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  • Mynaa M.

Mountain Fresh Aphorisms

Updated: May 11, 2022



THE GARDEN - Where we meet nature’s sense-making – the order laid to forest, man, metal, and stone. BEYOND FASCINATING - The endless ways people and things can go wrong. A BAD ARTIST AND EDUCATOR IS STILL A TEACHER - And the problem in this power is that the viewer, the consumer, the student, is ensnared in bad weeds. The student has been poisoned. SALVATION FOR SOME (IN CREATIVITY) - The artist has always been able to console themselves, at least to a point. And for everybody else? Hopefully what they buy and sell is legitimate. HIDDEN SOURCE (OF INFORMATION) - What prompted the question – this rambunctious little child of a tell-all? What did this curious creature so curiously see, as to ask that particular question? Here it is man always reveals where he comes from.

WHAT’S WRITTEN ON THE FACE AND BODY - Always says more than words. This doesn’t necessarily mean deception is being deployed – often it is discomfort.

SILENCE - Easily deafening in communication.

MAPS - The reason the first language is the same as the last language. Once you know how to read the maps, there is no forgetting it, or mistaking it in others.

FOR MANY ANSWERS - It’s easily mental illness, though this can be hard to discern, especially for the unpracticed and inexperienced.

THE SHALLOW REMEDIAL AMERICAN - A hopeful lot suffering grossly from the mystical fallacy. Not just that they can buy wisdom, knowledge, and security, but status itself. They mistake buying, reading, or being told answers, with an actual answer for themselves.

AMERICAN POLITICAL PARTIES - Coyotes arguing over the health and safety of the hens.

LEFT AND RIGHT - One distraction to rule them all.

CONTEMPORARY SLAVE VALUES - Production and consumption.

THE AMERICAN DREAM - A life of cheap, affordable, endless production, consumption, and locust-like mobility - especially for the college-educated and other more deserving and entitled classes.

EVEN WITH AN EDUCATION - The herd is hapless, demands greener pastures still.

FOLLOWING THE HERD - Who told you it was a good idea to begin with?

DOING AS YOU WERE TOLD - Of course you couldn’t help it – following the standard and safe path, existing as a dependent, contributing little to nothing while taking everything, but unleashed, still full of entitlements and demands? This is not Nietzsche’s Children’s Land, but a land of children who forgot how to grow up. OUR ANCESTORS - Did not know they were surviving for this. They could have not foreseen such stupidity at scale.

WITH PERPETUAL DIVIDING LINES - Comes perpetual conflict.

UNREASONABLE HAPPINESS - To be satisfied and happy – not despite everything – but because of everything.

WE’VE HEARD ENOUGH - Of nihilists, Christians, liberals, and the larger mass of general human misery that, given a large voice, then hates, attacks, destroys, and devalues life and love on a day by day basis. Where then are the men who will reaffirm the value of life and man anew? And tomorrow? And tomorrow after? And the tomorrow after that?

THE GREEK WESTERNER - Life is indeed a pitiful nothing, life and work have no value, and not best to die, but better to have never been born. They’re left with the rotten fruits of these lessons, but often overlook hospitality, nobility, education, and wisdom.

NO ONE IN THE WEST - Is stopping, ceasing, or slowing down suffering. It is only ever deferred, delegated, deported or democratized.

IMAGINE THE WORST THING HAPPENING - Tomorrow there is peace and harmony. Suffering is solved. What then?

THE MAN IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Has long suffered so you don’t have to.

OH SHIT - Those kids in Chinese sweatshops too.

ARTISTS - Capricious and complicated - far gone from the average man, woman, or citizen, especially when they find the most creative ways to kill themselves. Sometimes, they otherwise blend right in.

THE MACHINES CAN’T SAVE US EITHER - Especially when our impotence is the precondition, the very need of the machines.

PAIN IN IDENTITY - Identity is destroyed to be recreated anew. If an individual did not suffer the construction of their own identity, who then is the culprit? Once more, it is a question of the legitimacy of what is being bought, sold, conditioned and reconditioned. Is one’s imagination free? Or do the ghosts, thieves, and goblins of previous millennia to the present-day still hold the whip?

THE FORMER AND BIGGEST ALLURE OF AMERICA - Was the glamour glimpsed from the outside, what was projected the world over - now destroyed by the world’s access to what Americans think, say, and feel and do on a daily basis. The skirting has blown right off lady liberty’s trailer park.

IF ONLY PEOPLE COULD TRULY HIDE BEHIND POLITICAL AFFILIATION - Yet Americans of both the conservative and liberal variety are the same people who killed Christ, and they’ll do it again if he’s so foolish to fulfill his threat of a second coming. TO HAVE NO VOICE - Is to have no power. WHEN THE VOICELESS ACCRETE - Their pain and resentment can then be herd.

IN THE PSYCHODRAMA OF SELF-IMPORTANCE - The world, man, and all that converge here are a personal affront against one’s own being.

A CINDERELLA EXISTENCE - Americans are the princess and her pea. LIVING WITH AND THROUGH THE PASSIVE VOICE - Life always happens to its victims.

COLLECTIVES - Where insanity, inanity and ignorance becomes the most terrible possibilities – with the greatest of intentions! RESPONSIBILITY IS WHAT NOW - Our own feelings.

ACCORDING TO WHOM - Comes all questions. FAMILY DYSFUNCTION - Winds up being a civilizational affair.

FAMILY, CULTURE, AND CIVILIZATION - All have their own Stockholm’s Syndrome.

CULTURE AND ITS TRADITIONS - Mean little when people don’t identify with them. WHOLE NEW ORPHANAGES - Continue to be established long after god the father died. LAST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK - You’ll be unhappy well before you arrive. POLITICS - Scraping the bottom of the last house’s septic tank. IT’S COME TO THIS - Surely there is something more to life that isn’t a premise, protection or promissory note of the state and its sycophants?

DANGEROUS LESSONS IN SELF-SURGERY - Cultural critique and critical theory are a scalpel - a tool that can slice you open, but not stitch you shut. From one little cut, countless infections and complications emerge.

IF THEY DON’T WANT TO BE AMERICANS - Then what are they? What nation or people do they then claim to serve, represent, or be? Answer: They cannot escape themselves so easily. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MORAL -The devil guides all doctors who believes healing is done under the knife.

HISTORY - Has been shaped by these supposedly “good doctors.” Night thus becomes day, and day also becomes a lie. HEALING CAN ONLY BEGIN AFTER SURGERY - What then of perpetual diagnosis and its perpetual surgery? THREAT OF THE BLADE - Modern leftism is the haunting resentment and paranoia that someone, somewhere, might be happy, joyous, and free - without the consent, terms, conditions and demands of the angry white leftist (and their preferred corporations and state). THE IN-FACT AIMLESS LEFTIST RELIGIOUS CRUSADE - Human sacrifice has never been more popular - and at such opportunity cost and timing! COMPARED TO THE MODERN LEFT - Even the Aztec Empire had more coherent aims and goals when it came to the consumption and destruction of people. The Aztecs also cut out people’s hearts, but for immediate, explicit, and logical psycho-social religious purposes. THE GREATEST SACRIFICE (IS CLEARLY OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT YOU) - The individual, their thoughts, feelings, body-parts, and life itself, are easily the first and foremost thing on the chopping block, whenever and however the herd deems fit.

PSYCHOLOGY AND THERAPY - A high price to pay for collective and individual failure, but someone needs to capitalize on the broken cogs, and sometimes put them back in their place.

PERPETUAL HYPOTHETICALS - While lacking an imagination in love and life’s embrace, Westerners certainly love their theoretical ideals that never have and never will happen, occur, or last—forever pining after what wasn’t, the regrets that follow, and the things that cannot and will not be.

THE LAST OUNCE OF IMAGINATION (AND HORIZON) - Dies in politics, and also in media.

NAMES FOR EVERYTHING - Creative Expressive Disorder (CED).


ENDLESS BOOKS FILLED WITH ENDLESS NAMES - Explosive Mental Constipation Incongruity Disorder (EMCID).

MARVELOUSLY MEDICATED - Why feel, express, or create anything at all?

TO PATHOLOGIZE EVERYTHING - Nothing is beyond old or new condemnations. Names are given in an attempt to forget and ignore (the ugliness that won’t go away).

IDENTITY - Matters of identity are huge and hugely important to individuals and collective alike. Part of the modern identity crisis in the west is a schizoid-type split, the refusal to allow existing identity, but also the inability to create, codify, recreate and reaffirm identity anew. IDENTITY AS ART - Similar to all art, can be lousy in taste, form and execution - but attacks on identity and its general refusal is inevitable conflict and warfare. PSYCHOSIS - One of few rites of passage in the west. Not everyone makes it out. PERSONALITY CRISIS - American all too American

PERFECTLY AVERAGE - Normal all too normal

FULL OF HATE - Persistently and perfectly human.

WHAT ELSE - Would everyone be doing? Being perfect? Intelligent? Well-behaved? Thoughtful? It does not matter, so long as it’s a good competition.

IF LIBERAL WESTERNERS ARE TOO IGNORANT, ILL, OR UNGRATEFUL TO APPRECIATE AND RESPECT THEIR OWN CULTURE AND COUNTRYMEN - Then what culture are they left with? What then is their identity and its value system? Who else will they beg, borrow and steal from to fill the holes now? TURNED TO HATE - Because they were taught to hate. MODERN CULTURAL CRITICISM - Polite contempt.

PRESENT CULTURAL CRITICISM – Barbarity and philistinism masquerading as some semblance of intelligent civility. MODERN LEFTIST POLITICS - Barbarity disguised as being civilized. They can even ape language, but not utilize its purpose of clear and meaningful communication, and instead rely on its emotional appeals to the botched, bungled, ignorant and abused. ALL CULTURES PUT THEIR BEST FOOT FORWARD - At least in their stories, myths, heroes, and values. Whether they live up to these standards is another matter. THE WORST FOOT FORWARD - Self-hatred, contempt for life, and the manipulation of others. COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT WORKS BOTH WAYS - When the mask of justice is taken off our collective revenge - but violence and power are seldom consensual or mutual. CAME THE NEED TO LIE - Violence and power are seldom consensual or mutual. EVERYTHING IS INDEED PERMISSIBLE - But only ever in varying degrees - in proportion of the needs and inevitabilities of so many lies. There’s no guarantee you won’t be burned as a witch, or attacked, destroyed and/or killed for your permissiveness and its resultant choices and behavior. SO INTELLIGENT - We can make all barbarity seem desirable, logical, necessary, and our greatest art: holy, righteous, and philosophized. MOST WARS ARISE - Out of ignorance, fear, jealousy, greed, need, insecurity, hate, reaction and its necessities - but when will we evolve to wage our wars out of the most swollen and pregnant of loves and affections? IDEOLOGY AS PRESCRIBED WARFARE - It delegates all as good and evil, sacred and profane, ally and enemy - before an individual can ever ask a single question on the facts at hand - but once more - it can only ever pretend it’s out of love, but emerges, arises, occurs, out of everything that is human - except for love. Love’s absence is precisely how ideologies arise - it sets the entire terms and conditions of the battle at hand. MODERN PREJUDICES - Are as ancient as all else of ape origins. APE ORIGIN - We will react to anything out of feeling - not thought or reflection. INTENTIONAL, PERPETUAL SLAVERY AND WARFARE - “We cannot be happy and free of suffering until everyone is happy and free of suffering. MORE DELUSIONS OF PERPETUAL SLAVERY AND WARFARE - “We can’t be liberated until everyone is liberated.”

THE SELF-IMPORTANCE OF THE REVOLUTIONARY - Insists they inflict themselves upon the world. THEIR POOR GOVERNMENT EDUCATION - Ensures this infliction, and the afflictions to follow. MORE MODERN SLAVE VALUES - Perpetual revolution and a “freedom” so theoretical that it gives the Christian belief in heaven what is perhaps its most serious and profound challenge in all human history. EVEN MORE MODERN SLAVE VALUES - A farcical revolution waged from the top down, behind the protective arms of the state and the exasperated goodwill of the very people that you’re attacking. A FEW MORE MODERN SLAVE VALUES (TO RULE THEM ALL) - Resentment, reactive thought, and a great haughtiness and pedantry despite one’s ignorance. God or the devil themselves couldn’t imagine a worse character, or more banal company to keep. THE INTOLERABLE NATURE OF THEIR CONDITION - Isn’t entirely due to their position in life, but largely so. Life is bad enough as it is before one indulges one’s own excess of negative emotion and the thoughts that inevitably follow.

STUDY THE RULE, NOT JUST ITS RARE EXCEPTIONS - Or you will only think you know anything at all.

TURN THE WHEEL - It won’t budge. Here comes ancient laughter – hahahahahahahahahaha.

THE FORENSIC TRUTH - In the musing of phenomenon, it’s important to not be lost in the bric-a-brac, the garbage of the ages, or the politics and histrionics of this day as it chokes itself out on the remnants of Christian love in good liberal form – comes excess progressivism, socialism, more repressive and archaic philosophies out of the tail end of the middle age’s bursting – not born out of love and value of man, but a left-over, default Christian moralism that is somehow more resentful than anything those first Christian cultists could have ever imagined, existing absent a meaningful Roman wolf’s bite, all in the face of the void. This most curious of goodwill and love towards man, does not arrive out of happiness and its vast horizon, but misery, lack of love, exhaustion – with rampant nihilism, hatred for man, and depression as its trinity. That is, to seek what is left of “the truth” is a matter of forensics and phenomenology, not philosophical assumption, general intellectualized supposition, and abstract theory (here laid god, there lies the chalk line). Who was present? What was the time frame? What in fact even happened, if this can be understood in any part or whole to begin with? Who was with whom? Who did what? How did they behave? How are they behaving now…and let the interrogation continue – this ongoing investigation is far from over.

THE GENEALOGY OF MORALS, THE RELATIVITY OF VALUES, POWER CLAIMS, AND CRITICAL THEORY - The worst readers, scholars, and clumsy thinkers stare at this marvelous little flower, hands bleeding on its poisonous thorns. They completely miss the fruit – cannot pluck its sweetness from the vine, namely, because these are neither flowers nor fruit, but thistles and weeds in their own Elysian Fields. Being waylaid by a mirage can be more than just a belief in eternity. We’re left with the question, are these errors due to the critical thinker’s assumptions and conclusions? No. It is due to their pedantry and simplicity.

DISTRACTION, ABSTRACTION, AND SUBLIMATION - The grand structures of philosophy, politics, and psychology glitter such in the distant, that given all the repression of these matters, you’d almost forget who and what they address in the first place, is not just things, but people. These abstracts are not “things,” but a description and analysis of people and behavior - yet it’s typically delivered with such impersonal writing and scholarship, you’d think psychology, philosophy, and politics have nothing to do with the personal life of an individual, but some theoretical being you’ve never met, and never will meet – and it is here where mythology and man are not met, but long married. In this manner, asleep or awake, it’s often good to distance one’s self from one’s victim, from one’s object of ridicule, judgment, and contempt.

THE CRIMINAL - Gets his name by way of his offense inflicted on the collective - the individual against the many. NOT QUITE AGAINST THE MANY - But the criminal inevitably, by definition, offends at least one individual, who is property of the state and collective(s), who demand their inevitable restitution. SCARLET LETTERS - Almost everyone loves a good redemption story, but when your misdemeanors and minor infractions start turning into felonies, even the most sympathetic Americans will begin to distance themselves from you and your success story. RULES AND PUNISHMENT - The necessity out of the inability to adapt to or cope with too many variable results.

SUPERSTITION - Still guides much thought surrounding crime and punishment, even for the secular and godless.

FINDING NOT COMFORT IN GOD - But satisfaction and vindication in a wrathful god’s punishment.

NO COMFORT IN THE COLD IDOL OF STATE - But satisfaction in its punishment, so long as it is the others who are being punished.

COMFORT IN CROWDS AND COLLECTIVES - Satisfaction for those who hide behind the herd. Their comfort is their anonymity in their conformity, and the power by proxy this grants them, which is no power at all, except the permission to nod in bovine agreement with the animals around them.

AN OVER-RATED YET UNDER-VALUED HUMANITY - Both civilian and criminal inspire gruesome fetishes in one another – they are predators of pity. THE SAME NETHER-APES - Still marvel at their broken toys. EUPHEMISMS VIA INTERROGATION - “I didn’t kill him, he passed away.” AN HONEST CONFESSION - “Because I felt like it.” ANOTHER HONEST CONFESSION - “I don’t really know…” CONFESSIONS UNDER DURESS - Not just the answers pressed for by authority, but the cowardice of conformity, as well as a feeble clinging to a supposed relativity of values. In all cases, one is frozen in the path of a glacier, crushed under a greater force. “ACCIDENT” - Euphemism given for what is often ignorance, stupidity, negligence, and even malice. SEEKING TO GET OUT OF THE GAME ALTOGETHER - Often the moment one is plied with even the gentlest of pressures. YET THESE CONFESSIONS - Often aren’t enough for the taste, preference, opinion, value systems and assumptions of the interrogators.

ATTEMPTED REVENGE ON MAN - Is still attempted revenge on nature. WHY LEAVE MATTERS OF ORIGIN, PURPOSE, AND NEED AS RELATIVE AND VAGUE - To remain a more primordial form of animal - the stinging homo-jellyfish, the slippery human eel. THE BRIEF AND DECADENT FASHION SHOW - The grand preening and pluming always arrives at the end of the show. There comes an endless array of marketable values that don’t transfer or hold the same exchange rate person to person, disaster to disaster - right before the celebration ends for the night with a calamitous bang. WORDS AND IDEAS AS DISPOSABLE DRESS - Even in an attempt to hide in this raiment, man remains transparent. THE SCHOLAR’S SWEATSHOP - Producing cheap knock-offs, and nothing to keep out the cold. A FASHIONABLE PLAGUE - The state and its locusts. MANUFACTURING CONSENT - Takes place in academia and other government education centers. AND STILL TO PREACH - Is to intentionally condemn people to hell. AS IVAN INFORMS ALYOSHA WITHOUT ALYOSHA’S TRUE COMPREHENSION - Bravo! The desire for blood, the comfort of revenge, is alive and well - especially in the priests and their good, moral flocks. LIBERAL LUXURY - To be so thoroughly protected by civilization to pretend that you’re against the established law, order, and government of said civilization that both allows and encourages this liberal luxury to begin with - when the state remains the aim and goal of the liberal in one way or another. LEFTISM - To the point it’s indistinguishable from social decay. LIBERAL NARCISSISM - From anti-establishmentarianism, to manufacturing consent within breath after breath of the centuries - what touches the liberal, is revealed to be their most feeble character: a pretense of independence that attempts to hide a dependence and celebration of government and herd - and all idols that follow - the worst of all things large and small and contemptible. LIBERALISM - Born of and surviving only due to Western Civilizational success, and only able to exist under its protection. It’s their behavior, not their words, that betrays a feeling out of the depths – that even the luxuriant, excessive, superfluous modern liberal knows they are a direct byproduct and beneficiary of a strong and powerful state. LISTEN TO THE LEFT AND DISCERN A FASCIST – “There is no truth but power (of the state)!” LIFE DOWN ON THE INDUSTRIAL FARM - Our lines are orderly, especially on the way to the killing floors. CRUELTY - Natural and ancient for apes and man alike. This impulse and delight precedes law, order, the revenge we named justice, and its punishment. Cruelty is the infliction of pain, be it of boredom or delight, without rhyme, reason, or sanction through terms and conditions of law and order. Cruelty is absurd, insofar as it is inflicted with seemingly no reason other than the precondition of the existence of a being able to not just inflict it, but witness it, feel it, describe it, and name it. Like most everything in life, our direct perception and feeling of such a phenomenon is what defines the term – and this is how we give connotation, and also relate its effects on us. Punishment can be theorized and rationally understood, but cruelty is another spider crawling into the ear. WHAT'S SO OFFENSIVE ABOUT VIOLENT CRIMINALS AND SOCIOPATHS - There simply isn’t enough rhyme or reason to their behavior! Their very existence mocks justice, god, man, and all that they purportedly value. Even when murderers admit their crimes, over and over again, their given motives and reasons are often not enough for the authority’s tastes, and so the interrogation continues to try to ascertain if the murderer’s motive is rational enough, as if it didn’t produce the situation at hand regardless. WE HAVE THEM NOW, WE THINK - When we label our enemies moral criminals and thought criminals. SELDOM - Are criminals actually strong enough to be committed to their criminality. The best of them, even if having given up “the life,” still remain criminals at heart - are inevitably immortalized as shining beacons of civilization. MOST CRIMINALS - Aren’t noble or strong or even acting out of necessity, any more than any slave operates his entire life out of necessity. Rather - criminals, like civilians, are also dependents on the state, but by way of differential relationship dynamics and dependences. IN JAIL ON PURPOSE - Most people can’t seem to understand that many criminals inevitably and intentionally go back to the pen on purpose, often with purpose. They simply can’t survive the world outside without their own rules and dividing lines and four-walled boxes. SUICIDE BY COP - Even Socrates says, “Put me down.” He knows he deserves it, but he wants the collective to reflect on their barbarity. Some criminals are assholes in like manner. MANY COPS IN AMERICA - Aren’t the grand villains and perpetrators they’re painted to be. Rather, many cops in America are mediators and babysitters to remedial Americans and their dysfunctional families. Even the grandest of liberal narratives can’t betray a far more dismal and banal reality. HOW MANY MORE AGENCIES, SAFETY NETS, AND COURT-MANDATED PROGRAMS - To put the American family back together again? IT’S OFTEN SAID - That criminals are also victims, but generally by liberals who are well protected by police, insulated by wealth and status, and who are far removed from criminals, their impoverished neighborhoods, and their ways of life. ONE ENCOUNTER WITH A CRIMINAL - Is often enough to stop one’s naive prattling on the nature of criminals and criminality. ONE ENCOUNTER WITH A CRIMINAL IS ALSO - Enough to make any American call the cops. Liberals merely like to have their crock of shit, and eat it too. FREEDOM - But not in my little fence! And not on my dime! CRIMINALS AS INDICATORS - On the health and education of one’s society. The larger the prisons, the more diffuse the responsibility. How many shitty parents, shitty teachers, shitty friends and shitty intervention forces does it take to create such large prison systems? HOW MANY SHITTY PRISONERS DOES IT TAKE - To create an irreconcilable mess? EPIDEMIC OF FATHERLESS MEN - Given the mental illness and lack of control in countless American males, Fight Club is hardly fiction. AN EFFEMINATE CULTURE AND COUNTRY - Is an aimlessly violent culture and neurotic country. IT’S MOSTLY MEN - And while liberals pretend to care about criminals, they certainly show no favor or deference to men and masculinity, especially our violence. Ironic then, you ask? No. Remedial. This doesn’t change the herd’s inevitable need and demands of men, or an army of them – to solve their problems through policing, military, violence, and general restrictions. THOSE MOST WELL VERSED ON LAW AND CIVILIZATION - Are often the most naive proponents of law and order, if not, the most simplistic and outwardly barbaric. THOSE HAPPIEST IN REVENGE - Already have their justice - their reward. Why then an idealism that supposes an even better payoff? Because one hand must wash the other, and because fiction is preferable, especially in this endeavor. PRISON AND ITS JUSTICE - The greatest evil in the world - confining a naturally roaming animals to a tiny cage - can never be moral, only implemented, regardless of its disastrous effects on individual and collective alike. THE CRIMINAL, LIKE THEIR ORIGINAL ABUSERS AND VICTIMIZERS - Are still generally shitty human beings. Whether they can be tamed, or tame themselves, is another matter altogether. Just as Jesus fishes for sickly fishes who can’t see or escape his hooks, so it is the Buddha also says, “From the garbage on the side of the road, the Buddha’s follower shines like a flower amidst so much refuse!” THE CRIMINAL LIFE IS NOT AS GLAMOROUS AS AMERICAN POLITICS AND MEDIA PORTRAYS - To the contrary, it’s typically a life of impoverishment, weakness, ignorance, vulnerability, and deprivation. What makes the criminal notable is that he has a will, to will himself against the world as such in the first place. THE BLAME GAME - Perpetual denial of perpetual children. Someone is always to blame. If you’ve spent any time in American jails and prisons, then you know that half the men in there are innocent, or they got pressed with bullshit charges to begin with. Similar to civilians, few here own their deeds as worthy. MOST VIOLENCE IN AMERICA - Isn’t necessary, but is inevitable. It’s not masculine and controlled, but effeminate, neurotic and reactive – often as careless and thoughtless as it is calculated and conniving. It distinctly arises in the lack of presence of men and their organizational structures, not because of men. EXISTING - As forces in this world – how could we not butt up against other forces? THE HONEST CRIMINAL - Admits his crime. Is actually responsible for his actions, or at least presents his belief as if – and everyone is all too happy to agree and honor his words. WORDS ARE WORTH WHAT THEN - The stake we put in them, but evolutionarily speaking, there is a dark corner with a placard that reads, between our forgetfulness and flights of fancy, our words were never supposed to, or meant to matter in the first place. In short, the need of lying is a dusty cobweb cocooning all of God’s bones together. THE COHERENT CRIMINAL - Has a distinct value system he is acting on, often more articulated and sensible than those of supposedly good moral standing. He may or may not suffer from old physiological spasms. THE WHOLE MATTER - Wields a debilitating, crippling and corrupting influence on Americans and our society. IT IS KNOWN - That sociopaths often lack any empathy for others, are often found in leadership positions, and will feel and express empathy for animals, but not humans. Is it then human to need a channel for what little sympathy one might have, or to have it shunted where one’s physiology and psychology dictates? Napoleon’s actions condemn countless men to death, and what brings him to tears is a dog waiting faithfully by its dead owner. Perhaps empathy is a release valve for one’s own emotions, some way to weight and measure one’s own actions, and relate it to ourselves in a manner we can stomach? “WHEN I DO THIS, IT HURTS” - Life’s great mellowing - through pain - an education in one’s own behavior. WHEN EVERYONE CHEATS AND LIES IN WHAT WAYS THEY CAN - Then there is no game, or goodwill and magnanimity in that game. At least, there is no game that people will want to play. AN HONEST LADY JUSTICE- Would not be holding a sword and scale, but a scale and a sack of cash. LAWYERS I - Are generally more expensive than doctors and surgeons, who will also save your ass, but who are also unaffordable. LAWYERS II - How Christian, how liberal, how American - to defend the indefensible! OVER-EDUCATED - In all the worst ways UNDER-EDUCATED - In so much that matters. WE’VE SEEN THROUGH OUR INSTINCTS - We think – we’ve got who now? WHAT DO WE SEE HERE - Not all eyes behold beauty, and definitely not in similar volume or proportion. SCHOLARS - Generally excel at making great things small. THE SCHOLAR’S FETISH - Will make any vital man’s skin crawl – not with disappointment or disgust, but with boredom. Their lack of presence in any real or meaningful world is a dead end for all parties. NIETZSCHE - Takes everything in, a history and evolution of the terrible and harmful truth, to ask, “Can I be happy regardless, and alone?” NIETZSCHE AGAIN - It’s not that he didn’t want to give people the easy way out – most take it of their own volition anyhow, rather, he refused to make the same mistakes that he came to name: the arrogance of assuming to know, the assumption that one is “just” in one’s arrogance of the assumption to know, and most important, that telling someone an “answer” – merely giving them what they assume is right, correct, or just, which may in fact be no more than confirmation, collusion, justification, or permission, is not synonymous with the student understanding the lesson, or anything else. Still, westerners mistake being told the answers, or even reading a few of them in Nietzsche, as wisdom, or knowing, or most laughable yet, they mistake “their (assumption of) knowing” as an understanding of Nietzsche himself. NIETZSCHE THE STRANGER - Is imagined to be understood by the good, moral, normal, and just scholars of the world. NORMAL AND ABNORMAL THINKERS - Funny that the latter things they can grasp the former. The rule stretches towards its exception, but always breaks to safely return to its mean. WHY NIETZSCHE WILL ALWAYS BE RELEVANT - There is very little that is actually beyond him, that isn’t traipsing through the abyss, living as a brain in a vat, or erecting some elaborate sublimation that can only take the student further away from Nietzsche’s deeper meaning and intent. IMAGINED SEPARATION - An organism aware of itself as a distinct and separate entity from the nature in which it resides; or, a being imagining it is conscious of itself, insofar as it can distinguish itself from other beings and phenomenon; or, an aspect of nature whose voice evolved to recognize that it was part of nature, yet seemingly outside of it; or, nature’s imagination of itself, a dream stretched thin between the lofty productions of the mind that emerged out of real pleasure and pain to evolve into a suffering that is chanted, mythologized, and sung; or, a perception that imagines its own being as different or removed from the natural world in which it is inexorably inseparable, on assumptions of vacuum and no context; or, an emergent property and production of nature, given a voice, whose internal and spoken division in its assumptions can only be a secondary, yet tandem non-eternal feature and force (Will) to what in fact is and isn’t. THE LARGER AMERICAN ORGANISM - Is clearly a narcissistic-type schizoid, borderline sociopath suffering from delusions of grandeur, self-importance, with a perpetual victim complex, all running on its own volition and its own motivations – creating a being that only further contradicts its own contrivances within its twisted and false perception of itself that it cannot escape nor reconcile. In a word, Civilizational Cultural Dysmorphia (CCD). LIBERALS - Brains removed from the hands. CONSERVATIVES - Hands removed from the brains. MODERN LOBOTOMIES - Happy or hopeful forgetting in an excess of conceptions and contradictions amidst the rationalization and justification of various forms of production and consumption. If only we could justify what we like, and ignore, repress, or sedate what we despise. THE FOSSILIZATION OF CONSERVATIVE AND LIBERAL VALUES - Is not a matter of mere stagnation, but ossification. Conservatism and liberalism, as general guiding and restraining forces of civilizations, have come to their logical and belligerent conclusions in the West, which is to say, modern politics is an uninhabitable wasteland of coprolites, and the only living beings that remain are tiny scavengers. A DREAM AS QUAINT AS A NOBLE AND RADICAL ARISTOCRACY - “Noblesse oblige.” AN ALIEN LOOKING INWARD - Nietzsche saw the depth and breadth of humanity and their problems - and he understood it would do no good to keep lying about everything. Things were so bad, not even another cult, religion, or god could save humanity now. WHY SAY “I KNOW” OR “I AM CORRECT” - When one can read from the endless litany of everything we don’t know. INTERNET AS FLOWING RIVER OF DESIRE - Makes clear the modern American isn’t just begging for validation, but to be seen in any meaningful manner. This will never remedy what is already a miserable solitude (for most). KEEP MOVING - You won’t find happiness here, or there. LIMITATIONS IN EVEN THE BEST TEACHERS (INCLUDING NIETZSCHE) - If they’re any good, they won’t even attempt to tell you an answer (that you would mistake as understanding). Rather, they can dare you, they can challenge you, but the heaviest burden is for you and you alone to pick up and sort out. The teacher cannot give you what you truly lack (purpose, hence one is in the position of learning under others) – rather – the best teacher can only hide their purpose. Nietzsche rants and raves on Socrates the rat-catcher, who did not say “I know,” but “Let me show you everything that you don’t know.” EVERYONE’S FAVORITE INCUBI - Nietzsche doesn’t pretend to know, nor does he pretend to not know. He smiles, destroys everything around him, to consecrate the birth of a new sort of child kicking over old toy blocks, a child who invites everyone to mistake and misunderstand. Yes – he leaves the judgment calls for the reader to make, well after he makes clear that man is not fit to judge. GREATEST TEMPTATIONS AND FLATTERIES - Permission and encouragement. FEELING “AS IF” - Life matters, or it doesn’t – is still a seeing, a sensing, and a feeling, originates from the same premise and substrate, but whose conclusions follow entirely different story and plot arcs, depending on where, when and how the story began. COMMON ALL TOO COMMON - Modern depression - what sane, cognizant, and self-respecting animal wouldn’t be depressed in such a zoo? THE UTMOST RARITY - Escape from the zoo, in any meaningful form or fashion, that doesn’t find itself in the same cages as the rest of the critters. BEYOND THE STRAIT-JACKETS OF MASTER AND SLAVE - Nietzsche created a body of works of supreme value, relating meaning and intention through a wealth of clear expression and articulation carved out and made possible by his own fearlessness amidst his pain - something to weather the ages - for at least a few more days and nights to come. How is it then that the vast majority of his scholars, thinkers, professors and worshipers who follow him, do the exact opposite?

ELABORATION - Is not synonymous with creation. ART - Fiction is a definite improvement. RHYTHM, MEANING, AND PURPOSE - All waltz hand in hand. THE EARNEST ARTIST - Has never needed an audience, or their approval, but most seek it for one reason or another. ETERNAL TAKERS - Even dictators must reciprocate with those immediately around them, or their dictates quickly come to an end. Caesar had his soldiers, but not the senate, yet even the smallest of pedants may assume, in their lack of vision and values (morals and discernment) - that life can be defined by taking. So it can be - and you’ll be despised for it - by the best and worst men alike. WE STILL LOVE NIETZSCHE - Despite the fact that he intentionally appeals to the worst in mankind - inviting them to be their real and awful selves. This was in fact one of his best and most important experiments - the largest psychological experiment orchestrated in all of history. THEIR REAL AND AWFUL SELVES - They would have barred their lightless grins, with or without Nietzsche’s permission. As Nietzsche says in and in-between the lines, the last thing the world needs is another clever priest, preacher, or so-called sage. CHILDREN AND MEN ALIKE - May exist as vague theoreticals and potential, but what is always real and true, is humanity’s capacity for violence and cruelty. CHILDREN - Their own ecosystem, existing alongside and outside authority – though authority has never seen it this way. AN IMPORTANT LESSON THEREIN - Nietzsche saw that nothing would be wasted. Humanity’s survival is assured in the interim, regardless of internal and external species-destroying threats, but fundamentally speaking, there was nothing you could do to humanity, that wouldn’t ultimately help them. In short, and in a way, there is no truly harming or helping the masses. HE DARES THEM TO WEAR THE ONE RING OF POWER - To the point of liberalism and fascism becoming indistinguishable. LEFTISM - To the point it’s indistinguishable from social decay. CONSERVATISM - The archaic child’s dream of living forever, that desires to last forever. This dream also couldn’t stand. NIETZSCHE APPEALS TO RADICALS AND CONSERVATIVES THE SAME - Because underneath their “values” - they generally and often have no values of their own other than what was inherited, begged, borrowed, stolen, instilled, indoctrinated and inculcated – and beyond this audacious swindle of culture is their desire for power. This desire is foisted as juxtaposition to the herd, made palatable to the herd, who are all-too-happy to line up and be told what they want to hear. SEEING WHAT ONE NEEDS - Everyone can find what they want and need in Nietzsche: scholars and their dusty shelves and flights of fancy; academics and their jargon; psychologists and their models; polemicists and their critiques; political actors and their ideologies; the weak and their will to power; the deranged and crazy’s further confusion; the will to be themselves and wield their power. All may find both sword and shield in Nietzsche – which is precisely what they do, as he welcomes the competition. NIETZSCHE AS ACID TEST - He doesn’t just set a formidable standard, he doesn’t even make it a clear standard. No wonder it remains beyond even thinking and honorable men. HE IN FACT HAD LITTLE TO NO POWER IN HIS TIME - Even writing, “I lack the lion’s voice for all commanding” - yet he knew enough, more than anyone else, to be able to write himself into the story, stating, “It is the stillest words which bring the storm. Thoughts that come with doves’ footsteps guide the world.” Nietzsche is the future’s shadow, speaking in his present, but Zarathustra knew only a new child of a new childhood can be shameless, regardless of their circumstances. A SUBTLE COMMAND IS STILL A COMMAND - And the living follow a dead man who can impart no further clarity or instructions. THE MOST POWERFUL VOICE - Perpetually raises itself from the dead. ALL THE INFAMOUS SOCIOPATHS AND DICTATORS - Loved Nietzsche! And they still do too! AN ARTIST’S ARTIST - Nietzsche tempts most who grasp at him, with or without their own understanding. BEING PUNISHED FOR WHAT ONE IS - One of everyone’s favorite cruelties! BEING PUNISHED FOR WHAT ONE ISN’T - When in doubt, burn the witches! THE RADICAL (RESPECTABLE) ARISTOCRACY - Never fully bloomed, but for sickening corpse flowers covered in beetles. BEYOND FLIES IN THE OINTMENT - Nietzsche is a nest of spiders in the ear. WHAT NIETZSCHE ACTUALLY PROPOSES FOR A HIGHER MAN OF A HIGHER HISTORY - A consciously discerned and created value system of power. Not just power, as it has always existed, but conscious power with conscious values and a self-derived purpose that is consecrated only under certain conditions and criterion. For once, man would actually have a goal. ON THE INTERIM - They keep trying – all the builders still building while asleep. NIETZSCHE EVEN HAS A NAME FOR HIGHER MAN IN HIGHER HISTORY – “Purpose out of chance.” NIETZSCHE’S STRANGEST RELATIONS AND REVELATIONS - Are those motives and means of his own purpose – his choices, his approach, his tone, his touch, his use of language, his approach – and the real Nietzsche that he only sometimes slips in, but which stands out like a yellow star of David against a sea of red and black. WHO NIETZSCHE APPEALS TO MOST - The weak and the psychopathic, and all else who would dare to become something more. FLAYING THE CULTURE OF GODS AND MEN - Who can stitch it back together? NO ONE WANTS TO REALIZE - How quickly dated and outnumbered they are. FOR SO MUCH TALK OF VALUE TABLES - The subject is seldom broached. FOREVER WE TUMBLE AND STEP - Into the future. How could our knowledge and stories keep up when our own being and minds are drug behind us as unconscious afterthoughts by way of their dramatic and mythological expression and frustration? NIETZSCHE HIDES HIS PAIN WELL - Other than a generic acknowledgement of his suffering, like any self-respecting man, Nietzsche is seldom honest on what affects him the most deeply and personally. What the lucid and sane man learns, through pain, is why share one’s most dubious sugar with so many stinging flies? His cavalier attitude and fierce attacks on everything and everyone around him almost hides him completely, if not behind pure genius, then behind the full force of his expressive and colorful attacks (rain on a sunny day, a strange blade in the dark), as Nietzsche refutes all culture, discredits god and many long dead men, which in themselves are enough to distract and enchant even the most attentive readers, but even Nietzsche can’t betray what pained and disappointed him most. Nietzsche knew it was too easy to blame people, but as Nietzsche attests, it always comes back to the personal, the people, the person at hand and in question. In many regards, the death of god is the death of a fictitious (and thus improved) humanity. DESPITE RELATING SOME OF HIS OWN DIFFICULTIES - Nietzsche makes everything, even the growing pains of inevitable nihilism, seem simple and obvious, at least in his casual presentation of potent yet dangerous medicines. It’s no mystery as to why many readers feel inadequate and stupid when trying to read him. NIETZSCHE EVEN TELLS THE READER - “[I’ve taken such measures to]…prevent people from doing mischief with me,” and he’s right – he sealed, signed, and sanctioned his work, and what was inevitably to follow – but this admission obfuscates that Nietzsche is conveniently forgetting to mention that he in fact invites everyone to do mischief with him and his work, with or without his name or recognition. This is only part of his self-described “genius” and “maliciousness.”* *In Ecce Homo, Nietzsche’s elaborate and pointed rants against the Germans intentionally demonstrates Nietzsche’s earnestness and understanding of the situation before him, and these rants also create further distance between Nietzsche and his targets, marks, or victims. “RATHER A CLOWN THAN A SAINT” - Is one of few reasons given, but why would Nietzsche settle for archaic folly, when he could do and be something more - something new? NOT ACCIDENT OR INCIDENCE, HE MADE SURE THIS WAS THE CASE - Nietzsche doesn’t “think,” “assume,” “hope,” or “imagine,” he knows that, “One day my name will be associated with the memory of something tremendous – a crisis without equal on earth, the most profound collision of conscience, a decision* that was conjured up against everything that had been believed, demanded, hallowed so far.” *Italics by me, MM NOT MAN BUT DYNAMITE - Nietzsche laid the charges. THE ZEITGEIST WAS BEYOND HIS IMMEDIATE POWER - So Nietzsche worked surreptitiously to make his points clear, his voice heard, and the matters settled –what he intends, the purpose for which he writes, including what he means explicitly, and implicitly. He was happy to fuel the pulse of not just his time, but time long after to come. THE REST IS HISTORY - Which is why we don’t forget Nietzsche like we’ve forgotten countless other men who have at least, technically speaking, done more and achieved more than Nietzsche, and that memory still resounds in consternation to many moral and secular thinkers alike. WHO IS NIETZSCHE - The son of a preacher man. In many ways, the most humane and penetrating man to have ever lived – the strangest parts of his work, arguably his own heart where shared openly, or with discretion – it is the most earnest and out of place “philosophy” ever written. POLITICS II - Reinforces and encourages the paranoid argumentation with the pedants in one’s own head. HEARING SO MANY VOICES IN ONE’S OWN HEAD - Culture, advertising, state and media - internal and external programming at odds with itself as manifest in the individual - no wonder Americans are so mentally ill, and psychosis is a common coming of age event for our youth. CONFUSED AND CORRUPTING COMMANDS - The intentional, degradation and destruction of language. WHEN YOUR TIME AND ENERGY IS BURNT AWAY BY ARGUING WITH GHOSTS - Of course you’re exhausted enough to be dictated, dominated, and owned. All is feeling – and with fear and hate, comes tiredness, sheer fatigue. Resignation comes willingly and welcome to such sufferers. Begging madness to stop is always its real beginning. AS A MATTER OF COURSE - Our gods, idols, knowledge, and assumptions are dying a perpetual death - and we are always left to adapt in the aftermath. All else means very little compared to the merger, reconstitution, edification and education of values. THROUGH JUDGMENT - We happily forget ourselves. WITH JUDGMENT - We lie about ourselves and others. THROUGH PUNISHMENT AND CRUELTY - We absolve our responsibilities, we forget ourselves and our ability to reason, and we assume everyone receives what’s coming to them. There is little that is scientific or rational, regarding both judgment and the punishment it doles. YOU ALWAYS DESERVE IT - Even the most thinking and moral person suspects this deep underneath their external expression of comfort and condolences, but the most simple and earnest barbarians express it outright. NO ONE TECHNICALLY, MORALLY, OR PHILOSOPHICALLY, DESERVES ANYTHING - But it (life, death, everything in between) happens anyway. ENDLESS PAPERWORK, TRACKING AND TAGS- Just to keep track of so many critters and their creations, so comes endless rules, stipulations, regulations, associated agreements, fees, penalties and fines. SOME PEOPLE - Demand and expect instruction. Others flirt with permission. And a rare few exhaust the former, steal the latter, and cut ahead, clearing away the hack. Only the rarest few can do this without being the utmost objects of contempt. It is here where style, and manners, determine the verdict. SOME LEARN - As if their sole purpose and expression of knowledge is to make knowledge and man stop – the world arrested in their narcissistic reflection. This is a limp command, from a limp mind. Education as the moral and proper surrogate of power, but nothing more, nothing greater. NOT EVEN HALF THE EQUATION - “Unlearned to obey: now shalt thou command” - reveals that most people who even attempt this are pedants and petty crooks who aren’t fit to obey nor to command – least of all this greater and heavier burden of command. These Promethean apes can only gnash their teeth in unison with the herd, the derivative of all obeying, the subject of all commanding, whose primary need is the weakness of conceptual hallucination to hold their frightful imaginations at bay, an attempt of adding zeroes to arrive at the answer of one, and often under the pretense of strength at that. There is no hiding the smell, no matter how one tries to justify and consecrate such a herd. Not even Nietzsche would make this attempt, be it of German or Jew, though he acknowledges all the race’s treasures and genius. THE DEVIL ISN’T REAL - But his proxy, stand-in, and friend, man, is. This is how one works for a supernatural yet natural entity without even knowing it, even if atheistic. THE LOWEST CONTESTS FOR A BASE PEOPLE - Chinese struggle sessions or white guilt and contempt masked as pity - who can out-worm one another. This is far removed from the Homeric Contest Nietzsche elucidated. SEPARATING THE HERD - Those who need to be told answers default to relativism, projection, and the most asinine of attempts at social and moral deconstruction, in the absence of any real and meaningful answers. It’s not always entirely ideological, nor aimless, but entirely necessary, to see who or what is really there underneath so much confusion. LISTLESS AND LANGUISHING - The will can only tolerate its own cowardice and transparent bullshitting for so long, before even it demands an answer. The Will, will in fact will suicide, before it untenably wills a persistent and ongoing nothingness of relativity and deconstruction. The sickly cannot discern medicine from poison. THINGS AND THEIR THEORIES - Makes man forget that everything relates back to people and their real lives. THE SCHOLAR’S WAY (AN ATTEMPTED OUT) - Preserve the entire world in formaldehyde, if possible. The political thinkers are only ever a few steps behind the scholar in assumption, belief. and approach. A POINTLESS EDUCATION - Reading Nietzsche, and not learning how to hone and wield one’s own power. SCHOLARS - Like their own books, often collect dust on the shelf – the antithesis to power at worst, a parasitic or surrogate power where middling, and a latent power at best. MANY AN IGNORANT COWARD’S WAY OUT (DANCING OUT OF TIME) - All life is relative, and there is no morality – but what then of your behavior? How much do you mask yourself? How much do you hide? And how much do you then need to lie? In hardly grasping one minor lesson from Nietzsche, the botched and bungled scholars who chase him forget all else, including the primacy of human behavior and its context, where moral relativism falls apart in face of living people in the living world. Despite morality’s lack of some supreme, eternal, immutable and universal law established before our arrival, all the incompetent tail-chasing of relativistic cowardice (a lack of values, an inability to transvaluate values, or, affirm or reaffirm them anew) does not matter in context of morality’s purpose and factual existence as one of many ties that bind and constrict in the human psyche, no different than any other crucial aspect of humanity that also doesn't exist as immutable truth, or pre-existing instruction manual, but fact of life. To ignore one’s conscience and consciousness easily leads to, not psychosis, but stupidity. The modern moral relativist reveals their lack of education, no different than the ignorant cowards who insist that language is a social construct. And to think, some of these very same supposedly thinking men consider Nietzsche their teacher. NOBILITY - Is not from a lack (of values, morals, vitality), but from an abundance of great wealth! EVEN IF WORDS WERE “SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS,” THEY SERVE AN INFINITELY IMPORTANT PURPOSE - To convey meaning, intent, internal conditions – and to communicate all this clearly. ALL THE SAME - Both morality and intellectualism have their purpose, and their limitations.

LIFE IS ACTUALLY A DEAD THING - For many a scholar and priest. They can never wait to begin their slanderous eulogizing – then, they think, “I will finally be of some use or notice, at least at the funeral.” NATURALLY OCCURRING TEMPERAMENTAL SPLITS IN POPULATIONS - Obviously from one always comes two. This one is conservative. This one is liberal. Their dividing lines and differences serve a crucial purpose in the establishment and expansion of ordering principles, but their boundaries and conflict zones are perimeters that cannot be crossed without disastrous consequences. NOTHING IS MORE HUMOROUS OR DANGEROUS - Than liberals introducing purity as a dimension to their ideology. There is little to no purity when your highest purpose and cause is transgression. In these gross errors, incoherence is what results. CLEARLY PAINFUL FOR THEIR THINKING MEAT - When conservatives try embracing openness in their ideology. There is little to no openness when continuity and consistency is your highest purpose and cause. In these gross errors, inconsistency is what results. CHANGE - Is constant and steady, but not synonymous with progress. PROGRESS - In fact moves closer to the geologic timescale. PROGRESS II - Progress does not exist outside people, but is carried and born out within through the transfiguration of suffering and the mapping of our inner and outer cosmos. It does not matter if you live in the wealthiest and most advanced nation in the world, if the guns, government, and the larger machine are all manned by the same nether-apes from our oldest cave-ages yet. TEST RUNS (AN APE IN A SPACESHIP) - We’re still working through some technical difficulties, but the chimps can survive longer than ever in the cold vacuum of space, even with no knowledge of the workings around them. SOCIAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL ENGINEERING - Chimps didn’t evolve to test-pilot space-capsules, but never underestimate the government’s desire and willingness to experiment. THE SAGE’S BEST PUPIL - You never know from which garbage heap this formerly garbage human being will emerge from. THE MODERN AMERICAN LEFT - Ignorance, fear, resentment and mental illness as political power and representation. THE MODERN AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE - Unfortunately chases the left, well into the left’s realms of resentments, fear and mental illness. NO ONE NEEDS A POLITICAL PARTY - To worsen their condition. Many Americans already suffer from mental illness, fear, repression and its mind-breaking pressures. THE SAME ERRORS AND BAD IDEAS - Can likely be perpetuated for centuries and millennia longer, but the results will not change, and the resentful and miserable people produced en masse will largely remain the same. A BAD RERUN - Perhaps most asinine, is that we’ve seen all these breakdowns before, the fantasies that emerge, and the failures that result. ANOTHER DARK AGE - We’ve also been here before. HONOR CULTURE - Is virtue and value when one has little to no monetary value, power, or viability. SCHOLAR CULTURE - Is also an honor culture of sorts. That’s not to say certain respects aren’t due, but that intellectuals also have their own axe to swing, especially when their “knowing” and “understanding” isn’t theirs. It’s not enough to just take from others, and then regurgitate what one finds in another man’s treasures. WHERE SCHOLAR AND HONOR CULTURE MEET - When one has little to nothing else, one’s words are of supreme value. THE VALUE OF WORDS - Highly contested and debated. THE SCHOLAR VS. THE GREAT THINKER - While they might appear similar on the most shallow and simple of investigations, they retain different motives, aims, needs, and purposes. The other biggest difference is that their modes of thought, their methods of thought, their creativity and their ability to think, are also not equal. FOR MOST OTHERS - Words are the things that tumble unthinkingly out of your mouth on the voyage from cradle to the grave. Nature provides a merciful intuitive approach to life that asks few questions and demands little to no thought. As with the scholar’s education, these words and their domain were also filled in by the teachers who came before. THE USE FOR ABUSE OF LANGUAGE IN POLITICS - An intentional and malicious form of psychological abuse and torture. NOTHING HOLY OR SACRED - So of course less and less modern people have anywhere to stand. LEFTISM - The dubious and decadent luxury of the modern caveman. ONE HALF OF THE SAME WHOLE - Still makes a cripple. MARXISM, SOCIALISM, LEFTISM, AND THE RESENTFUL WHITE LIBERAL IN AMERICA - Decadent European creations - all suffer from the same mystic fallacies they stole from Judea, wed as Christ’s nagging bride in liberalism - a fabled judgment and great revolution to forge a new kingdom on Earth to come, which should make their misery and failure apparent, like Joseph Smith being kicked out of his own Zion. There will be no fictional (thus improved) humanity created from what are all retrograde movements of left-over religious impulses, pseudo-philosophy, and disingenuous intellectualism, even when taken in full by masses of government workers, corporations, informants, general little bigots, and mendacious race swindlers.* *Many modern American liberals, leftists, and their ilk, are, puritans of the most zealous and strange variety, resembling an effeminate mob similar to the earliest of Christian cultists who were waging their political and spiritual revolution. CONFESSIONS EVERYWHERE - When the problem is strictly presented as structural, and not individual, the herd makes its demands and concessions clear: the war is a perpetual and all is permitted, hence they’ve given up on man, other than as sacrifice to another true world turned into a fable. Liberalism couldn’t escape the pull of Christianity’s life-denying, man-abusing, nihilistic origins, and its bigoted assumptions of providing any real or earnest answers regarding man and life. ABORTIONS IN AMERICA - The weeds are growing. VIOLENCE IN AMERICA - The waste create waste that others have to suffer and clean up. THE VALUE OF LIFE IN AMERICA - Nothing at all, they demonstrate. PROVING - The individual does not matter. GOVERNMENT EDUCATION IN AMERICA - One of the most degrading and remedial experiences countless Americans are forced to suffer. The corrupting influence is not only the strange government workers, but often the student’s fellow nether-apes. SETTING EVERYONE UP FOR FAILURE - The experiment in America would be worth it, if its retarding nature, its destructiveness, and its debasing influence could be understood, measured, remembered, and taught. LEFTISM AND ITS PSEUDO-PHILOSOPHY - Like much of politics and false idols, is often little more than excuse for awful people to be their awful selves. ALL THE REACHING AND WRIGGLING FINGERS - Of state, corporation, and individual party-member propaganda are needed to ply and pressurize the American psyche. PREPAREDNESS TO WHAT ENDS - Our brave new world.

THE NEW PRIEST CLASSES IN LEFTISM - Whether we call them priests, professors, or administrators, leftism relies on equal amounts of storytelling, fiction, surreptitious secrecy, unconscious psychodrama, and conscious manipulation, that all former and current priest classes have needed and operated by. The holy texts are held above the rabble, the interpretations are strict, and anyone with suspicions simply doesn’t understand. THE LEFTIST CIVILIZATION AND BEHAVIORAL SINK - Hiding one’s desire for, and resentment against power, amidst a herd who individually are not allowed to have said power that is desired and resented most. A religion where one’s object of worship, sacred aim, and object of admonishment, are all the devil itself. MEDDLESOME, ABUSIVE REPRESSION - The psychological contradictions created are simply explosive. MANY A SOCIETY’S MOST INFLUENTIAL INTELLECTUALS - Go along with the herd, sanction the herd, are fundamentally of and for the herd, despite pretensions of putting their names and Will above the herd. Being an influential intellectual is not synonymous with being intelligent, honest, earnest, brave, or talented. WHAT THE HERD DOESN’T NEED - Encouragement from pretentious scoundrels and philosophical degenerates. THERE ARE LIFE, MEN, AND HORIZONS - Beyond government, state, corporation, church, herd, and even the mechanical, philosophical, and scientific analyses that render man to nothing in mere rational and mechanical processes and observations. NO SUCH THING AS PROGRESS - And both change and stagnation carry perpetual risks. MELODRAMATIC LIBERAL HISTRIONICS - Feeds into conservative paranoia.

SIMPLE YET EARNEST CONSERVATIVE BARBARISM - Increases the flow of the already heavily menstruating liberal heart.

MENTAL ILLNESS IN AMERICA - Is the only other rampant force as inevitable and potent as our violence, and our ignorance.

MEDIA FICTION, LIBERAL DRAMA, AND CHRISTIAN FANTASY - Only further compounds the delusions. Grandiosity is just one aspect to the average American’s self-important, self-obsessed psychodrama and survival-trip.

YOU CAN CHEER ON THE VIOLENCE, POINT IT OUT, OR FIGHT AGAINST IT - But America and its excess of dysfunction and violence is what you get.

EVERYONE TO THE WAR, QUICK, WITHOUT THINKING - But what are the terms and conditions of victory? What is the aim and purpose? Is there even a win condition, and if there is, just how horrible is it?

DEPENDENTS IN THE MACHINE - Resenting and desiring to destroy society, capitalism, and the west at large is taking the entire family off life support, because the breathing tubes are supposedly oppressing them. COLLECTIVISM - Is contingent upon the dispersal of responsibility. INDIVIDUALISM - One of few philosophies that are actually tenable, fulfillable, and not at constant odds with its values and responsibilities, but irrespective and outside the masses and their collectivism, hence their opposition. Like Odysseus, only the rarest few can actually weather such a journey of embroiled Wills, and survive.

THE EVIL OF NEUTRALITY - Why all radicals hate centrism of any sort, sense or variety. They also mistake that which is beyond, for the center, but the measurements and sentiments of extremists are volatile, reactive, and untrustworthy by nature. CENTRISM - Homeostasis is for animals who desire to survive.

THE WEAK - Command compliance and dependence equal to their’s: the sermon of the ugly. WEAK PEOPLE AND MASSES IN POWER - Is the real disaster everyone fears – created out of the same fear.

NO ONE IS “NORMAL” - Some people are even psychopaths, sociopaths, or some other disturbed and disturbing thing.

PAST THE UNRULY SLAVE PENS WE CALL PRISON - The biggest criminals and liars of all are usually prominent and popular members of political parties. They’re often celebrities too. SHEEP IN THE SHEEP PEN - Have a tendency to say, these other sheep aren’t sheep enough, or, they’re even too sheepish. Some sheep are more or less deserving than others – now – let’s be rid of them.

THE SHEEP HAPPILY CAN’T SEE - The many predators and other dangers in their midst. THE SHEEP REMAIN - Scared regardless. THE FLOCK DENIES - The predator within their own sheeply raiment.

THE FLOCK PROJECTS - No bad sheep here. THE FLOCK IS - Easy to anger, but exhaustion comes quickly.

CONFORMITY IS ALSO THE PERFECT DISGUISE - For great and small abnormalities alike.

DEPENDING ON THEIR M.O. - The criminal may be well camouflaged.

THE SHEEP AT WHICH YOU SCOFF - Could easily be a cannibal, or something even worse.

YOU WOULDN'T EVEN NOTICE - If your fellow juror nodding with you in agreement was the same predator that is being condemned. BOTH THE SHEEP AND THE SHEEP DOGS - Agree that the sheep and the sheep dogs are good. STEPPINGSTONES OF THE WEAK - The restrained heads and necks of others. IT TAKES A HEAVY HOOF - To make such judgment calls, sheep to sheep. One expects the predators to be such coyotes, but for the sheep to eat their own, is only shocking to the innocent and naïve, but is not surprising or new. THE TINIEST HAPPINESS - Is always reserved for the tiniest people. AND THEN IT’S GONE - Happiness, like all else liquid and fluid, can also evaporate.

HAPPINESS IN EVIL AND CRUELTY - All tiny things that crawl and creep in physiological dysregulation and mental, emotional and spiritual dissimulation – but this potentially endless wellspring of maliciousness does not evaporate the same as happiness

TAKING JOY IN PAIN - Those who take pleasure from pain aren’t limited to those with mental illnesses and personality disorders. In fact, it’s more normal and common than any diagnostic manual will relate .

TOXIC BOTTOM FEEDERS - Already scrape along on the ground, where all poisons are permeable, sucked into those on the underbelly of the food chain. WHEN THESE FEELINGS CLUMP TO NOTICEABLY MANIFEST - Behold a voice that cannot elevate, edify, properly juxtapose, nor consecrate or celebrate – but only gasp, hack, and consume. This is cancer, given a human voice. NIHILISTS, ANTI-NATALISTS, RELATIVISTS, RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS, AND OTHER CANCERS - Don’t just demand their share of the feed, but that they be fed. They are not ethical, merely opportunistic in their consumption of healthy tissue!

THEIR ONLY PRIDE - Is in their infections. THE ALL TOO MANY WHO SAY LIFE IS ALL TOO MUCH - By their rapacious expressions and tumor-ridden thinking, you will know them.

CANCER - Forms hidden, anonymous, emerges, until the stink can no longer be avoided. Yet if cancer could think, it would still think it is being discrete, unseen, unheard, when the infection is incontrovertible and undeniable.

SMOTHERED TO DEATH - By an excess of pity and health concerns FOR A GOOD CAUSE - Both the disease, and its proposed treatments of death.

MOST PEOPLE CAN’T STAND TO LOOK AT THEIR GARBAGE, OR SMELL IT - But they’re more than happy to always have authorities to take up this task for them, not out of whim or maliciousness, but necessity.

COPS, PSYCHOLOGISTS, HOLY MEN, AND MANY OTHER SORTS OF MODERATORS AND MEDIATORS - Are also garbage men of sorts. NOBLE SPIRITS - Can’t help that they have no stomach for the garbage, or the garbage men. They may see one or the other, and glimpse the need minus their acknowledgement of it, but often these noble spirits understand neither the garbage nor the garbage men. This is not their fate, province, or purpose. THE SPIRIT OF CREATION - At times, may create out of resentment, but it cannot last under this hot star. THE PRIDE OF NOBILITY - Thinks they can turn their back on the ugliness they see as beneath them. But this also never lasts. STOICS - Can’t even face or stomach their own feelings.

STOICISM - An attempt to rationalize the irrational. Even Buddhism finds its lowly origin in this vicinity.

FEAR - The illusion of self-control.

UNCERTAINTY AND COWARDICE (IN SPEECH) - Is camouflaged by caution and careful word choice, tight lips and tersely “controlled” use of language, not born of confidence, method and artistic talent, or of knowing, but an excess of self-consciousness that knows it is and will be judged, so must appear to always be something more (intelligent, articulate, etc.) than what it really is.

SILENCE IN MAN - Easily hopes it can pass for confidence and knowing.

A GOOD NAME - Means nothing when it is torn down like nothing, easily, and by nobodies.

A BAD NAME - Actually leaves room to grow.

WITH ENOUGH SUPPRESSION AND INDIGESTION - One can imagine any toxic and natural waste-product as digestible, at least up until organ failure.

DESPITE CLAMOR TO THE CONTRARY - Few want to claim or handle their own garbage, let alone that of anyone around them. A COMMON DESIRE FEW CAN KEEP UP WITH - To see only the beautiful – requires turning one’s eyes away from much, and a lot of garbage men to clean up the rest. GENERALLY THANK NOT GOD, BUT GOVERNMENT AND CIVILIANS ALIKE - That there is always someone, something, or some organization there to help you clean up yourself, your mess, and everyone else’s, at least until no one can keep up with the sheer volume and heat of garbage any longer. NOT ME AND MY FAMILY OF COURSE - Americans are sometimes exemplars of what to be, but more often better exemplars of what not to be. IT’S SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT OR PROBLEM - Until it boils over to be everyone’s problem. IF YOU THROW ENOUGH MONEY AT THE PROBLEMS - They might go away, or more likely, it will just be concealed nicely, until it can’t be concealed any longer. DON’T BLAME ME, I JUST EAT, SLEEP, LIVE, WORK, AND RAISE MY FAMILY HERE - A common American sentiment, assumption and fact of life - one of the few forces as potent as American’s pride in their ignorance, is their pride in their common lack of responsibility in their personal thoughts, feelings, and actions, especially regarding their relationships to one another.

BOTH INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITIES - Are myths to the modern Americans. They talk a good game, but it is precisely here they seek to get out of the game altogether.

STOLEN BABIES - Many children are snatched from their parents – but this is only possible when the parents are absent in action.

COMPLAINING ABOUT THE YOUTH – Is popular among the Americans who raised, taught, and were supposedly “responsible” for said youth.

A LIFE FOR ME, MYSELF AND I - Damn the children; damn my own children. DAMN THE CHILDREN - Oddly enough, they’ve never truly been a priority, but an important afterthought, especially in politics. Non-human animals relate this best - namely when they abandon or eat their young. SURVIVAL IS NOT ENOUGH - Yet humanity cannot escape this spirit of gravity, and all the fear that follows. JUSTICE FOR EVEN CRIMINALS - Revenge for those whose livelihood is the use and abuse of other people, be it a petty crook or gang-member, or the holders of the highest political office in the land. LEFTIST LIBERATION - Is not only a lie, but the selfish megalomaniacs’ fantasy. LEFTIST SCHOLARS - If Americans were to be punished with dunce caps and placement in a government-run remedial class, there had to be some class of pseudo-intellectuals to put their hoof down on the curriculum. “EMOTIONAL LABOR” - The loveless drudgery of mental, emotional, and spiritual cripples. A THEORY THAT’S BAD IN PRACTICE - Is also bad on paper. CHORUS OF THE DAMNED - All who feel as powerless, and without options, self-control, and independence, sing along! CODDLED BY SURVEILLANCE, SINCERITY’S SUICIDE, AND THE STATE - Political correctness is the acceptable politics and language of the day. The cretin’s paradise is a civilization built for zombies. GREAT EXPECTATIONS - Even amidst a kingdom of so much garbage and waste. THE NAGGING NOBILITY OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT - There is no garbage heap that can’t be put to order and use.

THE MOST SUSPICIOUS THING IN THE WORLD - The herd’s own concern-trolling for the mass, the herd, the greatest good and public health! ANYTHING BUT HARMONIOUS - No answers are to be found with the herd, except for the reasons why the herd itself should have no power or sway. REAL MORAL REACTIONS TO CRIME - Are not our moral dignities and assumptions that have been grievously wounded, but us saying, “You didn’t wrong just any of us. Given your disregard, you could have just as easily wronged me, personally.” THE COLLECTIVE SPEAKS - Lest they be held to account for any collective criminal intent and negligence. SORTING THROUGH ALIBIS - Even if not moral and good, are you at least in the clear? [Under endless stipulations, conditions, laws, expectations, contracts, implicit assumptions, explicit assumptions, religious rules, secular rules, criminal rules, and so forth] Carry on then.

THE INDIVIDUAL CRIMINAL SPEAKS - Conscious or unconscious, he lies. He often does little more than lie, often without realizing it.

THE INDIVIDUAL CIVILIAN ALSO SPEAKS - He lies for similar and different reasons than the criminal, but the civilian also desires to not be caught.

BOREDOM - Easily leads to conflict and drama, at least for psychopaths engaged in their own artistic endeavors. THE WORDS YOU, US, AND WE - Are intentional distinctions meant to blur and confuse the lines between me and I. SPEAKING IN TERMS OF I - Suddenly you feel alone, outnumbered and vulnerable. THE DAMNEDEST THING - When the self isn’t even real. BUT WHY IS IT THIS WAY - You can in fact tell me. INTUITION INTO ACTION - Holds nearly all the keys in this social-linguistic domain. THE REAL DISTANCE – Not the pathos of distance, but the pain of vulnerability. CONTEMPTIBLE SELFISH SECURITY MADE PALATABLE - Safety in language is synonymous with safety in numbers. WHAT FORENSICS CAN’T SO EASILY TRACE - Even after wounds close and evidence is washed away - the trauma and damage remain. WHY WOULDN’T IT - When everything about the body-mind evolved in phenomenon surrounding pleasure and pain - namely to remember pain. All learning is thus born. YEAR ZERO - Will always be a fantasy, against not philosophy, but biology. KEEPING A COMFORTABLE AND SAFE DISTANCE - You can try to keep the world at bay, but it’s been you all along.* *Aphorism and its bent not to be confused with solipsism. IGNORANCE - Of the law is the least of your concern – so far gone are you. A LACK OF HUMOR, AN UNDERDEVELOPED SENSE OF HUMOR - Is both more grave, and telling (than the rest of one’s ignorance and stupidities). THE IMAGINATION OF THE SELF - A fraught and paranoid love-hate relationship. BLAMING THE WORLD IS NOT THE SAME AS BLAMING YOURSELF - But given the disastrous results, it might as well be, or so admits the despisers of man and life. ALL THIS - Do you see it? The folly? The errors? I, you, they, we, us - all invoked out of a false sense of security. FEELING BETTER ABOUT THE SELF - Is also a drive - component to the Will (to power). A COMFORT TO OURSELVES - Is a comfort to get us through anything. AT LEAST A SELF IS GOOD - Rest easy, or so an I tries to tell a me. YOU CAN SLEEP FOR ANOTHER 100 YEARS - And then wake up, but you’d still be talking to the same people, though likely with less fashion sense and literary prowess.

YOU CAN SLEEP FOR 1,000 MORE - And then wake up, but you'd still be talking to the same people who lived 3,000 years prior.

THE MASQUERADE - Only the costumes and who wears them changes. BEYOND THE PUPPET SHOW - Is not mere posterity, but man with an actual purpose. STUDENTS NEED MORE THAN MERE ANSWERS - They need demonstration. CONSECRATION OF THE US AND WE - Is condemnation of me and I. CONDEMNATION OF THE ME AND I - Is mundane and average history. “THE THOU IS OLDER THAN THE I” - Nietzsche knew all this. CONSECRATION OF THE I AND ME - Is impolite, bad taste, immoral, out of turn, uncalled for, rude, selfish, grandiose, delusional, and just plain crazy - yet the new Homeric contest! RE-CONSECRATION OF THE US AND WE - Just as instrumental in the new Homeric contest! UNLEARNING TO OBEY - Is not in fact synonymous with being fit for command. ZARATHUSTRA’S APE - Not even a great ape, but a nether ape that brings the entire species lower. A repetition and reproduction of the same old models. REMEMBER - SELF ASSURANCE - Of just what now? Everyone assumes (implicitly, unconsciously), that this has anything to do with other people. A BETTER MEASURE - One set of eyes is always enough to create beauty, and drink it in. YET STILL - Modern thinkers and scholars lean on the us and we, and sometimes a great thinker, as the crutch for their I. Very few know how or when to give permission to themselves, and not a single one of them does so with the full vitality and self-assuredness of their being. This should be apparent in the wealth of bad teachers and scholars, the merits of the mediocrity, and the absence of great teachers and thinkers alike, who are, historically and eternally recurrently speaking, always the rarest gem of all, the least common, incapable of being mass produced, and always lacking and seldom present in any academic institution, no matter how old. What these hobblers and crutch-leaners lack is not just confidence and power therein, but imagination, and anything resembling a desirable childhood.

THE PUPPET SHOW - While life is often quite a mundane affair, the dancing dragons of good and evil help even the most banal and exhausted of actors to forget their mediocrity of thought and feeling in a lively performance – engaging the chimeras and spooks of their imagination in a life and death struggle that at least sounds somewhat better than their daily doldrums. THE PRIMATE HOUSE - Feed the animals at your own risk! PSYCHODRAMA - Whether singing in the choir, marching in a proud and straight line, or slaying imagined and real enemies in the political arena – the religious need their psychodrama. RELIGIOUS ROBOT - Politics is the religious ape turned religious automaton. CONSCIOUSNESS - Easily influenced by unconsciousness. CONSCIOUSNESS II - Easily altered, disturbed, permanently changed, or destroyed, by anything from a tiny dosage of drugs, to a small but firm bump on the head. RELIABLE NARRATORS - Of course you can trust what I say, for I myself believe it, but it is generally rude to ask, “To what ends?” And even “Why?” We do not wish to consider the unseen insanity from which so many other hopes and assumptions emerge. PEOPLE DON’T HEAR OR SEE - What they don’t know, but they will die defending what little they do know. MOST CHRISTIANS - Are closer to Pontius Pilate than Jesus, especially the secular liberals, leftists, and all similar statists. THE MODERN PRISONER’S DILEMMA - Is often made worse by a lack of laughter and sense of humor, a physiological weakness, constipation, and disease. CONTRADICTIONS, CONCESSIONS, CONFLICT AND CONUNDRUMS - Life is thus composed, especially for the powerful. MAKING SENSE OF PEOPLE AND THINGS - An animal can supposedly come to its senses? In whose or what other senses would it be? UNRELIABLE NARRATORS - I’m supposed to believe you now, when you are frequently out of your senses? COMING TO - Then in what unrealities, fictions, and fanciful revelries were we formerly dwelling? PERSPECTIVE - Is prospective. Fatalism is one of man’s greatest wisdoms.

INEVITABILITY - More people is more chaos, including their endless conflict and complaints. Why would anyone be upset at the continual rising and setting of the sun?

IRONIC UPSET - Being so concerned for humanity and the herd’s well-being, despite their smashing success at survival that precedes all who are present to complain about it. HAPPY FATALISM - Unreasonable happiness – you’ve heard the saying, “amor fati?”

LOVE IS A WILL AND AN ART - Love is not found in media, or given at church, nor sanctioned by any government or religion. Love is not a grace from god, or in any shallow American conception reduced to a four-letter word, but is instead technique, training, practice, and dedication - both in its happy giving, and in its happy receiving.

OUR CAVES ARE INCREASINGLY MORE COMFORTABLE - But are still artless, uninhabitable dead-ends and holes in the ground.

IF THE ALIENS EVER SHOW UP - How do we communicate to them that the source of all being, the most powerful and all-knowing force in the universe, is a dead Jewish carpenter?



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