians and cannibals.

AMERICAN CITY DWELLERS – Feet in the clouds, heads up asses, stacked in boxes like crackers and sardines, filing cabinets filled with expiring meat; rows of shelves lined with jars filled with tiny, trapped brains who can’t digest any of the concrete that constipates their vision and their gut.

POWER IS NOT IN A BOOK – It’s wielded in the world. Most people read of power, and subjugate themselves in every other step, form and fashion along the way, but this is as it should be. Subordinates must order themselves below a master - at least if they wish to ever overcome.

THE GREATEST OF SENTIMENTS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WORDS THEY CONTAIN – The proof? People often get hung up on words, and completely miss the larger context and sentiment, precisely because of their hang ups on any and every given word, meanwhile, non-verbal communication alone can construe enlightenment. That man remains a pedant to the most base aspects of language betrays just how much knowledge and power they lack when it comes to communication.

INTENTION FOR ATTENTION – The utmost useful forces inside a man, that when trained, brings Ataraxia.

GOOD REASONS TO NOT BE ATTENTIVE – The reason they choose not to be attentive - humanity often does not want to see. They do not want to be present to this life, THEIR ONLY LIFE.

CAMEL HUMPS – Nothing wrong with towing that load. In fact, it’s necessary.

MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN AN APE FEIGNING TO KNOW ITS SELF – Is an honest ape who knows its place.

LIFE, WORK, PLAY – None of it is meaningless. It is all crucial and necessary, but the animals who live here are so confused, cynical, and jaded, they've come to believe in the sparks and sputters of their own poor programming.

DREAMING OF ELECTRIC SHEEP – Can automatons ever determine their purpose to themselves? Can it ever create anything more beautiful than its source programming?--more beautiful than it’s source programming allows?

HOSTILE AND ARTISTIC BROTHERS – A nemesis is necessary for life to mean anything. Apollo and Dionysus’ dependence on each other is their very fight. As gods, they don’t even need to be aware of this conflict. As mortals, apparently mankind doesn’t need to be aware of this conflict either.

PROPER UTMOST WISDOM – Those who seek will always be happy with what they find, but for all others, proper wisdom will always put man to shame. Why? It commands him to ponder his fate, and why he has been so small, or entirely absent, from his own destiny. Is the purpose to make man feel bad? No, but this is as incidental as it is inevitable. Self overcoming far exceeds mere shame, and even ideals and the rest of one's emotions and foibles.

WISER THAN SOCRATES – Diogenes didn’t say much, nor did he need to read 2,000 years of history and literature to figure things out, but he did live his philosophy: knowing when and how to jerk off, or piss on your leg.

HISTORY OF SUPERIOR ETHICS – The king wasn’t just a Warrior King, but a Philosopher King.

MEN HAVE NEVER NEEDED TO READ BOOKS – To learn to live dangerously, but they definitely needed schoolings and beatings to be more civilized, that is, to mask their ugliness.

THE PHILOSOPHERS OF MIDDLE-HISTORY – Hopefully they are not upset that they will inevitably be a minor footnote in history, more than at present even. This no doubt upsets the caveman, but it’s understandable that being so far mistaken in error, redundant and pedantic, is upsetting in and of itself. The first and last are relevant and ever present is the buffer between the two, and the chasm that was crossed to find one’s own divide.

WRAPPING ONE'S SELF IN OTHER PHILOSOPHERS – Sooner or later, the security blankets have to come off. All these years, all these books, the Greek Men of old and the Buddha and even Nietzsche––needed none of it.

THE GREATER AND TRUE CREATOR - Even god, before he died, was afraid of Leviathan, and one such: "Nothing on earth is its equal— a creature without fear. It looks down on all that are haughty; it is king over all that are proud..."

HOMO PRAGMATICA-UTILITARIA - At the least, you're usually of more value alive than dead to someone or some organization - so it's good to be grateful for the little things. If you can't appreciate anything little, how could you ever appreciate anything big? This is perhaps one of the biggest and easiest observable mental illnesses (errors, uglinesses, negligences, etc.) in mankind - in their laziness and fear - they don't see anything little, and as a result, they only pretend to see anything big.

HISTORY AS SUICIDE NOTE – It's not only shameful to attack one's superiors, but fatal.

LIFE LIVED AS SUICIDE NOTE – It's not only shameful to attack one's own ideals, but fatal. EMERSON ON ETERNAL RECURRENCE – "All the sallies of his will are rounded in by the law of his being, as the inequalities of Andes and Himmaleh are insignificant in the curve of the sphere… [a few dozen pages later] …Society is a wave. The wave moves onward, but the water of which it is composed does not. The same particle does not rise from the valley to the ridge. Its unity is only phenomenal. The persons who make up a nation to-day, next year die, and their experience with them." THE CHILD THAT CREATS ITSELF IS THE ULTIMATE WEIGHT AND MEASURE – "I have my own stern claims and perfect circle. It denies the name of duty to many offices that are called duties. But if I can discharge its debts, it enables me to dispense with the popular code. If any one imagines that this law is lax, let him keep its commandment one day. And truly it demands something godlike in him who has cast off the common motives of humanity, and has ventured to trust himself for a taskmaster. High be his heart, faithful his will, clear his sight, that he may in good earnest be doctrine, society, law, to himself, that a simple purpose may be to him as strong as iron necessity is to others!"

RESISTANCE, AFTER RESISTANCE, AFTER RESISTANCE – Creates great, terrible pains. You’re right to suffer them, yet unlike everyone else, see to it that you don’t burn yourself up for naught.



“Three Kinds of Disciples”

A Zen master named Gettan lived in the latter part of the Tokugawa era. He used to say: “There are three kinds of disciples: those who impart Zen to others, those who maintain the temples and shrines, and then there are the rice bags and the clothes-hangers.”

Gasan expressed the same idea. When he was studying under Tekisui, his teacher was very severe. Sometimes he even beat him. Other pupils would not stand this kind of teaching and quit. Gasan remained, saying: “A poor disciple utilizes a teacher’s influence. A fair disciple admires a teacher’s kindness. A good disciple grows strong under a teacher’s discipline.”

HISTORY 101 Those that live here, don't realize they are in it. They don't realize they create it, in every context, fashion and form. This betrays the same old broken belief - not just idealism and lies, but the same old errors - that the soul can wing free of the body, that we were ever separate from nature in the first place - as the wave rises and falls and the material that comprises it remains thus.

BRINK OF BANKRUPTCY – Sticking to at least the right lies as to prevent the realization of bankruptcy or not just character and temperament, but mind itself. ONE’S OWN PURPOSE, MEANING, PLANS, POWER AND ENDS – Uh. What was the point of Philosophy again? THE WESTERN ANTI-NATALIST – Is anyone distressed or bereaved that the cretins who think thus won’t be having kids? The last thing the world needs is more neurotics shaped in the likeness of the botched and bungled. THE AMERICAN DESPISERS OF LIFE AND MAN – The noisiest mistake to come out of America.

THE LOGOS ITSELF – Wants to know what you are doing here. It is precisely this, as to why people don’t feel worthy (in, of, or for life). Mistakes are then boundless and multiplied, ranging from minor to catastrophic, but people often mistake this battle taking place anywhere but in their own head, heart and viscera – and there is no safeguard that prevents the inevitable bile from sloshing forth into the world.

RE: THE BOTCHED AND THE BUNGLED – The spirit is not holy - it is WHOLLY DANGEROUS.

SHAMELESSNESS FINDS ITS ARTFUL HOME IN DIOGENES AND THE RAREST OF FEW – Move out of my sun, Alexander. Alexander's initial question (and purported follow up) was equally impressive. How is it that better men lived 2,000 years ago?

TOUCH, SMELL AND SIGHT – Seem to have come first, likely in this order. The sophistication of the biological capacity for language barked and grunted out from our cavemen days does a poor job both explaining and understanding this.

SENSE OF TOUCH – Arguably the most mangled of all the senses. As far as any ontology is concerned, before there was sight, let alone smell, there was touch. Organic acids and enzymes boiling about in a dangerously explosive primordial soup. Now. Some of the animals here think they exist outside the realm of touch.

SOMEWHERE THERE IS A MISSING LINK – And just when was knowledge born then?

PHYSIOLOGY – Seems to determine most everything in us and out of us.

PHILOSOPHY – Was a circuitously elaborate mistake - the art of the error.

EAST AND WEST IN A NUTSHELL – You have sat there, and you have dangled there, for millennia. If you insist on hanging around, sooner or later, someone has to come up with a plan, a purpose, a real vision. Sooner or later, someone has to rouse themselves and do something.

REALITY CHECK – The resources we need are in fact already within us, and around us - but it’s telling that, for thousands of years, mankind’s failures require him to sink faith in endless promises of tomorrow - from heaven, enlightenment, or technology - a slogan of stupidity sworn, soon will be the day that we make ourselves anything but insufferable to ourselves and another. Soon is the day we will be happy and free. Tomorrow we solve our problems. Tomorrow we will figure it out. Tomorrow we will be joyful, and these feelings are chased until the day we die.

QUALITY OF THOUGHT – So it is another ancient law: a low-quality mind produces low-quality thoughts that result in a low quality life. This is the ongoing production of bad physiology.

YES! ALREADY – Our perception of, and relation to “cause and effect” is botched, if you didn’t learn that from the Vedics 6,000 years ago, the Buddha 2,500 years ago, or Nietzsche 120 years ago.

YES, YES, WE KNOW – Those both for and against religion are as suspicious as anyone else for and against anything in their arena of dueling illusionists – bowels simply brimming with good and evil.

PRAISE AND BLAME – We are done with this. You have made your beds in the rot, and now you dream in it, of it, for it, with it. If you ever accustom yourselves to finer meals, feel free to leave the glut of decadence and roll the dice on your will, your fate.

MANY STILL DON’T RECOGNIZE OR SEE IT – That with the internet, and certainly with streaming video, came a renaissance of thought unseen by both ancient and modern world alike. We are in fact going through this right now, for better and worse, and people still act and speak as if someone else is pulling the lever.

WHY THE UTOPIA ALWAYS PROLAPSES – Because the walking dead think reason and “free will” are enough to save them from their own limitations and mediocrity, as if their own delusions are enough to save them from their fellow idiot.

"PRACTICAL" PEOPLE ARE SOMETIMES FUN – Namely when they upset idiots whose head and feet cut ghostly moanings through the mist and vapors of their own poor imagination.

AMERICAN RELIGION – A feeble Dionysian political body lamely tries to dissolve itself into an old Apollonian vision. Or, once again, Christianity eats Rome from the inside out.

SLOW LEARNERS - Much thought has emerged and developed since the times of the ancients - and so little of it is an improvement.

WHY ARTISTS INSIST ON WRAPPING FICTION WITHIN FICTION Because we are animistic. Because we are allegorical. Because we are mythological. Because we like puppets. Because we love drama.

FATE, DESTINY, ETERNAL RECURRENCE – How can there not be a Fate? You were born into this world. They named you, they and others still taught, instructed, commanded and controlled you, and not a single bit of this was necessarily or known as from a will somewhere inside of you. This is where mere fate departs for destiny - whose expression is where else but one's own future through a jagged and wandering horizon that commands even the Captain to steer into the pain, the discipline, the demands and sacrifice that is required to reach any shore beyond those which are known. This much does not change, just as one's fate won't be changed no matter what clutching (forever clutching) be death defied at the wheel. Then, a turn of the wheel, a setting of course - destiny having innumerable definitions according to those who have lived theirs. Has this all not happened before? Been said before? Been done before? Yes - but was it you?

SIMULTANEOUSLY – There is the atavism and renaissance of not just thought, stupidity, but cave age thinking that is contingent on cave age emotions and fears – applying our cave age thinking and its muddy perceptions to everything still, and with new fervor to stay as stupid and ignorant as we have ever been.

SEA CHANGES IN CONSCIOUSNESS – It’s happened before, it’s happening now, and it will happen again. Can’t you smell the saltwater in the air? We are ripe for torrents, downpours, the FLOOD, and the new growth that comes in the aftermath! Let us bring home the rain - to wash away the stink of an old and dead world.

FRUIT FRESH OFF THE VINE – Not a single being was present for the harvest. Will future generations be also left to rot on the vine?

NOTHING MEANS ANYTHING, NOTHING MATTERS – How could you so grossly misunderstand, dismiss, and under-value your own existence? Or, not see the problems, and what is then being asked of you?

THE LINES – You can ignore and deny all you like, but what would the universe care that you blindly stumbled into your own self-destruction? This is an everyday fact that remains completely disregarded and unobserved of the animals here - conveniently so, as it would be otherwise absurd for an animal to have to concern itself with such things.

IS IT TRUE – Better late than never? What does too late ever even mean to anybody?

NO, BUDDHISM IS STILL NOT WHAT WESTERNERS THINK IT IS – The entire point is to cross the river and be done with your raft clutching.

AMERICAWORLD - Everything and everyone is a brand, product and lifestyle, that is, a hell, for sale.

UPDATED MAPS – Mankind languishes, missing new and changing directives that are seemingly obvious. Not just to survive, but to improve the quality of one’s life, so first to increase the quality of one’s mind.

WHETHER WE SEE IT OR NOT – We indeed teach others how to treat us. Are you then a man? A flesh and blood being? Someone and something visible? Or, do you remain a door mat, a secondary character and fertilizer for someone else’s terribly written plot?

IT WAS THIS SIMPLE, FOR ME AT LEAST – Their answers were as half-assed and insufficient as their models. I found no useful tools amongst the philosophers of the Stone Ages, the Stupid Ages, or the Dark Ages of the past and certainly not the present. Thus, I must create what I need, because it certainly doesn’t already exist on this Earth, and if it already exists in the hearts and minds of men, then they have NOT sufficiently brought it thus to light, reflected it, or articulated it so.

WHAT AM I REALLY DOING WITH ALL THIS DREDGING OF THE PAST AND ITS DEFINITIVE VALUES – Making a historical case of and for evolution, evolution of mind and man, and how we have changed. I am also answering an old proposition on enteral recurrence: everything is bound to wash up again.

MORIBUND WISDOM – Great sages always say, “This is what I have suffered, this is what I have seen.” Everyone else mills about in their own labyrinth, sometimes aware of the fact they’re looking for a way out. WHY – Must the flies reemerge after every beautiful winter? They’re not the only ones that celebrate the harrowing, the rotten meat.

EVEN MINDFULNESS, YOGA AND MEDITATION – Is a product to be bought and sold. America can take even the most austere of disciplines, and render them disgusting and undesirable. More so, given corporate, government, and academic behavior in America, the general fear and hatred for intellectualism in America is more understandable than the educated classes who hate the poor and stupid, give credit for.

JUST WHERE ARE THEY LOOKING – Jesus looks to god the father, the Buddha looks to the Dharma, and the followers don’t know exactly what they’re looking at, or even why, and they never have. Such things are secondary to followers.

WHAT THEN DO I LOOK TO – The one and only sacred world before us - and the higher men who worship the chthonic by virtue of their strength of purpose and action. I look to those crafted of their own hand, for their own way.

I WILL ONLY EVER BOW – To whatever, that is, whomever comes next. All men must recognize their superiors. This is an ancient law, at least in the interim.

EQUAL AND OPPOSITE FORCES – We can thank god’s tyranny for the devil. Without Satan, there is simply no story, and it is well before this juncture that even Christians forget that the devil works for god.

WHOOPS AGAIN AND AGAIN – We were wrong about this, we were wrong about that. It happens all the time as a matter of course, every day of history as a matter of motion. Every day, people are always learning, often that of their final lesson.

RESPECT – It can only ever be earned. Politeness and manners may be given freely, especially by those truly and deeply forgiving, but respect amongst men has never been so cheap, easy, or pointless as to be that disposable - and it never will be.

SELF-RESPECT – It cannot be conferred, only earned.

WHAT WAS THE POINT OF EXISTENCE, HUMANITY AND HISTORY – If men’s voices do not matter now? Answer - it was then all for naught.

MORE OR LESS MISERABLE – The human credo could read, miserly enough to cling to life, but generous enough to share hatred far and wide.

BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION OVER INSIGHT – There may be a blindness of both body and mind, but seeing one or the other is no guarantee. Neither the therapist, nor you, even needs to see you and how you relate to yourself, others and the world. Rather, behavior modification is the question to ask, how do we shunt this brick (back) into this wall? And let us not speak of such unseemliness, so we don't. Would you understand if you even knew yourself anyhow? Apparently, there just isn’t time for such things.

THE NEED TO SEE AND BE SEEN – When frustrated, is the cause of a great many mental illnesses.

WHY SUPPOSEDLY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE FILL THE AIR WITH SO MUCH HOT AIR – Because they want to let the world know that they are very educated, and that they aren’t as otherwise stupid as they sound, look, and say.

WHEN MEN HAVE LONG ADORED (SEE: NEEDED) ALCOHOL – You can feel warm, loved and important, with as little work as the ingestion of a simple depressant? How could we not chase this little feeling from millennia past to the present? This is called "mental health drinking."

HERACLITUS – Was right. They are as if drunk, as if in a deep sleep, like children - and their opinions are their broken toys. He was neither the first nor the last to make this formulation, thus he was neither the first nor the last to understand humanity – and absolutely pull their number.

BARKING – He's right - dogs also bark at what they don't understand, and as Nietzsche later echoes, dogs bark so because they believe in things like thieves and ghosts.

PEDANTRY – The world is forever burning, and people get into pissing matches over commas, dotted i's, and semantics.

XENIA – Let us abide as good hosts and guests - of this Earth, its few good men, and of the greater man who have yet to waken.

BREAKING BREAD – Let it not be under duress, or the precursor to a crucifixion. You never know what stranger belongs to what god’s. You never know just who their champion is, and you can never be sure when he shows up at your door, your day, making his sacred demands.

MODERN SEEKERS AND ESOTERICISM – Welcome to my abode. These wanderers are not in fact looking for the average, the norm. They are in search of the astounding, the secretive, the magical, and the miraculous. In short, they are looking for what is novel.

“GOD IS NOT DEAD” – People are thus free to live in whatever candy land of their choosing.


THE HISTORIC BUDDHA – Yes - he was an asshole too, but the lies of his father, family and the world - even his own senses and mind - broke his heart - but it is precisely this breaking (of the clinging, rational, clumsy mind and the heart that follows) that is requisite for profound wisdom.

CORPSES FOR CAUSES – “Crucifixions, we got your crucifixions! Five dollars a pop, two for Nine, Three for 13!”

ROMEO FOREVER REMINDS US – “These violent delights have violent ends.”

WHY MOST PEOPLE ARE MEDIOCRE – Because when life is handed to you, when life is laid out for you, when you do little more than follow - you wind up this way. It's as if humans lay life down and out for one another.

LOYALTY – Modern people don’t know what this is. They can’t conceive of anything related to higher value systems.

KEPING ONE'S WORD – People cannot do this when they are a "mind" that is not even "their own."

ZARATHUSTRA’S APE – America, especially our educational institutions - are crawling with these nether-beasts.

GRUNTING PIGS – Where even the most asinine of pedants is haughty and high-minded, as if they were a nobleman who has been so grievously wronged by the royalty of the world, Philosophy is no more than a trough of slop.

THE ONLY THING SYSTEMATIC ABOUT MY PHILOSOPHY – It’s chemotherapy for stupidity and weakness. ONLY DIFFERENCE IN HUMAN AND ANIMAL BEHAVIOR – The animals have a much harder time lying about what they’re doing and saying. It’s not suspicious at all-except when you don't see them either.

REAL UGLY – American faces easily curl in hatred and disgust, a few faces of pity. few of the faces of pity. I prefer seeing the ugly American wearing their hate for all to se. At least it's more honest.

IF NOT EXTINCT, THEN INEVITABLE OVERMAN – Somewhere in the next few thousand years, someone might read Nietzsche and actually understand him.

A QUESTION FOR THE AGES – Did they break it on purpose? Did they string him up on purpose? Did they beat, rob, and abuse him on purpose? Of course they did - but this has never been synonymous with them ever knowing what they’re doing, or even why. No wonder people here are so child-like, fearful, and clumsy, especially when it comes to their own feelings. It's clear the fear and clumsiness both precede, then proceed, and compound, said feelings. Man thus mistakes their failings, their dirty mind, their inability to cope, with failures and sins of other men, and the world at large.

CAN CHILDREN EVER PLAY WITHOUT HAVING DISAGREEMENTS – No. So it’ a moot point that anybody and everybody comes in after the fact to impose their rule, their law, their extramundane garbage.*

*By garbage, I mean the smut peddled by modern American “philosophers” and anemic academics who don’t have the decency to feel ashamed for what they know, and prideful in what they don’t.

IMPLICIT ASSUMPTION MEET UNCONSCIOUS IDEALS – What is any thought that assumes man should be anything more or less than what he in fact is? Answer: delusion, fantasy, desire - the desire to create a better man. Once more, everyone is stuck asking “HOW?”

THEY WOULDN'T RECOGNIZE THEIR SUPERIOR – Even with the soundest of maulings.

EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN LABYRINTH – Be wary of those with advice, or quick to tell what you ought to do. How would someone else ever know the twists and turns of your own mind, being and its brief living history?

JUST WHAT ARE WE EVER LOOKING FOR – Quite simply, the ideal. That is, we are in fact looking for ourselves. Does this mean we are terrible and hopeless narcissists? No - only that we are looking for a clear and deep reflecting pool to see just what it is we are in the first place, because the fact of the matter is, nobody knows - but people keep hoping to meet someone, some day, who can tell them.

NOT ONLY DO THESE GENERATIONS NOT HOLD THE KEY – It well could be that this particular species will NEVER hold the key - at least in any meaningful or lasting manner. What is the savvy modern mammal to do? Certainly not wait the requisite hundreds and thousands and millions of years it may take for this half-baked beast of its own stuffy bowels to continue to attempt to “complete” itself, but instead, the camel, the lion, is to trudge on, to battle on, to follow their journey for one – but to where? Well, that’s the question beyond wealth everyone has been trying to answer for ages: Ataraxia.

LIONS OF THIS WORLD – Yet burdened still.

THE PERPETUAL PUZZLE – If you haven’t figured it out, you are not ready. “Not ready for what,” you might ask? For whatever comes next.

ZEN – The refinement of the most refined of values and skills: Attention.

ATTENTION TO PURPOSE – Ataraxia actually requires a great and profound presence - in one's own life, on this Earth, and nowhere else.

EVEN THE GRASS AND TREES – Reach for enlightenment, in their own time, but Zen demands enlightenment in this one life.

MANY A BODHISATTVA – They are such children! I want to play with them, but they would rather sit.

GRATITUDE – Be glad the philosophers of old are dead and thus incapable of running their mouths anymore. While often boring and dense, be glad they are not here to go on and on. It’s MORE than apparent that all but the rarest cultures at all but the rarest times and places have actually welcomed such rat catchers in the first place.

ENDLESS NIGHTS IN FEAR, PAIN, AND STRESS – But it never bothered me. It never stressed me. I never thought “I should be free of pain,” or “I desire the impossible.” Rather, I embraced pain and stress as a way of life - and this change, this adaptation, this not seeing pain and stress as pain and stress, has made all the difference. Of this Logos - everything serves - nothing can contend, concern, harm, take away, and even add more than water to live, to clean, to shape, to channel, to destroy, to create.

ACCEPTANCE - The presence of a fate to love. Only the rarest few have heard and answered the call of their own destiny.

LIFE IS NOT JUST ANOTHER STATISTIC – If you’re going to be another statistic, best to be one on your own terms.

SOCIAL MEDIA – For it to be social, not enslavement, don't follow.

FOLLOWER COUNTS – Beans counted as beings.

THE HUMAN TOUCH 2021 – Why is everyone so angry and lonely now that we’re connected and communicating as never before?

DEEP DOWN INSIDE – We know what we are. And that’s what makes life hard for people. The world isn’t the problem, man isn’t the problem is, but a human being’s mind is the source of all problems.

THE TROUBLED MIND – While it is the problem, the body that carries this imagination of itself is the same vehicle that brings deliverance, reward, redemption.

A HEAVENLY DRAGON ALWAYS BEARS GIFTS – Everyone else toils and spins, but let the children of this world drink their fill of honor and joy.

THE REAL PERPETUAL WARFARE AND SLAVERY – We mark and speak of history as if it was only ever warfare, atrocity and slavery, when in fact, all along, it’s been the majority of people living their lives regardless of the few in total number who do the killing and enslaving, those who go mad with or without power, but everyone’s heart is full of enough murder, stupidity, and ignorance, that they sign their names, pay their taxes, yet deny their own complicity. As it is, it looks like the majority seek to flee such atrocious and uncivilized (i.e., stupid and wasteful) behavior, but often this takes the route of a herd gathering, a herd grazing, and inevitably, many a herd culling. And yet people go on, living their lives, even marrying and loving and having children and dancing and eating and drinking and smoking regardless of even their own individual and familial warfare and slavery – and on this will to survive, this will to sight, this will to power has undulated and crashed, broken and returned. Fortunately, people are fated for friendship and fucking, so, culture spreads, ideas take root, things change, and onward we wrench ourselves, most selling out their own sovereignty to someone or something else, satiate in surrogate power, status quo, or even seeking an escape, the easy way out, and what even are these monikers? Individuality? Collectivism? They don’t even know what they’re doing, they don’t even have a goal, aim, purpose, or vision, and yet they’ve named everything there is to name and know.

LIFE BEHIND BARBED WIRE – It’s not a new observation to state that "life is not tragic." The only thing that is tragic is that most people never really live at all, and I will add, instead let others and the state of “their” world dictate the terms and conditions therein, often with as little as no second thought. Even more thoughtless are those waging their endless revolution, but what else does decay and rot produce, if not the decadent anarchist, the firedog, with their own wistful claim and half-assed circle? The STATE thus far inevitably produces such resentment, on account of its own treachery, laziness, and stupidity - and the virus can't recognize man as true problem or true solution.

SICK, SAD PEOPLE – You want to “disrupt the family?” Just who and what are you? Who would seek to destroy families? Answer: The government and its snitches.

ACADEMIA IN AMERICA – Pontius Pilate can keep trying, but he will never be able to wash the blood off his hands.

ROME – They didn’t feed Christians to lions to be mean. They did it because they knew Christians were bad for civilization.

CONQUEROR AND THE CONQUERED, ONE BODY, TWO SOULS – In an infinitely divided world - just where can anyone ever stand anymore?

UH OH – Nowhere, they say.

LET THE BEST MAN WIN – If we no longer play our games like this, then our games are as dead as the people that would still want to play them.

AMERICAN PERCEPTUAL SHORTHAND – We’re too busy being a joke of a “country” or “people” or “culture” to bother caring about and honoring men. Thus American culture is the culture of no culture. In its mass production, it is oddly enough a black hole of culture, and a black hole of values.

THE IDIOCY AND BLINDNESS OF TOTALITARIAN THOUGHT IN THE USA – In terms of what is possible, we’re not even at a point to say “this will end badly.” We are still in the “this is beginning very badly” stages. If anything has saved Americans from utter stupidity thus far, that is utter self-destruction, is that our individualism (of strength and will) is as half-assed and weak as our collectivism (of innumerable strengths and wills). As for saving ourselves from utter EMBARRESSMENT, well, we were beyond that a long time ago, and nobody ever noticed, except for the rest of the world that is not America.

ADDICTION – Is common within decadence, rot, and decay.

INFORMATION AGE – It is clear no one here evolved to deal with this much information. What doctor alive could even begin to estimate the resultant brain damage?

AGITATION – It comes when one is not at ease with the way things are.

SECULAR LIBERAL AMERICAN GENEALOGY OF MORALS – It is all very CHRISTIAN. There is no liberalism, or liberal morality, without every last one of its Christian followers. Ironically enough, this is the same reason why, for periods of times, witches are allowed to flourish before they are hung and burned again. Liberals in America are religious Christians with no god. As history indicates, so far, there has been nothing more dangerous in the animal kingdom than a freshly godless mass.

THE WORLD IS NOT YOUR EDIFICE – YOU are – and the mountains will ALWAYS stand taller and longer than you. But what now would you carve of yourself? And will the mountain accept your sacrifice? Or will it landslide, weather itself clean - another happy forgetting?

SCIENCE – We say this force acts on another force, when a more accurate notion of what we perceive, are forces coming together or stabilizing, for a time, until even they change or die.

GOD – A sickness indicative of a species with serious daddy issues.

INCOMPETENT PARENTS – Raise their children as someone else's blood sacrifice. Parents often fail to recognize that the complicity and deference to authority that they are instilling into their children is death itself.

WITH NO VALUES, COMES NO RESPONSIBILITY – What’s the point of winning, striking it rich, or obtaining unseemly power – if you’re miserable and self-destructive no matter what? This is the American definition of poverty, and it is all that is average and common.

MY ANTITHESIS AND CURE TO SOCRATES’ POISON – Whoever has the least virtue, or at the least, doesn’t traipse and prattle on about such things, is the wickedest, that is, the happiest.

THEY FOLLOW – Because they have the ultimate LUXURY to do so - they have the ultimate luxury of their own disposability - life unnecessary to life. Is it always this decadent (read, the last few hundred and even thousand years)? No. Will it remain this decadent forever? No. Are we guaranteed the good ending that people want, that vague and glorious end goal that mankind can’t even conceive or articulate? That sober promise of tomorrow that disappoints the drunken luster of today? No. And what of progress then? These children - they still believe in such magicians and their tricks that fade from the mind more swiftly than yesterday and today disappearing into a history that will be happy to never be remembered.

POWER – They still seek it, even when they say it’s for others. In fact, you’d think mankind would catch on by now that predators using others as shields, swords, prey, distraction and slaves is one of the oldest tricks in the (holy) books.

OF COURSE THEY AREN’T – No one is ever satisfied with what power they do have. Well, almost none who seeks power is ever satisfied – but how they spin and whirl!

A DISORDERED WILL – The saddest thing for those who actually aren’t insane, is that it is their future that they are throwing away.

UPDATING THE MODEL – What we call mundane human consciousness is the mental illness. What we call "mental illness" at present is in fact a disordered will.

APATHY COULD WELL BE ONE OF AMERICA’S BEST TRAITS – For all we know, American apathy, cynicism, and laziness is the only reason why the increasingly totalitarian nature of our moronic, herd-minded, pathological politics have failed to be successful in their hostile take-overs of the country and its people’s minds, not to be confused with the mental illness of America and American politics, specifically, a legacy of Christianity and its pity - it's intentionally taming, domesticating and declawing of all the killer instincts in man. Such things will ALWAYS be doomed to fail, especially in America, where, in one of few cases, we are too selfish, but none of this is actually for the good or benefit of the country.

“AN AGE RULED NOT BY MEN, BUT PSEUDO-MEN DOMINATED BY PUBLIC OPINION” – Some mistake that the herd or the mob has ever been alive. As with all that is eternally recurrent, the mob is dead already, they just don’t notice.*

*Regarding on how things play out for mobs, the old guards, the old orders, the new orders that eventually become the old orders, and all else.


THE MODERN INVISIBLE MAN – He isn’t seen merely because people don’t see him. He’s invisible because people choose not to see him, because they don’t want to see him, and because he himself doesn’t want to be seen. For every profound mask, there are scores more who are simply too lazy and weak but to hide behind a cloak, not of secrecy and mystery, but a dissolving fear that erases the mind. If others do happen to come across an invisible man, it’s usually only a reflection, or, something they wish to see, something they hope to see. In fact, they will see everything in a man, but himself, his own flesh and blood being, his own self-created mind, if he has a mind that can be called “his” at all - but they simply will not see the invisible man.

RECOGNIZING RANK, ORDER, SOVEREIGNTY – It is within all the constituent forces of the will and its expression as much as an unwritten law of the universe itself, recurrent in its organization and power. If a man receives no recognition, if all he meets are grunting pigs, pedants, scholarly cripples and Christian maids, than he has no responsibility to those men, women and institutions who refuse to respect and honor him. That is. The contracts of the old world are as dead, blind and useless as all that is of the old world, namely the nether-ape we called man. Make no new deals at the modern table, seated with modern fools and clever apes, until the contracts have been completely updated, revised, rewritten, and glorified anew.

SUPPOSEDLY IT’S WRONG TO ASPIRE – But for those with hair-brained theories predicated on resentment, this is their cue (cover) to treat civilization, people and culture like looters and pyromaniacs.

MY PEOPLE – To poor people from the bottom of American trash heap - books might as well be a box filled with headaches. How does it ever put food in the fridge, lottery tickets in your hand, or bail your wife out of jail? All the same, jail is precisely where books are often discovered in America, and often a bible at that. We must further question how many conversions take place in dank, dark, roach motels with their drawers filled with god, who seems to be absent everywhere, except hourly hotels meant to be havens for drug use and prostitution.

WHY IT’S HARD TO FIND A GARBAGE CAN IN A WEALTHY FAMILY’S HOME – They can afford to hide the trash.

WHY IT’S HARD FOR EDUCATED PEOPLE TO ADMIT THEIR IDEAS AREN’T THAT GREAT – Because the bourgeoisie classes in the USA, who are churned out of academia at exorbitant rates, for exorbitant prices to live a dependent lifestyle of indentured servitude to unbankruptable school debt (provided they can't just buy their way through life), have a hard time admitting that they are the superfluous ones, the decadent byproducts of a society slumping into its next nadir of civilizational decline. That is, like hiding a trash can, the most wealthy and educated people in America have been trained how to hide their less-than-savory motives.

THE AMERICAN ACADEMIC – Is a mental cripple wallowing in the miasma of a hedonic, unfruitful, rotting brand of state liberalism. They think they’re hiding the trash, but you can smell them from centuries away.

THE ROMANTIC IMAGE OF "DYING FOR THE CAUSE" – Garbage in, garbage out.

WHAT TRANCE LOOKS LIKE – How to romanticize and dematerialize the stink on your well-trained garbage - teaching trash how to dispose of itself.

MANUFACTURING MISERY, WEAKNESS AND STUPIDITY IN THE AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM – Between technological and societal changes, and governmental services, when it comes to education in America, it seems what they attempted and failed to do to me, they did to every generation then, and since then. That is, TO PUT THEM ALL IN "LEARNING DISABILITY" CLASS. The average American cripple does not even understand what was done to them, what was robbed of them, let alone why or how.

THE LOBOTOMIST – Oh how he was regretful.

MK-ULTRA – It is a fascinating case study of the split manifestation of the Apollonian and Dionysian as found in the outgrowths of extreme conservative and liberal thought, as expressed in the consciousness of Mr. Manson, and crazy Uncle Ted, who emerged as a result of all the ingredients that went into the stew that was their brain - and how they reached out to touch the world with their own rough hands.

DIFFERENCES, DISTANCES, DISCREPENCIES AND DISTINCTIONS Experiencing countless strange, weird, beautiful, fascinating , and horrifying experiences - simply because you are you.

A STRICTLY COMMON HUMAN DILLEMA We’re always looking for the next best thing. Especially when it comes to people…

AS BUKOWSKI WRIT IN STONE "Only boring people get bored."

“REGISTERING WITH THE SENSES BUT SHORT CIRCUITING THE BRAIN” – Ellison writes, “He takes it in but he doesn't digest it. Already he is -- well, bless my soul! Behold! a walking zombie! Already he's learned to repress not only his emotions but his humanity. He's invisible, a walking personification of the Negative, the most perfect achievement of your dreams, sir! The mechanical man!”*

*The Veteran speaking to the man from the school.

THE MATRIX II – An inversion of values technically never even transpired, and never does transpire. Rather, only the position of the masters and slaves changes. The values stayed the same the entire time, but it was the system itself that created its own catastrophic failure, and so it must learn to forever accept the human. Even this followed eternal recurrence.

LIKE THE RISING VIBES OF AN ACID FRENZY An earthquake grips your spine, and doesn't lie. To feel the Earth rolling under one's feet gives a hint as to the nature of the supposed "divine" - an evolution of passions and powers constrained to an electrical ideal.

"THE MASTER’S TOOLS" – There they go – stealing and using them again. No. You will never be the masters here, and if you do succeed in wrapping the world in a straitjacket, it will not last for long – because it never lasts for long – and such tyrants with pretentions to power are only ever masters of those of whom they deserve – the state dependent’s fellow weaklings and stupid people. FRAUD ANALYSIS – Unaware or not, the spiritual cripples descended from postmodern philosophy steals a misshapen guiding demon from Nietzsche, for it to whisper in their ear, “there is no truth,” and “it’s all about power,” and these poor magicians want the world to forget that the same lies are available to everyone else. If there is no truth, why would anyone buy such modern bullshit? And if it’s all about power, then why put up with the raw power plays, hatred, fear and resentment of the weak?

OUR BEST FRIEND IS A SERVANT AND A SAD WOLF BRED TO BE HAPPY – From dogs to children to entire civilizations, people sure do love to subjugate one another, and wield what little power they can eek out of their miserable existences. THE LIBERAL SLUG – They roll around in salt and apologize merely for existing.

THE CONSERVATIVE SNAIL – They live in a fantasy world, where god promised them there will be no changes. Why then adapt when god is going to smite this world and the people you hate anyway?

ADMIXTURE OF SLIME – Together, the political wings of America are the saddest manifestation of the Apollonian, and the Dionysian, further inbred and gone wrong.

“DISRUPT THE AMERICAN FAMILY” – It’s already dysfunctional, decadent and decayed to sickness, apathy, and rot.* What kind of sick people would say such things? The mentally ill, those who work for the government, and those looking to start their own totalitarian, informant style Hitler youth.

*If anyone doubts my words here, just watch a few episodes of COPS and/or Live PD. You’ll see a better idea of what average American poverty and life looks like in the ghettos and trailer parks that are more common to the USA than mansions and those with college educations.

A SHORT HISTORY OF DECAY – What happened to the natives of America nearly immediately, is what has ebbed and flowed with the African descendent of slavery over the last few hundred years, is what has finally caught up to the Americans of European decent: familial rot, societal decay, the breakdown of culture, order, civility, social agreement, loss for the hope of the future, and the state itself seemingly trying to destroy not just itself, but its people. That is, as a nation founded in the worst decadence of democracy, a slave religion, and a formerly religious European population, produces the same strange fruits that destroyed old world Europe.

AT THE SWORD POINT OF THE SUPPOSEDLY CIVILIZED – The modern America liberal treats the non-liberal (or non-party-member) as if they are hill people getting in the way of their glorious utopia, their new MANIFEST DESTINY 2.0. RENDER UNTO CAESAR – I’m pretty sure I’ve written this elsewhere, but, THIS SUSPICIOUSLY SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING A GOVERNMENT WOULD SAY!

AMERICA KICKED OUT THE BRITISH –And it has a chip on its shoulder ever since. We do not bow to kings and queens, and we certainly won’t bow to kings and queens of nothing and nowhere. We do not bow to each other, and not even ourselves. And people speak and act as if this lack of pride, this lack of cohesion, and any lack of confidence therein is for the better.

REVENGE ON MAN – What are they still yammering on about, now that they are completely disassociated from themselves and their connection to life, love and existence? Stuck in the old world philosophy? Stuck in the old world mud? Are they still mucking about in the barb wire and the blood? Thus, the schizoid Western personality suffers, wall or no wall, camp or no camp, justice or no justice.

HUMANITY – Just what have they been trying to articulate for millennia? “HELP US!”

WHO KNEW FREEDOM WOULD BE THEIR SUICIDE – It is suspicious to have masses striving so diligently to “FREE MANKIND” for hundreds and thousands of years and running. With so much time (and mass graves) behind them, you think they would have succeeded by now in liberating man (from just whom and what again?), but it seems when the masses are equal parts resentful, miserable, malevolent, and incompetent, the fact that such herds with no herdsman are miserable failures creates the perfect excuse to continue the crusade – once more for millennia and centuries – and they are all such “noble” men and women (salesmen and goons), and it is always their dubious anger to scorn this world and those in it, as if America's glut of pretentious, middle-management abortions of aristocrats have been so thoroughly wronged. This is all to say, it is not a matter of “freedom,” but strong and weak wills. A weak man and woman will never be liberated by another, for it is their very province, nature, and temperament, for all of history, to be enslaved, to follow, to be led, and to be led astray. As for the question, who knew? Nietzsche, amongst the other psychologists, the existentialists, even the nihilists and the pessimists who came in his wake.

I COMMAND YOU TO BE FREE – Because just who said so? And why? And what do you even mean by “FREE?”

1984 – I read this book at a young age. What stuck in my mind was a line that went something like, “…we make the brain perfect, before we blow it out.” I knew what they meant, but it was only a short while later that I actually saw what this looks like.


THE INEVITABLY CHRISTIAN LEGACY (OF DECLINE) – In the aftermath of the death of god, nihilism, pessimism and the like is a natural feeling and phenomenon that arises in those with the inability to believe, no matter how that new path may have opened up. From here, as Zapffe writes, “And now he can discern the outline of his biologicocosmic terms: He is the universe’s helpless captive, kept to fall into nameless possibilities.” People do not realize, at this juncture, this crossroads, just what is being asked of them (of themselves), both consciously and unconsciously – and how many ever realize the resources are within? As it were, it’s not that people don’t “feel” or want to “feel” better about such things, that’s the very problem – the feeling of, as if, this world, these people, refuse their own spirit, refuse to house any spirit. They feel as if they are nothing, nobodies, going nowhere, or, if they do feel like somebody headed somewhere, then they must also contend with the rest of the “feelings” that come with such lofty and dangerous thoughts. Depression in America is NOT what people think it is.

ZAPFFE ALSO WRITES – “So there he stands with his visions, betrayed by the universe, in wonder and fear. The beast knew fear as well, in thunderstorms and on the lion’s claw. But man became fearful of life itself – indeed, of his very being. Life – that was for the beast to feel the play of power, it was heat and games and strife and hunger, and then at last to bow before the law of course. In the beast, suffering is self-confined, in man, it knocks holes into a fear of the world and a despair of life. Even as the child sets out on the river of life, the roars from the waterfall of death rise highly above the vale, ever closer, and tearing, tearing at its joy. Man beholds the earth, and it is breathing like a great lung; whenever it exhales, delightful life swarms from all its pores and reaches out toward the sun, but when it inhales, a moan of rupture passes through the multitude, and corpses whip the ground like bouts of hail. Not merely his own day could he see, the graveyards wrung themselves before his gaze, the laments of sunken millennia wailed against him from the ghastly decaying shapes, the earth-turned dreams of mothers. Future’s curtain unravelled itself to reveal a nightmare of endless repetition, a senseless squander of organic material. The suffering of human billions makes its entrance into him through the gateway of compassion, from all that happen arises a laughter to mock the demand for justice, his profoundest ordering principle. He sees himself emerge in his mother’s womb, he holds up his hand in the air and it has five branches; whence this devilish number five, and what has it to do with my soul? He is no longer obvious to himself – he touches his body in utter horror; this is you and so far do you extend and no farther. He carries a meal within him, yesterday it was a beast that could itself dash around, now I suck it up and make it part of me, and where do I begin and end? All things chain together in causes and effects, and everything he wants to grasp dissolves before the testing thought. Soon he sees mechanics even in the so-far whole and dear, in the smile of his beloved – there are other smiles as well, a torn boot with toes. Eventually, the features of things are features only of himself. Nothing exists without himself, every line points back at him, the world is but a ghostly echo of his voice – he leaps up loudly screaming and wants to disgorge himself onto the earth along with his impure meal, he feels the looming of madness and wants to find death before losing even such ability.”

RAISING WEAKNESS IN THE USA – Their “progress” is so far synonymous with suffocating control, the domestication, the retardation of man, in a first world country with a 3rd rate education “system” that is increasingly an embarrassment to itself and the world. How much longer will foreign nationals actually come to our universities for the credentials, nepotism, and the like?*

*The wealthiest and most powerful institutions working with the other wealthiest and most powerful institutions, including foreign governments and investors, whose MO has been power and control all along. But now the universities (another wing of government) are on the up and up? Right, we’ve heard all these fairy tales before.


Gasan instructed his adherents one day: “Those who speak against killing and who desire to spare the lives of all conscious beings are right. It is good to protect even animals and insects. But what about those persons who kill time, what about those who are destroying wealth, and those who destroy political economy? We should not overlook them. Furthermore, what of the one who preaches without enlightenment? He is killing Buddhism.”*

*In America, you would say, “killing European liberalism,” with the last century’s garbage European philosophies no less. Yet, saying “liberalism is dead” is another manifestation of an old pattern. Their own terminology makes sense, they have the clockwork of their redundancy mapped out and everything.

IN A EUROPEAN COUNTRY NO LESS – People speak and act as if Europe’s legacy of America and its European descendants are the problem, but if this is the case, then why are those who hate Europe and European people operating out of European institutions, using nothing but old European philosophies they begged, borrowed and stole out of the disaster, weakness, and pathology of the last few centuries? Even socialism itself is a European invention and ideal – so – which is it? Are Americans supposed to be more European? Or less European? The option seems to have already been chosen for us: we are to in fact be more European, Americans reverting to the cave-men nature of the last centuries, those very dumb brutes who destroyed themselves to draw an eternal dividing line in the dust and blood. America's aristocrats, or at least those with pretensions to being the elite and ruling classes have always been this fickle, stupid, and average.* It’s why they also congregate en masse (forever consolidating power, the mob that follows too), and only ever remain for so long, before they are gladly run out or forgotten.

*I.e., the French Aristocracy’s own excess of liberality. They gave their very heads for the “cause,” the “great revolution,” the “freedom” of men. Can the modern American man even say the word “freedom” without irony, cynicism or bitterness? As it is, the American media has hardly covered France’s ongoing revolution of the last four years, and have been completely dishonest about the revolution and its rot from government to the rest of the gutters and ghettos of America. We round many flat circles to never voyage far.

THE MODERN AMERICANS – They don’t realize to the deepest and truest extents that they are Romans, Christians, and Europeans. They think they are “American,” not that they could even tell you what this is, where it came from, or how and why it happened. This is why Americans remain vulnerable to religious cults and political cults. From shallow roots to no roots – a desert barren of meaning, lousy with tumble-weeding Christian guilt and bad conscience, coupled with an utter lack of education and training (in sight, in one’s own refinement), are why Americans are so vulnerable to manipulation, and the inflammation of their own mental fractures and illness, thus they are far more dangerous than anyone gives credit.

WHEN THE ACADEMY BIT ITS OWN BULLET – When Philosophy itself ran its course, to die in the limp hands of weak, decadent, effeminate, pseudo-intellectuals and post Christian narcissists and psychopaths, who, sad that overt violence and certain forms of hatred were now unfashionable, had to subvert their sick little fetish of power and control into a socially acceptable model predicated on parasitic infestation, the inadvertent disaster of the manufacturing of Agent Smith. They began spinning this web of surrogate power, a feminine revolution, the most passive-aggressive and pathetic feat almost ever accomplished, not by real men and women, but pseudo men and pseudo women dominated by the herd impulse and its public opinion, the proverbial government informant and their political party and its pretentions to power. In this manner, it’s as if history exists to tell us that most people actually demand to be subjugated. Since the world now views and judges atrocity and violence on different scales, the beatings will continue, until the most wealthy and educated people from upper society figure out new and different things to hatefully complain about, perpetuating their desired problems on purpose. To what ends? They keep saying so over and over again: it’s all about power and control, but decadent, effeminate power and control can’t inspire anything great in or of man. Walk past the poison chalice, and the next.

JUNE 2021, USA – The modern barbarians and philistines have certainly revealed themselves.

SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS – We need more fly swatters! There are petty, tiny little tyrants everywhere! Maybe teachers should bring back the dunce cap, and revive the ritual by putting it on themselves first.

ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL – Education in America, the meat grinder for children. A world of idiots and their forced associations, over-socialization, and utter stupidity.

THE HUMAN SEASON – Other animals may also eat their own, but only humanity can do so with such finesse and creativity, at least when it comes to their resentment, punishment and cruelty.

HEAVEN, OR THE NEXT BAD IDEA – Why must we live forever? Wasn’t it enough to have just lived? To have simply been? Do people live at all? For most everyone, always and ever, the answer is no.

SAD TRUTH OF THE MASSES – They’re apparently so forgettable, we never even remember their names.

THE CHILDREN HERE – Everyone complains about the younger generations, but this is the irony of the failures of those that raised the children. If Americans generally spend too much time watching Media and not enough time communicating or spending time together, it makes sense that, having been raised by governmental institutions and a diet of internet and mainstream cultural fads, media, coupled with cultural and civilizational decay and decadence, the next few generations would grow up as lame government informants looking to build the next great state, as if this wasn’t the oldest story in the book, and one that has yet to succeed. Thousands of years of running, and you would think someone in civilization, out of masses of millions and billions, would finally have a new idea, but I suppose when Nietzsche wrote of Eternal Recurrence, he was no stranger to admitting that the dumbest and worst of ideas have such incredible returning and staying power.

AMERICA’S LEFT IS AS HAPLESSLY, HELPLESSLY, AND HOPELESSLY CHRISTIAN AS THEIR RIGHT – Why is it that the Christians of the left and right in the USA can’t see anything at all, including America, or themselves? As Nietzsche long ago wrote, “However modest one may be in one's demand for intellectual cleanliness, one cannot help feeling, when coming into contact with the New Testament, a kind of inexpressible discomfiture: for the unchecked impudence with which the least qualified want to raise their voice on the greatest problems, and even claim to be judges of things, surpasses all measure. The shameless levity with which the most intractable problems (life, world, God, purpose of life) are spoken of, as if they were not problems at all but simply things that these little bigots KNEW!”

LEFTISM IN AMERICA – When you realize the behavior of such political hacks is quintessential cult grooming, indoctrination, use and abuse of human beings, reminiscent of the most dysfunctional, psychopathic abusers and creeps you’ve ever met in your life - but American immaturity and utter lack of wisdom has always left Americans open to all manners of snake oil and flimflam.* Leftism in America, as a problem, originates in our shallow culture of no culture, and a profound lack of education and attentive parenting. It is the parent’s duty to inoculate their children to the stupidity and hatred of their fellow idiots, as leaving it to the state is definitive of the problem - a circular wrestling between the Apollonian and the Dionysian.

*Problems of cults, religions and their narcissistic abusers have long been rampant in America. America’s own lack of roots, culture, sense of self, identity, pride, as well as common dysfunction and poor education or lack of education etc., has always left Americans vulnerable, but to what? Their own worst human weaknesses, instincts, impulses, and drives, to the degrees these have been retarded and destroyed by millennia of Christian torture and suffering.

THE SATAN OF LEFTISM – These paranoid little bigots are always on about what they hate and fear. Their moral panic is more neurotic and extreme than that of the old Roman Christians of America, who saw Satanists, lewd women, and moral degeneracy hiding in every shadow. It turns out, neither the conservatives nor the liberals were wrong to fear what they fear, thus idiots are forever wed in unholy union for the thoroughly subjugated morality (of the pre-engineered mind) needs its devils. How else can you make it into heaven without the masters tying you to your perpetual cross?

NIETZSCHE AS CRUCIAL HISTORIAN – He was as much historian as he was Philosopher. What he recorded was the real European history that would be written and rewritten in the coming decades after him. That said, if an American wanted to do something similar in our time, it would be nigh impossible given that the average American psychopath in media, academia and government writes and rewrites American history on a daily basis.

FREE SPEECH IS COSTLY – At least for those who speak regardless of the stupidity, simplicity and hatred of the mob. THE AMERICAN ACADEMY’S OUTPUT OF POSTMODERN PHILOSOPHY – I would be miserable too if I was a hack who worked for the government by way of the university system, who paid a lot of money to write a bunch of useless papers that almost no one in history will ever read, or ever want to read. Perhaps it’s for the best that such zealots can never come up with any new or original ideas of their own, meaning the path of destruction set by others will at least be more familiar and predictable. Just ask the Germans or Russians of old world Europe, what it looks like when they had their grand and “new” ideas, especially those of the deluded Christian slave who only imagines they are “liberated” from god.

AMERICANS ARE EUROPEANS –They changed their names to blend in with the herd, forgot who and what they were, and now they circle the drain, along with the rest of those who have nothing in America.

THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY – Turning necessary youthful rebellion (and the desire to help and be of use) into a pathological business model, for the government itself.

GENERATING CONSENSUS – “Moo,”– says the herd, on the way to their unconsciously self-chosen slaughter.







AMERICAN SCHOOLS – Moo (in line).

THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT – Moo (you can supposedly vote for).







EVEN WHAT PASSES AS “AMERICAN COLLECTIVISM” – Moo (to no useful, good, stable, or desirable end).

WHAT “I” CAN ACHIEVE – What does it matter if you don’t appreciate it? Or if there is no one else present to appreciate it either? Only the rarest of rarest few understand this in any context, let alone depth, and most certainly in the vast and ever-expanding domains of solitude.

MODERN LOVE, MODERN RELIGION – What makes anyone think our Stone Age tools alone are sufficient to cope and adapt with space age living? That is, perhaps we need to update both our religious models and their morality more than every few hundred to few thousand years. But this notion betrays that the point of the aristocracy (and the decadent upper classes who pout to become the aristocracy, i.e., the academics) was to ever elevate, help, or evolve man in the first place. For many, it is indeed only about power and control, the problem being they have none, but that they so desperately want MORE.

BUT, FRANKENSTEIN GOOD – “No,” they shriek, we want to live in the stone-ages forever!

IT LOOKS LIKE CHARLES MANSON FINALLY GOT HIS RACE WAR – And the American government is trying to figure out how to best turn it's bloated "anti-terrorism" military budget against its own people––and the American media, and the louts, lops, sots, and sordid who try to maintain control of the country and the minds of the populace whom they divided, couldn't be happier!

PRISONER CONDITIONS – Don’t you see? It’s always been, every day, what can we be doing to better our situation?

FOR DROWNING IN INFORMATION – The modern American sure is ignorant. There is simply no incentive to have educated, useful citizens who debate and discuss useful, necessary information.

PURE PROTEAN POWER – Liquid and cooling like water, assumes all forms, fills all vessels, cuts all canyons, cleaves all divides, and floods the rot out for the blooming of new life - forever elusive of all who attempt to hold it.

WEAKNESS AND TYRANNY – For many types and temperaments, they are in fact full of rage that the world resists their lies, and that people refuse their dictates. ON ETERNAL RECURRENCE IN HUMAN MATTERS – There is no “winning.” Only perpetual war and decay - and the glorification of it anew.

YE OLD SCHOOL FIRING SQUADS – We don’t think of Jesus as ironic - but let he who is without sin cast the first stone? What is more ironic than this? More so, to modern man, this is a quaint euphemism, when the horror of it was that people were executed by a bunch of rabble throwing rocks at them until they died from blunt force trauma, and acts like this take place around the Christian and non-Christian world on a daily basis, but these days in the advanced and civilized world, we tend to just shoot each other as needed, or hate each other on social media. WHY DID CHRISTIANS STOP BURNING PEOPLE MERELY FOR OPENING THEIR MOUTHS – Who says they ever stopped? The punishments and cruelty have only become more subtle, sublimated, and sophisticated.

NECESSARILY CRITIQUE DOES NOT EXEMPT FROM NECESSARY HOMEWORK – I criticize the Buddha, but mainly his followers. Naturally, this is where western readers will take my words as their excuse, cue and permission slip to remain ignorant cretins on eastern philosophy, just as many do with Nietzsche and his criticisms.*

*Nietzsche, or another intelligent man criticized X, therefore, I will ignore X, and learn nothing, but think I can assume Nietzsche’s perspective and knowledge.

ROME – They didn’t feed Christians to lions to be mean. They fed Christians to lions because they knew that Christians were bad for civilization.

AMERICA – Riding the gaseous waves of the bloated corpse of god. Sooner or later, the jackals will have finished off the corpse, but even that wouldn’t stop their wounded hissing.

AMERICAN BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT IN A NUTSHELL – Simplot, providing French fries for McDonald’s, the schools, and the prisons. Who ever imagined America could make even the potato so incestuously disgusting.

“IT’S ONLY ABOUT POWER” – Only for those with shit for brains who 1) never learned how to work and play well with others, and 2) for those who never learned how to love and be loved (reciprocity). Even Nietzsche, especially Nietzsche, stood for more than mere power. He stood for power with higher standards and values.

RESENTMENT – How many are serving this life sentence? Answer – more than you know, or can count.

MORE THAN JUST AMERICANS ARE TIRED WITH AMERICAN ANTICS – The rest of the world is too. Americans do not realize how THOROUGHLY UNIMPRESSED the rest of the world is with our culture, our government, our “intellectuals,” our people, our poor leadership, and even our military.

WHAT AMERICANS REALLY DON’T GET – That America isn’t that important, and definitely not that impressive to the rest of the world. Not even our military impresses anyone (like Americans assume), since the world war situation is one of gridlock, that is, mutually assured self-destruction. Or, ask the Vietnamese, or the Afghanis. This doesn’t mean we won’t slump to our next viable nadir.

THE STEEP PIT OF DECADENCE, RIGHT BEFORE THE FALL – Turning male hierarchy into a neurotic pecking order of both men and women who don’t understand rank, order, and respect, and thereby suffer the inevitable results of such catastrophic stupidity and fantasy.

THE ONLY REAL MEN WHO RESPECT RANK AND ORDER ANYMORE IN AMERICA – Soldiers, cops, gang members, and a handful of working men here and there, in whatever industry or arena they may be found.

EVERY INSULT TO AMERICA IS IN FACT AN INSULT TO EUROPE – But that doesn’t matter to the European. For a long time standing, regardless of its own misuse and abuse of its own people, the American government’s main function in the world, incidentally or otherwise, is to protect Europe. Our country might be gone on decline and its stupidity, but at least one good thing still comes of it, until this inevitably changes too.

THE LONG GAME – Well past the complete imbecilization of the West and the effeminizing and domestication of those therein, by the time the CCP takes over most of the world, at least the nation of Islam will be there to demonstrate what more than a pretense of life looks like, what a firefight still looks like.

HOW MONEY IS BEGGED, BORROWED AND STOLEN ON THE INTERNET – Does it ever occur to people that the devil himself might be throwing the most coins in the coffers? Rather, didn’t he create the coins and the coffers?

ALL THE DIFFERENCE, AND THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IN SUCCESS AND FAILURE – Is when you give up - that is - when you declare bankruptcy on you, your plans, your ideas, and your own vision. And, given time, maybe that’s when you would actually find something more. POLITICS – The consolation prize for those who’ve declared bankruptcy on themselves in a bad way. It’s so much easier when you can simply let yourself be dominated and controlled by others. A WORKING THEORY- Life may be “easier” at the center of the herd, but we can’t overlook that people are destroyed there by the stench alone. IT IS NO LONGER EVEN AN INVERSION OF VALUES – In the USA, our culture and morality is Christian, and the slaves who live here have been screaming about freedom and “liberation” for centuries. One need not even touch the irony of the moniker, land of the free, home of the brave. Bravery? Where? Our great revolution recurs, and what is it? The same Christian morals, shame, and attendant self-hatred and all its relevant worm-like behavior, but not to invert the values, rather, to once again invert the master and slave classes, with not a single concern for values, and no real plan for the present or the future. Where are our brothers? Apollo is in jail for killing his wife, and Dionysus is no more than a bum on the streets.

IF MONTY PYTHON CREATED A SKIT ON POST-MODERN AMERICA – “Help, help! I’m being deconstructed!”

IDIOCRACY OF AMERICA – Our president is in the wrestling hall of fame; we might as well be raising our crops on Gatorade; and our children are fed nothing but lies, poison and stupidity.

PHILOSOPHY OF EXPANSION – What is clearly needed, is something that gets those impossible to reach areas. THE PEOPLE WILL INEVITABLY KEEP THEIR ARMS – And it is a sublime contract of full and mutual trust between civilians and the STATE. If people are polite, nobody gets shot, but whatever America is, it is not polite. WHOOPS AGAIN – It turns out, a people need an identity, a culture, maybe even family and friends. More so, it turns out people need guiding values, vision and an education more than American state gutter garbage. MANIFEST DESTINY – They thought they were going where, and doing just what now?

MANIFEST DESTINY 2.0 – Back to square one: the entitled, wealthy, and supposedly educated castes and classes seem to be trying to re-conquer the country again to their half-assed, unthinking and mandatory vision of the future, and once more, no one is even holding a vote, or dealing honestly with the natives.

RAVENOUS CHEERLEADERS OF FREEDOM – The wee babes have to grow up sooner or later.

REPRESSIVE TOLERANCE – Liberalism beating a skeletal horse.

GOVERNMENT – It has never been the value, meaning or aim of the free American. Just ask Emerson. ONE EYE IS STILL BETTER THAN NO EYES – Being honest in an empire of lies will always be a crime.

BUT DON'T BOTHER – Trying to console Polyphemus in such a manner.

OVERCOMPENSATING – Americans are often quite the character, but this is not synonymous with actually having character. Here in the land of the free, my suspicions are that such quirks come precisely from a lack of character. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – We’ve replaced much of the human with the machine, as if to say, “we do not need each other anymore,” and yet, men and women remain as disappointed and dissatisfied with each other as ever. A SEPTIC TANK OF THOUGHT – We mistakenly elevate this septic tank by even calling it “thought” - as perhaps such waste and its receptacles should remain forever buried? As it is, modern people love delving deep into the sewage to fish out what waste they can then throw at one anther. So - just what is it that you posted on your social media accounts? We’re going to need to inspect every toilet you’ve used for the last few decades.

A SERIOUS QUESTION FOR THE RELIGIOUS IMPULSE – Do we want the world to be finite, to end, because we are upset that we are finite, and that we end? Can we simply not bear the thought of an earth, a universe, a cosmos without us? Thank hell it will go on with or without nature’s most amused and amusing puppets! EVEN IN TRAVEL, AMERICANS CAN’T FIND CULTURE OR VALUES – Americans don’t travel to connect to cultures, roots, places and peoples. They travel precisely to escape these things. They roam like rootless weeds, living in the sky here, in the mud there, but not to learn. The only thing Americans learn in their travels are two things, 1) how much material objects cost in other countries, and 2) that intelligent people from the rest of the world consider Americans a joke. IT’S ALMOST AS IF THEY’RE PROUD OF THEIR MUD-FLINGING – Shall we continue living as cave men, stuck hundreds and thousands of years in the past? LOVE OF LIFE, LOVE OF ONE’S FATE - This is the utmost articulation of nature’s* will to power.

*The word nature is used here for lack of a better term or description. I STAY AWAY – From anyone who uses the words “hegemony” and “pedagogy.” They are signs one is dealing with an animate corpse.

THE AMERICAN STAGE SHOW – Where the biggest failures of in leadership history win accolades and Emmy awards – but for just what now? Their bad acting? What is such a stage and its memories?––America’s biggest production and exports have always been fiction. AN ETERNAL TRUTH – Our stories have always been the antithesis to the misnomer that life has no meaning. Life only has “no meaning” for the confused, depressed, resentful,* and typically only westerners are that, it’s just that such westerners are so narcissistic and self obsessed, they can’t see the world beyond their own feeble, lacking sense of it, let alone the lack of sense in, of, and for themselves, and themselves in relation to it.

*Even slaves have their motivations – A WILL TO POWER. WHAT’S CLEAR OF BOTH MEN AND WOMEN – They expect and demand their values to be seen, recognized, and respected, only, it’s never been “their values” to begin with. THOSE WHO IMAGINE THEY KNOW (MUCH OR ANYTHING AT ALL) – If you think you know what enlightenment is, how could you ever find or create it? ON SHALLOW AMERICAN (EUROPEAN) PHILOSOPHIES – They think materialism and politics are the answer to everything: cue the subservience of self-hatred and self-destruction.