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  • Mynaa M.

Reverse Engineering (Thought, Enlightenment)


"Thereby had the dog been terrified: for dogs believe in thieves and ghosts. And when I again heard such howling, then did it excite my commiseration once more...

BUT THERE LAY A MAN! And there! The dog leaping, bristling, whining—now did it see me coming—then did it howl again, then did it CRY:—had I ever heard a dog cry so for help?

And verily, what I saw, the like had I never seen. A young shepherd did I see, writhing, choking, quivering, with distorted countenance, and with a heavy black serpent hanging out of his mouth.

Had I ever seen so much loathing and pale horror on one countenance? He had perhaps gone to sleep? Then had the serpent crawled into his throat—there had it bitten itself fast.

My hand pulled at the serpent, and pulled:—in vain! I failed to pull the serpent out of his throat. Then there cried out of me: “Bite! Bite!

Its head off! Bite!”—so cried it out of me; my horror, my hatred, my loathing, my pity, all my good and my bad cried with one voice out of me.—

Ye daring ones around me! Ye venturers and adventurers, and whoever of you have embarked with cunning sails on unexplored seas! Ye enigma-enjoyers!

Solve unto me the enigma that I then beheld, interpret unto me the vision of the lonesomest one!

For it was a vision and a foresight:—WHAT did I then behold in parable? And WHO is it that must come some day?"


"WHO is the shepherd into whose throat the serpent thus crawled? WHO is the man into whose throat all the heaviest and blackest will thus crawl?

—The shepherd however bit as my cry had admonished him; he bit with a strong bite! Far away did he spit the head of the serpent—: and sprang up.—

No longer shepherd, no longer man—a transfigured being, a light-surrounded being, that LAUGHED! Never on earth laughed a man as HE laughed!

O my brethren, I heard a laughter which was no human laughter,—and now gnaweth a thirst at me, a longing that is never allayed.

My longing for that laughter gnaweth at me: oh, how can I still endure to live! And how could I endure to die at present!—"

Thus spake Zarathustra.


SNAPPY DRESSERS – All "evolved" with nowhere to go?

A DUPLICITOUS BANG OF A CREATION MYTH – And science came down and said, “It was good,” or at least an adequate working model until we further articulate just how it is that some sort of thing came from no sort of thing.

FOLLY – May you have it all - and you will inevitably pay prices whether you see it or not - just be wary of CRITICAL FOLLY.

A WORLD OF NO GODS, NO CREATORS – It is already here. It is already yours for the taking. Don’t you see it, if not on the horizon? It only waits for your arrival, and requires your utmost creativity.

MAJORITY OF PHILOSOPHY AND ITS PHILOSOPHERS OF THE LAST 10,000 YEARS – Amazing. You are the machines that are here to kill joy, aren’t you? It's curious that people would then concern themselves with the control, enslavement, and addiction of technology and Artificial Intelligence against man.

OUT OF THE OLD AND INTO THE NEW – Look at the youth play with glee! Not all like, share, or subscribe to the old maiden morality, politics, and religions of the old world.

GOING ONE’S OWN WAY – The surest path to enlightenment? The most clever adaptations, methods and means? The quickest? Such things are still yet unheard of, but this is NOT seeking the gardens of paradise, for nowhere except the most frozen of barrens is free from snakes. Rather, it is the seeking of a future childhood – but where to begin? Just where is one going? Going towards just what now, and how is this going to be gotten? This leaves us to address an implicit going away, but a going away from what exactly? And just what is the one that is going? No conception of freedom, or liberation, or enlightenment from beyond can be anything more than an abortion, an absurdity, a botched moral dilemma, if it has no idea just what it is ”free” from, or what it is “free” for.

GETTING OUT OF ONE’S OWN WAY – The biggest obstacles to enlightenment? Bitter grasping, pretenses of “letting go,” in fact not letting go (of everything, how else to be born anew), strict rationality, any totalitarian impulse, mindset, or domineering, self-assumed idiotic tyranny, a blind arrogance (to the point of forgoing actually doing the work), hatred (both its laughable disavowal and its miserly possession), or anything that assumes it knows everything there is to know, about anything, anyone, and everything; and treating works the likes of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” as if they are NOT in fact a holy book. All this stinks of self-imposed subjugation, self-imposed limitations, more tyrannies of one, the ravings of the disposed, the deposed, the hungry ghosts and angry demons. That is, the loss of philosophical and religious thinking is the death of man’s ability to attain greater enlightenments. For those who suspect there is something to find here, yes, you are indeed onto something, but just what is it you would see?

THE PARABLE OF THE POISONED ARROW – Each new philosophy of one is another poisoned arrow, but no one else can clean your wounds for you. Even if you’re a Buddha, or a Nietzsche, you best find your medicine. You haven’t found it? You can’t find it? Then it is on you to create it. That much has never changed, it's just now this worry is etched as never before, into the brow of those who can no longer discipline themselves, nor "learn" discipline from others. They can no longer follow, believe, nor conceive - of what? Who they are, what they are, where they are, and just who and what they are "there" with - and this is not new either. This is all conceived in many form. The wheel of being. Eternal recurrence. Chronus reaping, Kairos calling, Aion recollecting in a dream that might never end. Keep pulling out those flower tipped arrows.

ENLIGHTEN WHAT NOW? – Enlightenment - a term used here for the sake of there being no better term.

HOW THE SOURCE FLOWS – To tread new waters is to tread the unknown. The primordial may be all too familiar, but it is in no less ferocious, treacherous or awe-inspiring in any era, epoch, time, or place.

TRUE SIGHT (UNDERSTANDING) – It is the honed ability to see and analyze broken circuits, to see precisely who has the TAP to the source turned on, and who has it turned off. The manifestation of its aesthetics and preferred stories does not matter, only that the potential of a complete circuit is engineered.

THE BUDDHA’S SHADOW – Shadows do not shift, even with the winds of change. Like a flat circle, they make their rounds, a bespectered cold, ever present wraiths to wrench warm blood and hotter wills. Yet – these shadows WILL be erased, in man, in time, or shone out of existence by new man’s light: laughter that is simply unstoppable, a laughter that is beyond both the old and the new worlds' most somber of suffering and its sober-all-too-sober teachers. Similarly, the species man could end up forever slouching in the gutter, but at the least, someone will be sure to cook up a good eulogy, and if not, the animal cries of whatever comes next will have to do, not as a lamentation, but as a celebration of beings who can actually love life still.

WE ARE NOT SUFFERING FROM AN EXCESS OF WISE MEN – While men and some of the other animals will suffer from a lack of intelligence, for modern intelligent men, they suffer precisely because of their intelligence, often having far too much of it, and far too little to do with it.

GLITTERING SCALES, SLITHERING LIES – We’ve been trying to break free a long time – from the bad idea of ourselves.

ASLEEP WITHIN NO MORE – We’ve been slowly waking from that old dream.

A DREAM WITHOUT ONCE AGAIN – It is only ever a return – a lateral movement, a retrograde ideal, but a little bit higher tech each time, a few more steps chiseled further up the mount.

RECURRENCE – Weak men can only create a more dangerous world by trying to fashion it to be less dangerous, the alibi is always for the good, for public health. The mob’s complicity is their confession. But do not mistake the effects, the consequences, the very drives, desires and spirit of decadence and decline, the consequences of decadence and decline, for the drives and desires of man himself.

WHAT IS A NAME – In religion, you name things to ignore them, repress them, and render them subconscious and automatic. It is a matter of attention and processing power, a sacrifice in the name of survival, morality being the herd impulse of man given a name, the will to power masked in ethical buffoonery, the nature and need of disingenuous dialectics, the how, the method. Unfortunately, there is little difference between this approach, and its results, in both western philosophy and science. Things are named to be placed in a category and conveniently forgotten until the shelf needs dusting again. In short, modern man is only so much more conscious or sentient than his ancestors – but how our ellipses now spiral!

WHY MODERN MAN CANT FIND ENLIGHTENMENT – He would rather drink from an endless array of lesser poisons, thus not cleanse his system. He does not understand that the most potent poison is needed to kill what is unenlightened in him.

EVEN AMONG CAMELS, NOT EVERYONE CARRIES THE SAME BURDEN – The average person doesn't understand the need for art, science, Philosophy. That is to say, the average person does not understand such struggling, straining, leaping, dancing, that is to say, seeing, knowing, vision. Only those so daring as to not swallow whole insects in a blind battle with their passions may come to see this.

IT SHOULDN’T BE A SURPRISE – Some people aren’t born as camels, but lions. They suffer the most, as a lifetime of warfare entails.

CHILDREN – So many camels and lions, and only so many fit to play? Where are the rest of you?

IN A BAD STATE – In theory, no man or philosopher is WRONG to question, but it is here they go wrong anyway.

WISDOM OF THE ANCIENTS MEET WISDOM OF IDIOT – Life is the flower that blooms every day before my eyes. You may try to pick it, kill it, poison it, or even give it, but it is not yours to do so. Every last thought, word and act along these lines is a betrayal unto the wisdom of life itself - how it grows and dies, dies and grows. In short, there is NO wrapping life in a STRAITJACKET.

WIT – It is the clever little dagger one uses when one cannot, or will not say what precisely what they mean. As with all daggers, scalpels, and the like, each tool serves its purpose.

REMEMBER – None of these men were ordinary. All the “great” philosophers burned with an inhuman desire. But do you see how they stoke it?

MOHS HARDNESS – This measurement of a mineral also applies to VALUES. So it is, a superior value may scratch, destroy and supplant an inferior value, no matter how much those who scream otherwise imagine coal may scratch a diamond. LOOKING FOR THE UNSEEABLE – The Buddha, like Christ, was stark raving mad. I can only imagine his suffering, that of HIS PERSONAL DESIRE, of what? To be more than a limited ape man. Even before his enlightenment, I can taste his frustration. It is that of the divine – but let our brothers NOT extinguish themselves, for, the new world is here. Divinity can no longer steal our destiny as graceful fools. At least they could dance, the epitaph can read.

WHAT I’M REALLY SAYING – The old masters commanded, “Follow me.” What I’m really saying (as dangerous as I am) is, “You’re safe with me.” But you also cannot stop, lean, stoop, or hide here forever. TO KNOW IS TO REMEMBER – Maybe because remembering sometimes feels as successful as learning something, or cracking a conundrum in the first place. Rather, it is having all at one’s grasp.

WAKING UP – You cannot remember what is not understood.

DREAM VOICES – You cannot answer questions you do not hear.

WHO’S VOICES – Gods and devils? Parents, priests, and cops?

THE CHILD – He is your future, whether you like him or not.

PHILOSOPHICAL CERTAINTY – What? You still don’t understand? Love of one’s fate is certain, for love is certain, and love never ceased having many definitions and values beyond what’s born dead on arrival in the rubble. That is, the art of boundaries and contentions – inevitable warfare, the consequential sharpening of certainty. The test of hypothesis and theory. If one, the other, or both are “only good on paper,” than it’s only good for kindling – ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

FIRST LIVING BREATHS – To know exactly where you’re going, is not to know exactly what will come of it.

SO THE GOOD DOCTOR SAYS – “The devil is not the uncomfortable fact, but the act of shrinking from that fact…”

RISEN FROM THE DEAD – America is filled with stories of criminals “turning it around,” and from the dope fiend at the bottom to the highest levels of government, everyone swears they are on the straight and narrow. I can’t even write this without laughing.

CONSUMERISM – I don’t buy any of it.

HUMANITY UNDER THE MICROSCOPE – How do you rationalize yourself into rationality when the entire story is a cover for your own survival? What suspiciously looks like a will to power?

WE NEED A WORD FOR THIS – When you hear a song, and you want to sing along, but you don’t know the words. Then you sing along anyway and make up the lyrics in the moment anyway. If there is a word for this, in any language, someone please tell me.

WHY I READ – I never read to be told what to think, or how to think. I only ever read authors who could cook up good questions to find good answers, no matter what form or forum this takes place: Philosophy, science, and art. Consequently, I can tell you there are few authors and writers in the entire history of man who have had anything original, unique, or truly useful to offer. Most writers, if we can even call them writers, only further divides man in his confusion, but rules and averages are to be studied. This is a problem when people only have ideas, but seemingly no place for them, or worse, their only place is in a book.

PHILOSOPHY 101 – You don’t tease the devil without inviting him. The best become such a being of light.

“SPIRITUAL PRACTICE” – If it’s “divided” in “real time” (and space) – the practice has not yet led to higher fruition.

CRYPTOMNESIA – Most all ventures in literature and art for the last century. Rather - it is the pool of consciousness in which we delve, between one dream world and another.

BEYOND AMBITION – It wasn’t enough for the Buddha, or any great and remembered Philosopher, to be a lowly heir, inheritor, aristocrat, and follower. He had to be the creator himself.

BEYOND BUDDHISM – The religion survived all this time as a religion without the need to put the sword to every man, which is impressive for a religion that otherwise tends itself to a detached oblivion in a secluded nirvana. It is indeed the best hunt on the planet, but western man can adapt his talent toward this end, so long as he can sacrifice even this talent as well as all else to reach yon shore. As with wanting to suffer under the illusion of “sight,” his meditation is inevitably the same – as it is absolutely unavoidable at a certain juncture, ruling out living life as a space-case ape – through his own labyrinth he goes. BEYOND MERE ENLIGHTENMENT – Reverse engineering enlightenment? Why! It is the science of childhood - the discernment of dancing, and mud pies, what tastes good, and what is excreta. It is the art and all those aspiring to be a child of the likes which the world has never seen – and who can never be seen more than once.

BEYOND ZARATHUSTRA – There is more than one man dancing at the dance party!

BEYOND EVEN POWER The Will to Power is a Will to destroy, change, and create - not just one’s self, but one’s entire world.

DELUSION ALL TOO DELUSION – Change is not synonymous with “progress,” and “progress” is not synonymous with what is good for a man, or mankind at large, nor is “mankind” synonymous with an ideal, a goal, or an aim. Yes, we have changed. Yes, the world has changed, but the jury has departed for good, and there has been no “true” Judge to take the stand since.

THE LAST 100 TO 1,000 YEARS – Within history, the people living do not realize that now is not forever, they, what they love, and all else will die in time, and the evolutionary time-span to kill a god is hardly the blink of even an eternally dying eye. That is, for those who think they’ve born away the key this day, or even many a tomorrow henceforth of untold men's suspiciously dusty deaths, they fail to understand just what it is to be the living fossil who will be on future display.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR WARMTH FROM THE COLD – Oh, yes, I have some light for you. You can have as much as you like. It won’t last you forever, but it might brighten up a dark night, or warm the chill of the changing seasons, and the changes in man. At the least, it might be good for some good will, that is, laughter.

ALL WRONG – The Buddha’s Moment of enlightenment? You were told it happened underneath the Bodhi tree? And you believed it? Wouldn’t his enlightenment have begun when he gave up masochistic ascetic practices in favor of what he would come to call the Middle Way? That said, if one passes up pain as a way of life, then there is no retrieving that opportunity. Rather, wouldn’t his enlightenment have begun when he as a mere student and mendicant, who came to master and surpass his teachers in the yoga, meditation, and other practices of his culture? Rather, wouldn’t his enlightenment have begun when he was born a prince, and afforded all the luxury ancient India could offer, including inherited aristocrat blood, mindset, and of course, a thorough education? He was able to frame it as he chose, and no one could tell him otherwise, and there were few others, and fewer still to this day who accomplished anything as remotely as refined as it is successful. The difference, the discrepancy (not a comparison) between say, the Buddha, and Plato’s screaming republic, is that the Buddha actually accomplished something that few men total in all history could claim, and no one was there to refute or reproach him. Yes. He had his skeptics and detractors, but his actions and ways proved to the people he indeed had something to teach. More so, the Indian culture and its systems, that is, the people themselves, were refined enough to accept such a teacher and his teachings, and it helped that this new teacher and teaching didn’t upset, negate, destroy or challenge existing culture and hierarchy, at least not so obviously, rather, existed in contraposition to it (within math conceptions, as both P and Q, to which the Buddha also exists inside Hinduism much the same, to the degrees that both religions, actively absorb the other, as within traditions and aspects of Hindusim, Buddha Shakyamuni [not to be confused with countless other Buddhas, old and new, past, present, and future awakenings] is considered to be another avatar of Vishnu). As Buddha Shakyamuni saw it, the gods and Devas and spirits answered to the Buddhas, as the Buddhas answered to the Dharma, as the disciples answer to the Buddha, and similar to the Philosophers who conceived of the Indian Pantheon itself, Buddha gave them a way out, an option towards peace in extinction, just as the old Philosophers had conceived, that should man stop feeding (making sacrifice) to the Gods, then the Gods will indeed die of starvation. As for how the kings and aristocrats of the time saw it – what was another holy man, another priest, another mendicant, another bhikkhu, another Brahmin? To the present day, India has no lack of Philosophers, holy men, wise men, new and old seekers, new and old sages, engaged in all manner of ritual, sacrifice, and experimentation. For all the recorded history and myths of the matter, how many kings and Chandalah even understood what the Buddha was saying, though, due to his presence and ability as a teacher, it is reputed that many people indeed found the Buddha’s enlightenment under his well-crafted hand, even depraved killers, criminals, idiots, and the like (as may happen when such a sage appears) for many of them had been seekers and all too human in their own right, just like the Buddha’s path, which took him a short few years from leaving his naïve childhood in a decadent palace, to seeker of nirvana – something he conceived in seeking, and manifested into being, but couldn’t quite put his finger on, least before enlightenment. It is the definition of, not a “rational science,” but a conscientious expansion of the eye, once more, coming to realize the unrealizable, the impossible, the otherwise unseeable, an utter riddle and conundrum, what is, at the end of the millennia, a RELIGIOUS ART – that of shaping man, consciousness itself. Does this search sound familiar? As for the gods starving to death, just like the Buddha’s prescription for the extinction of the gods, and the untruth of even Karma (thus a seeming “paradox,” of which no real Philosopher should concern themselves in the manner as those who don’t see, concern themselves), this was ultimately a way to sacrifice man for something more than man. More so, it only offered more merit, that is value, or rank to everyone – the Buddha is at the top, and the trash heap is below him. As the Buddha’s own words go (translated from Pali, of which the original writings were recorded centuries after being passed down solely by way of oral tradition), Verses 58 and 59 of the Chapter “Flowers” from the Pali canon's Dhammapada:

As a sweet-smelling and beautiful lotus flower may grow upon a heap of rubbish thrown on the highway, so also, out of the rubbish heap of beings may appear a disciple of the Buddha, who with his wisdom shines forth far above the blind (ignorant) worldlings.”

The ultimate aristocratic sentiment to ever be expressed, perhaps, but within the larger context of the parable’s framework, the Buddha is playing mediator to petty, suspicious, conniving “worldlings,” of which he uses their own pettiness as an ironic point of education, enlightenment, to which, the Buddha refracts and deflects their silly karma and its poison. Similarly, are you not familiar with the parable of the poisoned arrow? The irrationally rational Philosophy (Art) which predates westerner’s botched philosophical job, that is to say, their schizoid relationship to cause and effect itself? Westerners have been able to isolate ideas and phenomenon greater than every other culture and civilization that has existed in the past, but as a result, their vision has shrunk, and they can only see little pieces, one piece at a time, and countless broken pieces, of which they frantically work to put their broken world back together again. As the Buddha’s slowly fading shadow indicates, not just any man can endeavor in such a feat, that is, what the Buddha accomplished, and many a modern man thinks they understand, or don’t need to understand? Once more, the rubbish heap burns in its own embarrassment and shame. In the Buddha’s case, it took an educated aristocrat, a sophisticated seeker, a suffering sage, and finally a holy man, or, Philosopher, to relate such a treasure, and tell such other-worldly stories. It was and remains simply beyond man’s conception.

SUFFERING IS NOT WHAT PEOPLE THINK – Suffering is that which the enlightened man looks back on fondly - a great treasure - the spurs of his gods and devils - each one necessary. That is to say, the enlightened man feels like he has been happy all along – how could this be? No one at present has demonstrated this, and what little glimpse can be seen is poisoned and clawed to pieces in its own primordial superstitions, fears, and loathing, that is, its modern religions, namely Christianity, politics, and the morality that is the fulcrum of this present historic calamity, or, recurrence (the formerly United States of America, if they could ever said to be truly united in the first place, circa 2021 AD).

SISYPHUS DOTH STUMBLE – Does everybody have to be happy for me to be happy? Thank both the gods and devils, no.

OUR CAVE PAINTINGS HAVE ONLY BECOME SO MUCH MORE SOPHISTICATED – Whenever man sets out to write a book, any book, he puts his best rationality, his best morality, his best heroes forward. What of modern man then? How terrible. He cannot tell what is best. He cannot house heroes in his soul, or his culture. His shrine is neither being, nor becoming. Even decadence, stagnation, and rot has its champions.

THEY STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND – Our politics, our science, is that of decadence and decay over time, yet you still don’t see these black stars? No doubt, you must first fall in love with the darkest of moonless nights. Yon philosophy, that is to say your god, your nation, your civilization and its civility, have fallen apart.

HUMANITY’S DIRE NEED FOR TEACHERS AND FATHERS – The little man cannot tell what he is doing, if the bigger man cannot tell what he is doing.

IN HIS EPIC, MWINDO SAYS “A father cannot be a father without a son, and a son cannot be a son without a father. You must be my father so I can be your son."

MOMENT OF ENLIGHTENMENT – Thine ridge pole has indeed been sundered, along with the Buddha’s head – and you shall indulge in human foolishness no longer. One’s work must now be seriously play, like the happiest child this earth has ever seen!

CLOWNS ON THE LEFT AND RIGHT, NO JOKERS AT ALL – The “middle path” may be the most palatable medicine for the masses, just as Christianity itself is the all-inclusive game for the rest whose minds cannot tolerate a more refined religion and its thought processes and values - but what makes anyone think that enlightenment doesn’t have its kernel, it’s very inmost truth, in destruction? What, at all of yourself, have you sacrificed? What of you, is even you, if anything at all?

EMPATHY, NAY, PITY, NAY – You may ask “Why are we not better stewarding and protecting life,” to which you will be maddeningly put to a cross - almost anywhere, almost anytime.

WHAT’S LEFT UNSAID – Disgust is the unspoken connotation of pity, that is, the religion of Christianity. Oh, you poor (disgusting, damaged, broken, ugly) creature on one hand, and, we will destroy or, assimilate you on the other. Religions, Cults and their disciples inevitably follow as such, depending on the various models set, predicated on their inevitable and intentional CONFLICTS.

SO YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND ME AND MY WORK – I have been an outdoorsman and a snake handler, a natural scientist, since I was a child, and for my entire life ever since. Even then, I would study, chase, and capture venomous snakes, poisonous insects and arachnids, and all manner of dangerous creatures (raccoons, shrews, moles, etc.), to study, understand, and even try to domesticate them, and though there was one or two close calls, I have never been bit (though I was hurt a lot in general in my exploration), but it was due to my nature and what I resolved that I came to perfectly understand nature, the wilds, and the snake - not just the wisdom of another animal down on the farm – but how this drama lives on in man’s mind, even if he tries to kill the stage show before what he himself started is complete. In this manner, the King snake is King because he eats other snakes, he can grow quite large, and even though he isn’t poisonous, he is no less terrifying when he coils four feet out of a clay jar and rears his head back like the cobra, ready to strike, or so I remember one friend in particular from my childhood. Due to my methods, my study, I can say that the average traveler, explorer, and sadly many a scientist, do not know their snakes. Whether one accidentally pesters a snake, or intentionally steps on one, in such dealings, one is consenting to their own destruction whether they realize it or not. But you didn’t see the snake? What an excuse. How could you be so careless to travel without recognizing the danger behind each step, each voice, each breath? Or, you blame the snake? The snake is a perfect creature, a wise and conservative creature - it is only in your imagination that you imagine it “should, could, or would be” any other way.

BETWEEN WORLD WAR I AND WORLD WAR II – Herman Hess writes, “Now and again I have expressed the opinion that every nation, and even every person, would do better, instead of rocking himself to sleep with political catchwords about war guilt, to ask himself how far his own faults and negligences and evil tendencies are guilty of the war and all the other wrongs of the world, and that therein lies the only possible means of avoiding the next war. They don't forgive me that, for, of course, they are themselves all guiltless, the Kaiser, the generals, the trade magnates, the politicians, the papers. Not one of them has the least thing to blame himself for. Not one has any guilt. One might believe that everything was for the best, even though a few million men lie under the ground.”

IN THE SAME BOOK – Hess also writes, “A nature such as Nietzsche’s had to suffer our present ills more than a generation in advance. What he had to go through alone and misunderstood, thousands suffer today.” And how many more now?

“WHAT NOW WITH MY TIME” – Is a question of suffering. If you assume you have answered it, why would you then ponder so?

UNDERSTANDING MAN AND BEAST – The universe is not a machine, for it was not constructed of many moving parts to one particular end, nor was it crafted by any hand of which we can conceive or perceive. Oh, but life you say? Sentience you say? Maybe, but this sounds suspiciously and all too human. Imagine giving a lion a voice - what would he say? No doubt, this universe was created to one end - that of his magnificent mane, and a set of teeth and claws to match. So it is a lion can roar at 114 decibels, and be heard up to five miles away. Do you not already see? This is precisely what the lion says too, and why would he be any less suspicious? For he doesn’t know we have guns, and lives now only with our protection. Similarly, give a primate a voice, a voice that can even scream louder than a lion can roar at its utmost decibels, and both scream and roar makes man’s blood run cold. Yet, if we left out Philosophy to a single, simple roar from time to time, it would be far more honest, and for once, to the point.

WHAT AM I – I am a man. Perhaps that is what is best about me. But it is not what is best in me. But how could YOU ever see the treasure inside. Me? No. You. If you are impoverished, if you are hungry, if you are avaricious, of the snake men, the dragon men – best seek your own house treasure.

IT’S ALL RELATIVE, WHISPER THE GHOSTS IN THE WELL – The individual is ignored, for when they mention what they have particularly heard and seen, they are in turn treated as if they made the entire thing up, as if they, the unseen ghost, was writing a ghost story themselves! So it is, objectivity is a ghost story for the ghouls and goblins of the world who spook themselves awake each morning, to waft and drift and haunt their world, a shrinking universe that they themselves admit “isn’t even real.”

TAOISM AND OTHER BLOSSOMS – As far as I can tell, there were Buddhas here that emerged alongside Buddha Shakyamuni, at precisely around the same time, in another locale (Taoism, China, some 2,500 years ago), in what was and remains a widespread burgeoning of consciousness, over time, at times, and inevitably but deceptively, seemingly all at once, by the time cultures realize just what has transpired in such creative and collaborative pregnancies. In terms of China’s ancient and refined culture, at least before Mao gutted of it as much nobility and vision as possible, there was a reason why, in ancient times, Bodhidharma was so easily able to found Chan (Zen) Buddhism and Shaolin discipline - as if they were waiting for his coming all along. I don’t say easy, as in, any of it was easy, rather, it is a testament not just to Buddha of the Shakya clan, but the Taoists themselves, and Bodhidharma ability, skill and methods as a teacher.

AND AT THE SAME TIME, THE GREEKS TOO – So it was, as Nietzsche points out, the Asiatic nature of the Greeks’ Philosophy brought a nobility and enlightenment previously unseen and unknown to man - a unique achievement unparalleled to this day. We Westerners, at least in America, flatter ourselves as if we are their descendants, as if we took anything of real Greek value from the Greeks, when in reality, we are descended from them in the same way the most useless of tiny, helpless dogs descended from the majestic and powerful wolf.

AWAKENINGS – As with the Buddhas of the Tao, of the past, so it is middle history to the 19th century brought more great awakenings, a burgeoning and blossoming of further consciousness, an explosion of blooming flowers amidst the artillery and rocket fire of a species trapped inside its own self-created hells. Now multiplies the name and vehicle, the methods and madness, of endless sufferings. Let the next awakening answer the most pertinent questions – not just a ceasing of the question "what now to do," but namely, "HOW TO PROCEED?" Must we continue to embarrass ourselves with the same formulae that brought us here to the threshing floors of creation? We in fact do NOT need more theories, or more abstraction, or more lower case p academic philosophy - and if said "philosophy" does not speak honest and straight to man and his needs, especially his need to take action in this world, than we might as well throw it away, or burn it. Thus most Philosophers for all of history, to the present, have been in the business of producing toilet paper without even realizing it.

SO THE STORY GOES – At age 30, Siddhartha Gautama finally realized he was not a god, and the aristocracy and its decadence had failed him – none of it would save him, fix him, or truly immortalize him. The mere sight of suffering (where, arguably, much and most of man live our entire lives) was enough to drive him to renunciation, turning his back to the promises of his gods, that is, his aristocracy, and so a madman manifested his own will into something never previously seen before, and almost as rare to date – and his shadow’s contrast to the modern world is still burnt fast, a human resin of days long gone – and sung in suffering ever since. By way of comparison, when one looks to the decadent youth and those that claim to "lead" them in America, one sees no yearning, no searching, no belief; no affirmation of or for life, and no will. He made his impression, he did what he did, and he said what he said, because he had to do it. Those who don't understand this; those who have no such burning NEED, will never understand such need, so mental illness inevitably abounds, modern man sick from so much compulsive, self-deceptive yet self-obsessive suffering - the consciousness of too much consciousness aware of judgment and eyes from an ever-watching and wider spread consciousness. Once again, you will not be able to hide like shy deer forever.

WHAT NIETZSCHE IS REALLY SAYING – He is not saying “anything goes,” but far from it. He is in fact saying, VERY LITTLE ACTUALLY GOES, at least when it comes to what means something to us, what we value, and how we live our lives – and what has NEVER GONE is that which is BEYOND MAN. He is simply too busy seeking, searching, wishing, and waiting in all the wrong places, and for more than just mere “love.”

SUBJUGATION – Imagine the pleasure the Buddha received from giving love of wisdom so freely to others. What a sicko. Yes. He said follow me, the forever injunction of the priest. Nietzsche demonstrated the nobler, modern sage, who instead says, “don’t follow me, but lead yourself,” oh? But because I (you) said so? You see – there is always a catch, for there is always an agenda, and to catch man has always been the agenda. Man is inevitably in it for themselves, but, it is our values that determines the results – is this beyond good and evil? Is this a “how” beyond to the next realms of no creators or gods? Alas, it is in fact a narrow path, and destruction abounds at all sides.

HUMAN MYTHOS – To date, there survives not a single mythology that isn’t predicated on not just great gods and goddesses, but free agents at the foot of these greater beings that represent or take joy in the suffering of our supposed agency. That is, a Lucifer (a being of light), a demi-god, some agent beyond and removed from the pantheon itself, for, how could we leave ourselves out of any story, especially in the most important bit parts? We at least took ourselves seriously, embodied honor and respect, and considered ourselves somewhat important, at certain times in history. In terms of the wider human drama, there are always some forms of cannibalism, craziness, and crackheads in the family, be it the Greeks, Romans, Christians, or any other cult of your choice.

NIHILISM, EXISTENTIALISM, PESSIMISM WERE INEVITABLE OFFSPRING OF CHRISTIAN EVILS, AND OLD NEWS AT THAT – True pessimist philosophy, earnest nihilism, general existential alarm, demoralization, and even a jaded cynicism are not childish anarchism, iconoclasm, and general idiocy, but the gutting of one's hope, the attempt to house spirit and honor in a world that recognizes neither rank, nor will by any natural, god-given, right, supposition, or law writ in stone, for time, water, wear, weathering, and the worst in man bring down even the highest mountains on a long enough time scale. In the meantime, "hope" is what one clings to when they have no viable or coherent plans of action to contend in life. Those sneaking suspicions that you have, that you must inevitably find a way in, be it scratched out from some back door, or found in some hidden tunnel or cave, indeed holds the key. Of course, depending on a man's time and place, no matter his present resources and resourcefulness, there are only ever so many options available, and only ever so many present, apparent, or feasible, but life indeed demands motion. And I trust, want and recognize no life that refuses to learn to dance thus!

REMEDY AND SOLACE – The great eternal recurrence merely demands eternal creativity, boundless energy, a great will and willingness to dispose of the hack and rain in the new, that is, flood out the old world and its contamination, and welcome the new germination, life and man pregnant once more with creation.

QUESTIONS TO FIND ANSWERS (WHICH NO ONE EVER LIKES) – If you’re pessimistic - my question is - what did you otherwise expect of life and man? If you’re nihilistic - my question is - how did you miss the narrow path to life? If you’re depressed - my question is - what sane, thinking modern man isn’t depressed in some way or form - what are you doing to raise yourself from the dead? If you’re optimistic, hopeful, or a believer of grand ideals that historically never work or matter - my question is - how are you fooling yourself? If you’re fearful, worried, stressed, hateful, etc. – then maybe I simply cannot ask a question, as you might just be one of these good, moral, virtuous persons of the world, the citizen of the past who mistakes that they are the exemplar of the future. It can never be thus. The universe cannot recur thus, forever breaking beyond into new configurations. This is to all say, what is it that you’re so afraid of losing? Or not obtaining? Now - what are you waiting for? Who else do you think is going to solve your problems, or fix what’s broken, maligned, or misaligned in you? If there are no gods or creators, it means no one is coming from below, or above. At the least, betting one’s entire life on an implicit, untested, hypothesis, theory, assumption, presumption, presupposition, and underlying flim-flam from old and new myths and delusions – to those so modern, savvy and scientific so as to have built their own little cave of a kingdom for themselves, similar to anarchic and decadent political actors and their self-satisfying proxies to power. No one dares claim it for themselves, so of course it is for the good of us all!

THE WESTERN DREAM LOOM – Remember – one of the world’s most unique, that is, most refined enlightenments came from the discovery of a man in a place and time far removed from much of anything resembling the present, namely, the waste and squander of knowledge and its ease. This man was neither a scientist, nor a strictly rational Philosopher, nor one that subscribed to western ideals, beliefs, languages and conception, for much of it, and most of all modern conception, did not exist in the early hundreds B.C. What instead existed was another people's thoughts and Philosophy, which, similarly enough, seemingly draws from the same fundamental spool of consciousness, all consolidated and multiplied in the hands of a single natural psychologist who lived 2,500 years ago. This is why the western man, the intelligent western man, even the intelligent western scientist, has trouble parsing, let alone finding a workable conception of education, enlightenment, or even a science of thought itself, a myriad of forces which must be willed towards a singular end, that which carries the direct currents of such a profound physiological change. As it were, the millennia come and go, the centuries get away, only to return again, and here we are again. Once more, life remains an imagination of the procession of the seasons, the slow heave of dying breaths of ancient gods and devils, the oldest of hucksters, tricksters, and spinsters using their acquired* skill to weave more spider webs still, more illusions still. This is another reason why the western scientist has trouble finding enlightenment, despite so often searching in the right places. They are too busy seeking their petty, objective, surrogate-truths or surrogate power, to remotely conceive of what they would need to give up, or sacrifice, to gain anything that is even a modicum of a Buddha’s enlightenment, that which prescribes against this very same house-building that is common to the hopes and promises of science itself, which do or don’t manifest in what we perceive as reality – the only realm where enlightenment blooms, where creations are created, where children birth themselves. That said, I am not happy that these Frankensteins, by dint of their own irrationality, shut themselves out from enlightenment forever, yet, even sillier, is that, as modern aristocrats, as wealthy evangelists and the like, they already have all the wealth, "security," and attention this world can offer, so just what are they REALLY looking for? No doubt, some greater good for the whole of mankind, and not just because they say so, not just because they insist.


WISE MEN ARE NOT A MODEL IN MASS PRODUCTION – If the wise man “discriminates” the same as everybody else, then he is no wise man at all. NIRVANA –The rational mind is to be broken, not coddled or indulged. Once broken, the body who bears it must then return, and stay. To treat life as poison to be gulped down at once, or held at a mind's eye's measure of disgust, is peak decadence - a symptom of gross morbidity. More so, one simply cannot live in the archetypal domain, and remain here on this Earth. The archetypes live on, and man dies even if he tries dwelling in the "eternal"* nature of the archetype's world, and the only world that holds the body as well.

*Eternal insofar as we're concerned, the depths of consciousness our species has produced will exist, just as long as we do, though it is conceivable the species could go extinct without the species dying off (no, not the good ending that everyone so desperately wants).

RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB – A wrench in the works is indeed needed from time to time, not to destroy, nor even to fix, but to keep the works and those in it from destroying themselves.

THE SHAMAN’S EYE – “Get up off your horses, tonight we ride.”

FOR ALL WHO ASSUME A STATIC MAN IN A STATIC UNIVERSE (OR, THE INEVITABLE AND NECESSARY CODIFICATION OF CYNICISM, NIHILISM, ETC.) – What makes you think man doesn’t change? In fact, man changes and transforms all the time – yet his irrationality, his lack of reasons, and here in America, his good Christian morality remain constant even in the present day. In the case of man changing yet remaining stupid, don’t mistake this former error and assumption for a latter consistency, that of temperament and its cloying weakness, fear and laziness. As Nietzsche wrote, if we are consistent, it is more likely our temperament to thank than our “principles.” That is, Nietzsche also wrote that such growing pains, pangs and panics are as necessary as they are inevitable, but there is a vast weight difference in the spirit of decadence, and the spirit of man, and what each instead yearn and produce, wither and die, yield and grow towards.

THAT ANCIENT VALLEY OF WISDOM – Western Buddhists and similar spiritualists, believers, and all manner of assorted wierdos, geeks, and seekers have related much incoherence and ignorance to me over the last few decades. They have no root of perception or vision into the language and culture of the Indus Valley, the people, their history, their gods. Lost in mystical notions of which they can’t see the kernels, Westerners miss the long historical overview of evolution, the recurrent overview of history, nor do they think to consider that the average Buddhist (or general old world spiritualist) is well acquainted with craving, fear, doubt, and suffering, even hate and criminality, including desire itself, and the DESIRE FOR ENLIGHTENMENT, and all pretentions and attendant pains that follow, of which such western seekers can never find their way out of what is otherwise someone else’s well-crafted maze, transplanted into a culture far removed from more habitable soil. As it is, the Buddhist is a much more strict and disciplined follower and practitioner of religion, more so than anything the Christian world has seen outside its old world disciplines, namely its monastic traditions. This is why Buddhists become Buddhists: 1) because their more refined nature as citizens of eastern philosophy allows for this process; 2) They can’t or won’t try to find the way themselves; and 3) the third and same reason as the previous two, at least that they all apply to westerners as well: because the heart is simply too wild and bullish! Only, they didn’t even know they had a heart, or a bull, or that one or the other was seemingly missing in the first place! So they went looking, and to this day, the Buddhist still seeks, and so countless people around the world still seek. But you, dear westerner? What do you know of these matters? Did you know it took western philosophy some 3000 or more years to reach the same conclusions and understandings that Indian (Hindu) Philosophers reached roughly four to five thousand years ago (in the older texts)? Do you realize that, when it comes to westerners, they are in the spiritually remedial class, Americans being about the worst representatives and embodiment of humanity’s ongoing mental, emotional, and spiritual learning disabilities and their attendant growing pains? No one should be surprised or outraged, as there is nothing to do here but to understand, then understand how to overcome this mental illness we conceive of as "consciousness," or, it's recent birth, a word coined out of the decadence of the last few centuries, the "ego."

NOT BEING ENLIGHTENED – It is the nagging, nipping, gnawing in anything and everything – the notion of untruth everywhere and in everyone: bodies filled with bullish, boorish, and butcher's tendencies for ugly scenery, a confession of such artistry, life itself the convict and its conflicts awash in baskets of snakes at war with themselves and each other in an outflow of resentment, dread, dreams, dopamine, ideals and their worries with so much synonymous with serotonin and a confluence's of forces in many desires as manifest in what we conceive of consciousness and its body's bursting rockets of hope, hangmen, and the self-harassing its own and others in so much punishment and cruelty of a morality that is as cleverly deceptive as it is just plain pathological in all its irrationality, hatred, pettiness, embitterment in the drugs, drudgery, politics, men, women, and their fierce addictions, a desperate grasp to HANG ON, TO CONTROL, TO SUPRESS, TO REPRESS, TO PLAY IT COOL - to swallow the saltwater, to die drinking up the ocean, to lay in the rot and drink poison and play and say that this is for the good of the people, yet still is all just as embarrassing as ever. It is the MORTAL FEAR that does this to humanity - and to know now that someone is watching as never before. They still don't know that all who live here, die here.

YE OLDE DICTUM – Wise men indeed fashion themselves. What then have they fashioned of this world for themselves, yea, for all of us?

EVERYTHING HE SAID IS ELEMENTARY – And this is why, even the refined eastern nature can’t grasp the Buddha’s words, and how much less for the world’s dismal and miserable westerner? Mankind still pretends to want the literal truth, but it has been here all along: “the world does not know that we must all come to an end here;—in those who do not harbour such thoughts, hatred will cease.”

ON PHILOLOGY – What I always look is that which doesn’t translate, not just in symbolic use of language, but conception, yeah, value itself. Otherwise, what is a different time, place, and people, in the imagination of a locked room?

THE DAMNEDEST FEELING ALL ALONG – Something I knew, but I just could not remember!

THE DAMNEDEST FEELING EXPLAINED – For requiring the real and true destruction of the rational shell of irrationality that encases the typically split and fragmented human mind, at least in the west, enlightenment otherwise follows a logical arc. Case in point, what was that aforementioned “damnedest feeling?” I could tell, all along, in no precise or certain measures, what was bringing me closer, and what was taking me further from my goal. It was always a movement towards me, not off into the dust and weeds, no matter how tempting or desirable the seeking of oblivion may be. Even so, this couldn’t in fact help me start or stop along the way, but they were my guiding stars. Is it not logical to assume that, as one’s education (the entire phenomenology of it, dreams, delusions, and all) changes one’s perception and understanding over time, a measureable effect which can be parsed, but in its liquid fray, is hard to sort, at least if one has not developed the tools, methods and means, as experienced from birth to death, to comprehend what to judge even means, than at least in theory, couldn’t their exist some knowledge or key that would complement, coincide, crown, and codify these changes that begin in childhood and continue onward for life? Answer: yes – there is such a thing as the “completion” of human knowledge, and it is called enlightenment. Why? There are no better terms, is all, not that it matters what you call man, or enlightenment. Does this mean education stops? No, it means it’s hardly begun.

THE CHRISTIAN CURSE – To deny man his myriad suffering is to deny him a path to enlightenment. To deny man the many constituent components of himself, is to deny that enlightenment is even possible. That is to say, not all men are equal in both their striving and its results.

HATE THE SINNER NOT THE SIN – Is just another way for modern, civilized, conservative Christians trying to find the good Christian irrationality to properly and formally codify the inherent physiology and thought processes of a religion and morality that they themselves do not understand. As for the Christians on the left, they have reverted into the early stages of the resentful Christian cult, and so hate both man, and anything that comes out of him, sinful or otherwise. They do not differentiate, nor discriminate – as it is with most all true believers of most all true believing ages (dead, and of the past) - the little bigots hate all that have the mere potential for power, and we have arrived at an impasse.

“THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO” – But few actually believe this, that is, few act it out, or speak or behave as if these words are true - one of few truths the savior offered - but what he didn’t know, is that those words also applied to him.

“MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME” – While this may be interpreted as, “even god doubts,” or, “maybe a god can even doubt himself,” if we take it literally as the words of a suffering man in anguish of his actions (choices?) and the resultant position in the cosmos, then we can see that Jesus simply got in over his head. What does that mean? Why, he himself thought the stage-show was going to have a different ending. He thought god was going to save him. He thought god was going to intervene. He thought he was going to be resurrected to life eternal.

HUMANITY’S EASY WAY OUT TO A SELF CARVED HELL – Killing and destroying is easy. Creating, and especially at its utmost, in comparison, is nigh impossible - but this dancing nature of an explosive cosmos requires non-stop creativity.

SAGE WISDOM – As a creature of will and power – I have sympathy and reverence, to a point, for all power, that is all life.

MODERN PEASANTS AND KINGS ALIKE – Where the ordinary man’s life, feelings and thoughts end, the enlightened man’s work begins.

WHY MAN IS ON HIS OWN – Every single last one of our public figures, all our teachers, all our intellectuals, our politicians, and all our failed philosophers, like the sallow images of saviors they are, like the commercials they are, inevitably must repeat themselves. This is not only to build and maintain an audience who will not tolerate what they erroneously perceive as contradiction, but also as a means for a man to remember the MOST IMPORTANT points of their ideas and philosophies, for if they didn’t have to remember what is supposedly so important, they would otherwise be truly liberated spirits, free to tread new ground, and how could they even forget? When one harps on “what is most important,” that is, duty, obligation, debt, you owe, or even its suspicious antipodes, we provide your salvation now pay up, so says Hammurabi’s cipher, or in plain terms, mother and father, brother and sister, the gods and goddesses, the priests, aristocrats, and cops and criminals all echo the same frustrated fragments of a thousand times a thousand fold THALL SHALLS AND SHALL NOTS that have been noisily blowing at the base of the mountains of the ancients. When one is so preoccupied with death and its million times a million troubles and worries, one can conveniently ignore everything else that is even more important – that which won’t be found on any television station, social media, rerun, or commercial.

THE MIDDLE PATH – The Buddha calls it the "middle" path, yet his path to teacher took him off the middle path at every turn, that is to say, he never even began life on the middle path, yet the terminology he chose seems to fit the headspace, that is, one can't get there when one's THINKING is extreme and careless. Yet enlightenment and its search is indeed extreme, but not in any and every extreme, that is, not hedonic, nihilistic, cynical, hateful, solely materialistic, STRICTLY rational and rule-oriented, or other such emotional and mythological frameworks of thought, morality, and their resultant emotional mindsets. Rather, one must keep pushing one’s own horizons, until, inevitably, you reach the unreachable, that where no one else has ever been, where technically, and if executed properly, no other man may ever go. In contrast, the conservative approach to survival, the middle path is generally wise, that is, prudent and cautious. This serves to not only prevent self-destruction, but to create your own better quality of mind, thus life, when one otherwise tangles and dances with their demons and weakness in most crude form and fashion, on the interim, the results are similar, that is, subconscious, which would otherwise be the disrespect, diminishment, and utter abandonment of one’s own being, if the sufferer could even realize this were so. But things as they are, the productions will continue on MYTHOLOGICALLY, until Aion himself smashes the dream loom, or so any measure of recurrence seems to indicate. Most fascinating to me, however, is always a question, in this case the possible error in translation, transmission, or logic. That is, was the naming convention an error on this teacher's behalf? The name vs the mindset vs his approach, or just to say, “Do as I say and not as I have done?” Buried in Nietzsche is the idea, paraphrased here, that a teacher may offer himself as a warning, or maybe a precaution? Stepping aside the irony in Nietzsche's demonstration, in a rare case of not needing to travel too far in speculation, the most obvious of the Buddha’s wisdom is to keep order, as prince, as father, as an enlightened man. He gave up an old and otherwise forgotten kingdom, for what he found. People have been chasing ever since.

THE UNCONSCIOUS NATURE OF WALKING, TALKING DEATH – it thinks it’s headed somewhere. It thinks it bears the key. It doesn’t realize it’s the walking dead. It doesn’t realize it’s serving a life sentence.

“THE ONE BORN WALKING AND TALKING” – “...this world must forever be glorified anew. And in a novel fashion.” - This is the antidote, the great remedy to those alive with death and decay.

NO PRAISE OR BLAME – Yon student has awoken from its slumber? No. Not in the slightest. You’re eyes have yet to open. I’VE COME TO TELL DIFFERENT STORIES – There are only three tales I have to tell: new stories, old stories, and of course, better stories.

NO EXCUSES – The Buddha didn’t need modern psychology, the internet, trips to exotic locations to find exotic religions, or to study millennia of atrocity, genocide, slavery and worm-like behavior in man to see just what it is that mankind is, and the "how" of "why" he and she creates all of their own suffering.

BETTER STORIES LEAD TO BETTER GAMES – Better games lead to better prizes, and better games and better prizes have always been appealing to adults and children alike. More so, the stakes in fact HAVE TO MATTER.

POST-MODERN PHILOSOPHY – The embarrassing confession, death rattle, of all that is wormlike in man. That is, ANOTHER tired, bored and decadent moral priesthood that, thankfully, won’t stand the test of time, its own crooked backbone and hump.

THE "RECONCILIATION" OF ONE ANOTHER'S PHILOSOPHY – Here it is, men pondering whose horses could fit in yet another man’s stable, and these so-called thinkers don’t even have a single horse to call their own.

YOU STILL DON’T SEE WHAT’S COMING – I’ve tried to show and tell for years now, as long as I can remember. No one else ever wanted to listen to me either, whether it was a young me tugging on the shirt of every last person who dared listen; or me in my teens questioning the priests, them at least willingly telling me they had NO answers whatsoever; or even the last two decades, warning everyone of what’s coming, and they still don’t understand. And now that our stupid and terrible middle-age of some half-baked humanity and its half-assed future of a paralyzed mental illness of still having no true aim, purpose, goal, or even an idea as to what we are and what we are doing has finally arrived, they (man and woman) still see little to nothing but their own terrifying reflection in a world that horrifies even the bravest – and while this is not the reason why people can’t see what hurts them, it is a barrier, a limitation, a hindrance to anything beyond the old world’s, old man’s potential.

DO YOU HEAR THEIR FRUSTRATION – Do you hear their frustration - the lost children of Babylon demand an evolution, a revolution they cannot have. They are simply not built or wired for it. When you see the mentally ill screaming in frustration - this is their pain. A thwarted will – brought on my millennia of error in reason, folly in Philosophy, and stupidity in motion.

IT’S NOT THAT I THINK LIFE OR DESIRE IS SUFFERING – It’s that I’ve watched people suffer as such my entire life regardless. There is simply no praying, thinking or rationalizing one’s self towards or away from life and death. Desire or no desire, seeking or no seeking, one suffers in a locked and empty room regardless, for nothing, to no desired ends, or worse, one wills self-destruction as the direct results of a weak will determining no end, purpose, or aim. There is no need to dwell helpless in such illness, but seek your cure. I’VE FOUND THE CHURCHES, THE SCHOOLS, THE JAILS, THE COURTS HERE ALL LEAVING MUCH TO BE DESIRED – In case anyone didn’t know - prison is difficult for everybody, being that confining a human being as such is the greatest “evil” you can inflict on a human being, it has a corrupting effect on all involved in such prison camps, and not by virtue of such jurisprudence and its purported morality - but for locking up consciousness in a cell, with or without poor partners in crime.

THE ACADEMIC’S CORPSE, GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH – Jails, churches, schools, government all exist side by side as differently-imagined entities of a multiplicity of forces of a more singular will of its masses and THEIR MORAL MAJORITY, whatever the resultant public opinion may claim this moral majority may or may not be in its ever changing, dissolving, self-destroying and recreation of configurations. When one such institution, as that of University in the (formerly, and imagined) “United States,” claims its rights to domineer over an entire civilization, culture and government, as it currently attempts in America, the ROT OF THE CORPSE of American culture is immediately carried upwards on plague winds of the modern academic’s hot, stinking breath. That is to say, for generations, the motto of the highest Ivy League American University has been “EDUCATING THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW,” and supposing TIME’S UP, TOMORROW HAS ARRIVED – just WHERE have these leaders taken us? They now claim, the moral majority, their moral majority, the theft and atrocity of the old world and its cavemen and their false gods, is someone else’s crime to take the fall, and that they are the rightful inheritors of the world – and regardless of their new false gods – they say all of this as if they haven’t been pretending while denying that the world has been THEIR’s all along. The entitlements of the aristocracy are now the rights of the masses, but the world has yet to see a culture or society of 100% leadership, aristocrats, kings and queens. So it is, the SLAVS (slaves, see etymology) of the world have always existed for these cold corpses of an old, dead world to enslave in chains, chokeholds, concentration camps, or modern incarnations of feudalism, or just as stupid, the ant-farm attitudes of communism or its softer Christian sister socialism. Do you see them spin and twirl? Do you see them take the burlap-sack equivalent of thought as raiment for protection in their own enfeebled and terrible minds of the terrible world and its resultant terrible physiology, that they have intentionally created on a yet unconscious lie? What is the price they ask YOU to pay for their bad conscience? Their raging and unarticulated MTHOS, and its blood drenched PATHOS turned pathology? They would have the children born into slavery and vengeance, still, again, once more, over, and over, and over again? This is an impossibility, for the child is an inevitable birth – and there is no stopping him or the bridges he will build! Do you then see, it is not the child to blame, but that the old world has no rhythm, no mind for dancing, for thinking, that is mankind’s utmost dancing? And these are the supposed educators who call their atrocity, their theft, their lies, their historic rewritings, “culture” and “higher education?” Doesn’t the American government know, or at least those who would meddle with its institutions know, that, at present times, the true culture, life, and vibrancy in America does not come out of the government, or even its institutions, but out of the populace, the pressure cooker of the American melting pot and all its horrible memories, itself? Our suffering births art, and sometimes, the best art. Once in a great while, it actually concerns itself with shaping man, not just inflicting eternal damnation and effeminate moral revenge against him who is the backbone of all civilizations, of all humanity's domains. What can I say, but:


So it is, THE LEADERS OF THEIR STILLBORN TOMORROW must try to wrap this world in a straitjacket – so it is they must assimilate all the slaves they have been stepping on for centuries, the legacy of bad millennia gone on stupidity in countless form and fashion, and still caveman insists their same old stupidity is the same path forward, what brought us here to their rapidly vanishing poison pond where they call suicide “life.” Mass forces exist to trim, tailor, edit, select, and create the same self-selection inside man, a sophisticated succession of the same old processes of stupefaction, as if public education in America and the ringing of its factory bell truly existed to elevate an ape who is the least of all apes. So it is they continue to imagine the world is theirs to own, possess, or destroy with the same effeminate caprice of their former false idol they call Christ, but perhaps the most important lesson of the last century is that, for those still embodying the physiology of our caveman legacy, even the “highest man,” the “greatest men,” of such DEAD and GONE eras, is that, when the endangered slave and tight-rope we call man continues to cry and scream over his broken mind, there is nothing more dangerous than the quintessential SLAVE who, only imagines themselves free from their same old suicidal ideations, that of a weak will who would rather destroy itself and the world, than determine anything for itself, simply because it (evolved consciousness in the western world) is too mentally ill to even have a will, let alone hone a will of its own – the very unconscious ideations and results of the decadence of democracy and Christianity itself – a religion by, of, and for all the SLAVS of the world – so it is, the will to power comes full circle. So it is, Recurrence. So it is supposedly new priest crafts, whose begotten 'thou shalls' and 'shall nots,' are hundreds of years old at best, and thousands of years old at worst. As a result of both their subconscious Christianity, and their newfound “freedom,” these subconscious "Christians" and their subterranean morality will continue to be the most dangerous slaves, the most dangerous weaklings that history has ever seen. In this regard, people still mistake that say, movements like fascism (the German National Socialists who evolved over time into one of many similar genocidal “right-wing” herd), and communism (like the Russians who became the common and resentful masses of “liberal united/empowered workers”), or even America’s and France’s Great Revolutions, who keep coming around full-circle in recurrence, are political events, or that the “left” or “right” nature of such affairs has anything to do with a herd of mentally ill, decadent, formerly Christian slaves, who remain slaves, right up until the moment they destroy me, you, and anything else anyone loves and values in this world.

AMERICA’S GREAT MENDACIOUS RACE SWINDLE – It looks to be a class war masquerading as a race war, from the top down of the powerful organizations that produce "the leaders of tomorrow." As with all wars, they are waged by the wealthy, influential, educated, and powerful. Or at least those with such pretensions and aspirations. It is - a will to power pretending - as has drug out in atrocity the last few centuries - to be a good will to and for all man – some new unity in CONSUMPTION and PREDATION – but we all see that this altruism, this supposed benevolence and its resultant paranoia and violence, isn’t exactly what it claims to be. As with slavery to the gods, to take part is to commit intellectual, emotional, and psychological suicide and the means are the same as the desired ends, which are the same as this bad physiology's origins - that of blind control and slavery, a power that lies to itself and others.

OBSESSION WITH FREEDOM AND UNFREEDOM IS ALSAYS SUSPICIOUS – Free? To what ends, for what purpose? What Americans are really seeking freedom from, is not the government, and not even their fellow Cavemen-Americans and all oppressive constituencies of powers and wills therein of many swarms of locusts. Rather. Americans are seeking freedom from is the horror show and terror of their own minds. Man has long suffered and inflicted such pathology. WHAT NIETZSCHE IS REALLY SAYING – Definitely not “Anything goes,” but it’s antipode: given our past trajectory, our current schizoid, vapid and self-defeating, self-limiting tendencies which are the same tendencies that limit other selves, an evolution of thought rife with punishment and cruelty, and it’s resultant neuroses and mental illness, very few things can come, stay, or “go” for us, with us, at all, at least with the human animal in its present incarnation, this faded and cracked rawhide stretched over bleached bones.

EVEN IN 2021, THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT STILL SEGREGATES US - Within jails and prisons, the government segregates us as Americans, not just because we don't like ourselves and each other, and we are so small and simple minded that we are afraid to associate with outsiders (often due to painful experience), but this is all a reflection of how the government has long treated sovereign American citizens "outside" of prison for the entirety of its history - as if we don't matter at all, as if we are still slaves, as if they are trying to do anything but "REHABILITATE" us. If such institutions are indeed "correctional" facilities, then what's it say that America continues to build the largest network of "correctional" facilities the world has ever seen? Had there been some "correction" to fix, we would have no doubt reached those ends by now, just as if the universe had a purpose, it would have fulfilled it already, but all this detracts from the point, that the biggest mistake so far is our pathological government itself.

OVER 100 YEARS SINCE NIETZSCHE – And in a very real sense, despite little change, even less has come yet of his work for posterity, but that of an eager classroom. At the least, little “good” has yet to come. This is to remind you, man is not the goal, aim, end, or desired result - he is only the emissary, the temporary and brief “holder,” only ever imagined “owner,” of this middle age of evolution. As it is, man, that old tight-rope walker, that egg shell layer, has thoroughly embarrassed himself to the point of extinction.

EVEN THE CULT OF AA SAW THE WRITING ON THE WALL – Seeing, saying, "Should his own image in the mirror be too awful to contemplate (and it usually is), he might first take a look at the results normal people are getting from self-sufficiency. Everywhere he sees people filled with anger and fear, society breaking up into warring fragments. Each fragment says to the others, “We are right and you are wrong.” Every such pressure group, if it is strong enough, self-righteously imposes its will upon the rest. And everywhere the same thing is being done on an individual basis. The sum of all this mighty effort is less peace and less brotherhood than before. The philosophy of self-sufficiency is not paying off. Plainly enough, it is a bone-crushing juggernaut whose final achievement is ruin." Written by American Alcoholics, 1953


“I died as mineral and became a plant, I died as plant and rose to animal, I died as animal and I was human, Why should I fear? When was I less by dying? Yet once more I shall die human, To soar with angels blessed above. And when I sacrifice my angel soul I shall become what no mind ever conceived. As a human, I will die once more, Reborn, I will with the angels soar. And when I let my angel body go, I shall be more than mortal mind can know.”

MODERN MAN – He is done for. He is to be overcame. Make way for something new. Something EVEN better.

ALWAYS ASKING WHY – We often only see necessity in retrospect - if we see it at all.

HIGHER EDUCATION – On the rare occasion, you’ll meet someone who also treats life like there is indeed treasure to find here, that that there is indeed something to learn for one’s self.

PERCEPTUAL SHORTHAND – This is an adult blindness. Or, suffering. The religious sacrifice for supposed necessity. We stop seeing, and we don’t generally see, especially that which will hurt us too deeply. This is otherwise the worst gift of an evolution and history of western slavery under a merciless and hateful god and his equally hateful and merciless believers and their lies.

MOVING ALONG – No one ever steps foot in the same river twice. Life’s river is thus.

WHAT IS POOR IN MAN - Only our attention is poor. Most else is downstream of this question.

IMAGINE IF EVERY “THOUGHT” CAUSED US PAIN – You will then begin to better understand the mental illness we call evolved consciousness in both archaic and modern man. Books are thus headaches in a box.

VIEW FROM THE TRAILER PARKS, THE GHETTO, POVERTY OF MIND, SPIRIT AND MATERIA IN THE USA – It’s like watching the world’s wealthiest, most cunning, most educated foxes argue over who gets to sack the henhouse. Or, it’s like watching aristocrats, or slave masters, argue over what best to do with the slaves (hint, the answer has always been, whatever you wealthy, "higher educated" Anglo Saxons want, and here we are again).

SLAVERY – To be "THE HELP" in one's own country. As Nietzsche points out, anyone who doesn't retain 2/3 of a day to themselves, is indeed a slave. But we have yet to see a (functional) society that doesn't look like a pyramid. One can upend it, so that all are equal in the rubble, but this is quite the conundrum.

SOUTH OF HEAVEN, NORTH OF HELL – The divine gift is not of god or the devil – not the story itself – but where it seemingly comes from, the mind – and all that has so far been poorly baked into man over an evolution of barbarism and book burning. Our libraries are far less burnable now. COURSE CORRECTING A DEGREE AT A TIME – Perception is not, reality is not what we think it is. It is one of many names of many conceptions for one of many mistakes along the way.

ON THE BOLOGICAL CAPITY FOR LANGUAGE – The first caveman with many things to see and say must have creaked and shrieked, dragging his kicking and screaming fellows into the next realm of human existence, where a fleeting dream world took on permanent forms in the mind. The stretching and expansions of the vocal chords, as witnessed from one primate to another, was reflected and mirrored directly in the mind, making language a strange and new sense capacity beyond what had so far been established in other animals whose loops and patterns worked seemingly good enough for them to not have to stretch their language to the point of something like an almost sentient, self-aware, and autonomous creature, or at least, a self-assumed sort of animal the likes of which the animal kingdom on this planet, for those who have witnessed themselves, seems to assume, and we are not even the only animal that can "recognize" itself in a mirror, or any reflection we do or don't see in the world. As it is, animals more peaceably retain their "spontaneity," their lack of guilt and good conscience in all their expressions, including their violence. So it is, the grunting continues.

IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO SEE AND KNOW WHAT YOU ARE – It is not mere knowledge, or for any sake, but a question and matter of what you might become. METHOD AND MADNESS – The void is indeed infinite, the abyss bottomless, but for our sake, we can call the ultimate purpose here a dredging for snakes. At the bottom of the abyss is a soft and spongy ground slithering with all manner of categorized and uncategorized creatures. Some need to be kept as good pets. Some need to be killed. Most seem to need be named and classified. Some need to be worn like garments and trophies; some need to be embodied; and still more need to be used as currency. Philosophy is the necessary dredging of snakes. The ultimate art. PAIN – It can bring the utmost clarity, yet, more often than not, it simply destroys people, breaks their minds, and possesses them – the creation of scarecrows, clarion cawing of wanton fear and malice, the genesis of ever further refined malevolence and loathing. But who else can carry their pain for them? Just who or what would be their god, then? Something all too familiar – yet completely alien. Death itself. HOW TO QUICKLY DISSECT ANY PHILOSOPHER – Find their pet project(s) they return to the most, ask why it matters, what is its rule, exception, and function - who laid the sense and meaning into it- what are its expressed aims? How does it propose to achieve these aims? Why is it worded as it is, and does it actually seek clear communication rather than obfuscation and cleverness? What are its proposed power-plays, covert or overt? What are its true values, if it has any, or any worth having, at all? And this is just a bare bones beginning, measure, and standard. With this method, and its continual refinement in questions and answers, you will see that most “philosophers” are simply two-bit criminals who call their theft education, attempting to cheat themselves, and YOU, out of life. The notion that "there is no ultimate goal, aim, or truth to seek here" is merely a cover for the failure of individual and collectivist "philosophies," though "journalism" or "politics" are often better terms. HUMAN PERSPECTIVES WORK AS SUCH – “I love all dogs.” That is all well and good, but you should also know that all dogs do not and will not, or simply cannot, love you. NIETZSCHE WILL ANSWER MANY QUESTIONS FOR YOU – But most of the time, he throws a pile of snakes in your lap, and says, YOU DEAL WITH THIS! In fact, his entire Philosophy is a knotted ball of snakes. Why? Because there are gates that exist outside the page and the world, and only in the mind. No man can do everything for another, especially a Buddha or a Nietzsche, and especially to or for every Philosophical aspirants.

APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE FOR SOME PERSPECTIVE – Nietzsche is indeed the penultimate philosopher, but even HE spends too much time vastly oversimplifying. TERMINAL VELOCITY – Where and when does communication drag? What is communication’s utmost potential and speed? We do not know.

EDUCATION – We’re nowhere near mastering this, especially as a useful system beyond mere pragmatic, utilitarian, factory worker training, the production of drones, as well as its inversion in the creation of "leaders of tomorrow." What now that the workers have been replaced by others, humans, or artificial intelligence? The species is currently having a very hard time cracking this code, for the ultimate and rarest few who ever attempt in the first place. We still have yet to articulate, express, and create a science of thought, a science of enlightenment, and some people speak, namely those from institutional seats and origins, as if this was ever the goal in the first place, as if humanity ever had a goal in the first place, a real plan, a unified purpose. I've been lectured and condescended from some in such seats, but I became me despite our institutions in the US, NOT because of them, as THEY had very different GOALS AND AIMS for me, but I did have at least a handful of educators in these systems that can happily take part of the blame, for, how dare they encourage me, or teach me!

ESCAPE VELOCITY – You might not know when you hit it, but it doesn’t even matter if you see it, at first. What matters is your trajectory, angle, and of course, the quality of your fuel, and how you obtain it. Who else would have the keys to your ignition? NIHILISM, ONE OF MANY SLIPPERY BRIDGES – Just because you see no purpose doesn’t mean there isn’t one. SLIP, FALL, RISE AGAIN – Just because you have a purpose, doesn’t mean your purpose isn’t a problem, or even THE problem.

MIRACLE WORKERS – “I wanna raise the dead.”

YONDER SHORE – Far removed from the frantic shore whose people can only run up and down the banks, everything is bound to wash up again. The buried treasures will be unearthed, the secrets will be discovered, and what was intentionally and unintentionally hidden, will be found.

NIHILISM – Nothing other than necessary growing pains. A curse towards no desirable, or good end. PESSIMISM – The spirit of trying to house spirit in a world that refuses. An elegant way to curse, perhaps?

HOLDING ONTO WHAT – Maybe the point isn’t to bitterly grasp at life until you leave claw marks in man and the world. Maybe the point is letting go. But a letting go of what though? Everything that is not yours to keep in this life or its final destination.

THE WINDS OF CHANGE – Are always blowing. Man is always resisting, hating, cursing, spitting. Alas, the solar winds have come to cleanse the old world with light.

“TYPE 2 FUN” – Must you risk your life, to awaken your time to life? Must you destroy yourself, to find a secret behind the ruin? So it is many seek - and so it is many lose their life in this very same process. But you only feel alive and attentive when attempting death defying stunts and luxurious decadent feats? Where then have you gone wrong that you would depend on such threats of annihilation? What challenge is this world really demanding? Where then is the rest of your waking life, when only fear reaches you? When only fear tells you that you are alive? This is separate from mastery and power, but where all converge, so it is the case that one may not find new life without killing the old one. Even playing it safe, one risks life and limb everyday whether they grasp this fact or not - so it is, flesh and blood make for the grandest and oldest of sacrifices.

BLOOD SACRIFICES WILL IN FACT BE TAKEN ANYWAY – Either give them - or be given away to something not of your making.

COMING AND GOING – He never came. For, he is not here now, and might as well have never been. He never went, for look at what he left behind. We simply cannot avoid him even if he wanted. Who? Why the awakened ones, who never came nor went.

GOD – We didn’t know, but we had to tell these stories anyway. APOTHEOSIS – Man free of gods. Man then the closest thing (in us) to our conception of god. What then is god? Everything beyond our sight, our old sight, the mental illness of an accursed dream - and maybe even something akin to Mainlander's conceptions had it right, a creative explosion that was dying in its eternal accretions and destructions, tearing itself apart, until nothing is left - but what then is this nothing - and what is beyond even it? Nietzsche correctly ascertained "that anything can happen," (i.e., a solar flare, a gamma ray burst, an asteroid smashing into Earth, a radiation burst that wipes out the planet, a symphony of destruction and creation, and an inherited reflection of it in what we imagine we "created" for ourselves).

THE PROVERBIAL ARCHITECT – Does anyone else on the jobsite truly have the same vision and understanding of any given project?

JUNG IS – A genius in his own right, but most of his attempts to evaluate Nietzsche reads as using a microscope to fix a telescope. Nietzsche is far more conscious than the doctor gives him credit for, nor can what emerges from a shadow ever encompass or escape it.

AN OLD RUMOR – That it was Jung or Freud who said, "Show me a sane man, and I will cure him for you."

OF THE HERD IMPULSE – Is to be of the "sane" and "good" men.

YE FOOLS INDEED – How can a man ever overcome his weakness, if he won’t even acknowledge it, let alone set to work exacting its pernicious drag and friction from his soul? That is, how can a man overcome his hatred, his weakness, his love, that is, his crippling attachments to his own imagination’s productions, if he isn’t even aware that they don't exist?

SYLLABLES AND DECIBELS, HE DIDN’T MISS A BEAT – Would you like some perspective on the last 20 years in the USA? I haven’t used social media in over a decade. From the distant, thoroughly inoculated realms of my own endeavors, I have watched this world and those in it further deceive, confuse, and destroy themselves, one another, and our civilization as a whole - this being a sort-of goal in the first place. For the uncomprehending, they look to this world, and optimistically tell themselves, “This as bad as it gets, but fortunately it can’t or won’t get worse, this is simply impossible.” I’m here to remind you that, it can and will indeed get much worse, but so goes these long elliptical shifts and epileptic fits in being, dancing, dreaming and its living consciousness.

TO NEVER BE SEEN IN THIS WORLD – The unaware, the self-obsessed and falsely self-possessed remain blissfully unseeing. For the aware man, it is a dismal hell on Earth, but this notion betrays the nature of his “awareness” and his knowledge, namely that it is incomplete. As Cioran wrote, “Man starts over again every day, in spite of all he knows, against all he knows,” but maybe when he dies, at least God will see man, and maybe then man will be recognized as an object worthy of study, respect, honor, artful comprehension, and a love beyond its regressive mean. But how does this all look to the enlightened man? It is simply too HILARIOUS, to not be happy, to not laugh. I apologize if this seems inappropriate, but the laughter of children is free from this baggage, and all decadent connotations. ANYTHING BUT THE FAIRER SEX – You are right to observe that I hold much criticism for men and their weakness, namely their blindness – and this is why I teach – to bring deliverance unto men who have the mind and power to see, thus will themselves into life, this only life – awaken your time brothers, I say, and they say, HAPPILY. If you think any critique I have of women is any less concise, exacting, demanding, and thorough than my criticism for men, then you’d be mistaken; however, criticizing and critiquing modern women would require me to treat women equally, and as all savvy, modern men know, women see equality as punishment. This is in part why modern women insist on equality, for everybody else. All such women, from time immemorial, have always been the cheerleaders of all police and government, since under them, due to the needs and demands of reproduction, women generally have a good time (Aristotle), but few truly side with men, that is, modern women are having a hell of a time making rational, intelligent, and prudent choices for humanity’s survival, let alone their own happiness. Naturally, guess who’s to blame? That said, there is nothing that visibly or in theory precludes women from enlightenment, as in men, it seems to be a scant aspiration, a botched affair in the first place, the furthest and never to be found of attainments. More so, there has been enough criticism of men to last our species a few more decadent millennia and for many judgment days to come, whether the revelations are of Christ's second coming, or our secular, scientific, and political forecasts, be it concerns over the proverbial Malthusian gallows, global warming, or World War III. This is not in fact a critique of men and their natural desires for power and survival, rank and order, rather, it is a critique of all forces, informants, worms, and generally miserable people that hold men back, therein.

TO JUDGE WISELY, IS TO SEE THE LACK OF A WISE JUDGE IN MAN – The Buddha rendered his judgment - all life is sacred - yet man is to seek quietus therein, for he is otherwise naught but destroyer of everything he does and doesn’t build on his own – the greatest tormenter being what he calls his own “mind,” or “heart,” or “heart-mind,” (the coalescence of something more inside) the trampling horsemen of the ages, whipping the reigns in sleep, drug behind his own dream, subject to subterranean forces of the psyche. How can Westerners, being victim to the great decadent spirit, being great gorgers, pillagers, and blind taste testers of life, understand this - especially when our god is an old, dead maid - frozen in an eternal scream on ossified ears, who sees life as so evil, hateful, and wicked, that god himself (the aristocracy and its peasant masses) and his world must be destroyed? That is, that it is all DESERVING of being destroyed. Yet, if you want enlightenment, then you must give up your judgments too, that of good and bad, for or against, praise and blame, and then you just might begin to see and find something more.

HE SAID IT HIMSELF, FEW ARE BEYOND REPROACH – Why do you detach to not suffer? Because it is simply easier - less wrestling with the confusion of the religious bad conscience, the tiredness of life, the morbidity of decline. Why do you think the Buddha abandoned his son whom he named “fetter,” his kingdom, and his wife? More so, all of this had failed the Buddha. Just what were HIS expectations? Why – they were INHUMAN. Yet - this “detachment” doesn’t come without a tradeoff. Just look at all the rich learning opportunities a naive, unenlightened prince ran from, rather than learned from, and so found a great prize where he found it. Do you see even his shell game? This is to say, if you seek enlightenment – don’t run away – embrace what you find. That is, burn it all away with the utmost of INHUMAN attention.

THE WISEST WESTERN SCIENTISTS – Understand that the methods and practices of Philosophy itself is a process not just to see, but to change one's "self" in the process. From doctor to patient, teacher to student, this process work both ways. This is alchemy. At its greatest of chthonic depths and cosmic heights, it is understanding physiological transmutations. This is also another reminder that OBJECTIVITY IS CHEAP.

A MOST SLOPPY SOLIPSISM– Man, his ideas, beliefs, and morality, are an unmapped constellation in and of his own mind. Do you see where and how he mistakes his fiery star for that of the universe, both unchained from the other? The real secrets have always hidden in just who and what man is truly worshipping. This religious feeling of reverence? It is for OURSELVES, but it is seen as much more polite, that is, good taste, to offer one’s devotion and FEELINGS to God, or whatever the rank, order, and tyranny and its slavery is, of the day.

WHICH DOES MAN BELIEVE MORE – That thought is good, so use it? Or that thought is bad, so don't use it? Or use it simply because we can? That we must be punished for it, merely for supposedly being our own perception of a being that seemingly thinks? That thought can actually "protect" us? Does anyone believe we "think" at all?

HE WAS KIND OF AN ASSHOLE – Did the Buddha go too far? Perhaps. Did he need to realize no one was home? For himself, and most obviously, yes. It burned within him and the legends and mysticism reflect this in the mythological legends of this princely hero. For anyone else who feels this pulse of the blood, this will of the heart, this yearning of the mind, what suffering! Pain as a way of life, is a way of life to everything that is beyond merely man, the least of all the Great Apes.

EGO OBSESSION – Common to Western Buddhist dabblers, contraposed to elder wisdom, never once does the Buddha mention the ego, as that word was cooked up in the last few centuries, and driven into a bleeding Earth in the 19th and 20th century’s exhaustion, that of an indolent, bare-bones psychological awakening in the births of horror above horror, genocide above genocide (the result of decadence and decline, in fact, or a product born therein), though westerners and their victims had already been suffering under the church for centuries, near two millennia standing. Rather, ego is an obsession, attachment, and mania that western dabblers have stapled to Buddha and his teachings, a conception which doesn’t belong, especially since the word “ego” and its meanings, etymology, history and study, did NOT exist in Buddha’s time, as the Indus Valley had its own refined Philosophical conceptions of self and its place in the universe, of which many complex systems were developed well before the Buddha was born around 500 B.C. - and much of the sophisticated Indian models of psychology, philosophy, and religion that the Buddha used, or that which is attributed to him, predates even Buddha Shakyamuni in the thoughts, developments and stories of Vedic, Jainist, or other religious systems, as India has a wide array of cultures, religions and seekers within the larger peoples, cultures, country and nation. More so, the Buddha understood that the body, the mind, the heart-mind, is the very same vessel one uses to find enlightenment, and there is no ego to be killed, controlled, or destroyed (the misnomers surrounding what has long been called something like "ego death") - only a fierce, seemingly other-worldly attention to be forged, created - but leave it to Westerners to mistake the infinitude of an expanding consciousness beyond the sort of clumsy western graspings of which people are terrified to leave in further pursuit and exploration, with a conception of DEATH itself, when BIRTH and REBIRTH are in fact far more accurate and astute conceptions ("astute" as in not merely intelligent, but wise). As it is, the old Indian Philosophers and their descendants exist on a different Philosophical timeline (of which, say, the Anglo Saxons of the British Empire were too blind and oafish to even see, at least at first), and despite any suspicious "familiarities" noted in and of consciousness of people of all times and places, this is a context and understanding of which shallow, modern, western notions of equality actually destroy and level people and their cultures, for, NO, not all ideas, things and people are the same, or equal. The refusal or inability to acknowledge distances and differences herein is the grandest of lies - and how cretins of all times and places have often justified their carelessness, their laziness, and of course, their violence, often mistaking the superior, and the superior value hidden therein. As for the Buddha, many of "his" ideas and conceptions, predate even the Buddha himself, including the search for enlightenment, supreme wisdom. From their past heroes, Eastern Philosophers carried forth thousands of years of history and understanding of Philosophy and man, and they could relate it with a practical approach to life and survival, yet this “carrying forth” in the west is instead the most garbled and muddled of spiritualties, a real hatchet job AGAINST consciousness, and all its contrivances, without concern of any hatchet job of the East (that is, their own desires, values, motivations, errors). Much of archaic and modern religion has the trash heap’s ideas unaskingly, or stupidly attached to them, tacked to them, or naturally, nailed to their crosses, if only for the reason the west has been so sloppy and not forward thinking in its production of suffering, which is also its ongoing production of consciousness. In the USA, this spells mass mental illness, and the ongoing schizoid, hostile, egoistic climate from the bottom to the top of American culture and society creates an intolerable condition to all, and so further pushes the populace into an exaggerated state of their preexisting conditions (mental illnesses dredged in worry, fear, stress, snapping, suicide and homicide, and all similar coping means). So it is, the personality of a seeker in question likes to say, likes to ask, likes to sing, “Down to the lowest common denominator we travel; down into the depths of shallow conception born millennia in the future we arrive, for we have the key, don't we?” No, but a blessing, to your MISUNDERSTANDING. An expansion of consciousness, any expansion of consciousness at all, is better than its recurrent and proverbial stagnation, its own lack of will that manifests in the will to rot, decay, and destruction itself, but who's to say which plateau might be the "last," or the one that is even tolerable enough to survive?

THE PARANORMAL, SUPERNATURAL, MYTHIC, EVEN IN MEDITATION AND DRUGS – Anything and everything may indeed turn out to be a tool, and it is for the discerning man to determine their uses, yet, each tool retains its distractions, its false leads, its potential misunderstanding and misapplication, and there is no promise that won't get disastrous results of any and all experimentation, and so life is awash in many warnings, especially to those who would attempt to stop fooling at least themselves, to understand feelings, perceptions, behaviors, and their true sources, instead of hedonically indulging these byways and highways and side paths that quickly become lost in overgrown thickets and dead-ends, that is, letting meditation, speculation, and any and all phenomenon rule and dominate you (or even art and Philosophy), is a mistake, a trap, man falling into the helplessness of the unmitigated hell of endless potential, but nothing yet realized, or, "to be realized," that is, a physiological change. Caprice, naïveté, distraction, obsessing on lesser and unimportant phenomena, rather, there may be no such thing, but it is a matter of prioritization, focusing of attention, as opposed to a lack of discipline in one’s studies and methods. These distractions, these visions, these ideals, will always take men further away from enlightenment, and not towards it. Though, for what it’s worth, there are technically “no wrong turns.” provided one finds their way again, but most humanity lives and dies on these wrong turns, and that would be the proverbial story-book “bad ending” that nobody wants, but many end on, often with great fatalistic, nihilistic, and even religious flourish. Who and how many truly escape death? Instead, hone and focus your attention on this reality, with both eyes open to expand vision in the third eye, the mind’s eye – your very life and happiness might just depend on it!

CIRCLING THE DRAIN – Our wisdom and morality cannot keep pace with our Frankensteins and their technology, and the Christian morality that fuels the furnaces and the cattle cars. This is why mankind has produced methods of destroying, repressing and controlling the species faster than they can ever produce anything to reliably expand consciousness, even government education itself, including that of the scientist. More fascinating, why do people ever assume the aim was the elevation of man in the first place?

HOW YOU SPEND YOURSELVES – At the gym, the dojo, the desk, online, at work, on the jobsite, with the family, alone, abroad, inside, outside, we all wear many hats and masks, a proverbial costume show and parade in truth of our pomp and vanity - but what is the real cost? Each day we grow and learn to peak and decay if but a bit more, and it is often in the twilight years, where man is most degraded, worn down, and least fit to judge, that he would cast his trembling shadows across the history of both his life and the world. While life is a matter of priorities and discretions, man squanders his precious calories, his precious time, his previous energy, with every dying day - often in long bouts of prescribed habits and modular, disassociated routines, and the over-indulgence of many a bad habit, spending a bit more of himself to gain just what exactly? How much time? How much private laziness and so many dirty little secrets? Can you hear their bad conscience? So it is, man lives longer to tear and break his mind down quicker, yet, do these longer lives shed more fruit? Or so much shedding of scaly, indigestible skin? Have more spirits been freed from vengeance? Has mankind’s religions at the end of a sword ever made him more kind, considerate, or thoughtful in totality, when the notion of loving one's neighbor is as out of place and time as much today as it was 2,000 years ago? How could anyone ever embody this inhuman standard, especially when general standards have been that of conflict, punishment, and cruelty in perpetuity? This is what happens when amateurs wield dangerous swords, not that proficiency or consideration has ever stopped a bad idea held in all the "wrong hands," and more. Has this approach otherwise addressed or mitigated the inherent problems of recurrence, the condition of the sleepwalkers, and the true atavism of man’s barbarism, that is, the sophisticated masks of our stupidity and squander that, for the time being, presents itself in perpetuity? As it is, a new day dawns, and dawns again into its own horrible condition, that is, man’s fatality here in the US, as a new species bred for failure and dependency. This new day’s early morning is a cold and clarion sun, crisp, and shrieking despite the dull pall it casts on history’s dusty bookshelves and empty heads, a misleading forecast of the coming heat wave.

EVERYONE HAS THEIR HABITS – And that is precisely where most get stuck. Life becomes little more than habit, impulse, proxy to power - and what then is the difference between a safe little hole to lie in, and the grave? Why, the depth of course.

ROUTINE – Now that life is filed away safely, risk is eliminated, killer instincts have been supposedly curtailed - we can carry on thoughtlessly and carelessly, and man can die without having to physically die.

ADDICTION – Everyone has their addictions, just as they have preferences like aesthetics. Novelty, growth and change are at least better muses.

EXPERIMENTATION – Is necessary to see, do, or become anything beyond what is already known; experimentation is required to go beyond what is present in the world already, or beyond what is currently understood.

THE EASY CHAIR - Beware of thinkers who do their "thinking" while sitting.

RULES – Man and woman have long parroted the “rules” as if in a trance. That is, to this day, the cavemen and cavewomen of this planet still stupidly believe that morality was devised and codified for “the good of man,” instead of their utter control and slavery of man. This perceptual shorthand was necessary, but the sum total of history has been at least this: to make us better readers.

THE EVOLUTION OF THE PARROT – Some 6.5 billion people reside on this planet. Ask any one of them what the rules are, and the given rules and the rule sets will vary wildly person to person within cultures, let alone between cultures, but not a single living person wrote or created these values. It seems we evolved to be parrots. That is, the trance, the perceptual shorthand of religion and man and their evolution didn’t mean to be a farce, but now that we see it, it is up to us to fix it.

YOU SEE THIS WORLD AS MORE OF A FARCE THAN YOU – Who and what’s to say that you’re not the problem? Or, one of many problems? Or, one of many parts of the ape man’s problems in the first place? THE IMPROVERS OF MAN – A guiding hand has always been necessary regardless of the rabble’s resentment. So it is, an individual inevitably comes along to FORCE our hand. That “force” may be or mean a number of things, but it always means the same thing: CHANGE, and thank hell for that. “THINKING” – In the least of all apes we called “man,” thinking was always an excuse, a cover, a lie, and man didn’t even know it. To this day, he still doesn’t know it, out of both ignorance, willful obstinacy, and a profound laziness that has always been “in the name of survival,” that is, god, country, and kingdom. It’s an old story, and how it plays out these days is EMBARRESING at that. Modern man’s spirit compared to archaic man is flimsy, meager, and weak.

ACTION – If you're philosophy requires, purports, or posits no action, it is not Philosophy at all, but likely a bad dream, a bad habit, or a mental illness.

DEEP DOWN INSIDE – We know what we are. And that’s precisely what makes life hard for people. The world isn’t a problem, or the problem. Man and woman themselves are the problem.

SERVING A LIFE SENTENCE – How many, in fact, condemn themselves?

IT’S NOT ALWAYS WHAT YOU THINK – As Cioran writes, to some, torment is the objective, aim, and honor.

FOREVER IN DEBT – Coercion may come at the behest of an individual, a family, a mob, a herd, a church, an academy, and the state, but the final act of declaring bankruptcy on one’s own vision, mind and experience is always a choice - a matter of a strong or weak will.

LIMITATIONS, DEPENDENCE, ADDICTION – You’re not going to Google your way out of this one.

ADAPTATION – Learning to survive no matter what, no matter how, no matter whom. TO US, WE ONLY THINK IT MEANS NOTHING – We traipse through the world pissing on any and every post we find, and only the rest of the animals (still) pay attention to what this truly means. Just what is it, you ask? Why, that something here smells funny.

BONDAGE – It’s touching to see those who think they’ve intellectually evolved themselves beyond biological fact, and our particular physical limitations in mind and body in the world we inhabit. Nietzsche's words come to mind when it comes to such shallow, naïve, and childish utopian thinkers, if we can even call them "thinkers” at all:

"Everything, contemporary art and science included, serves the coming barbarism. The cultured man has degenerated to the greatest enemy of culture, for he wants lyingly to deny the existence of the universal sickness and thus obstructs the physicians. They become incensed, these poor wretches, whenever one speaks of their weakness and resists their pernicious lying spirit. They would dearly like to make us believe that of all the centuries theirs has borne the prize away, and they shake with artificial merriment. Their way of hypocritically simulating happiness sometimes has something touching about it, because their happiness is something so completely incomprehensible." THE AMERICAN ZYGOTE – Product of not just a dysfunctional family and a young, shallow culture, but now its marketable product. That is, the American zygote is taught to be an angry consumer, and are largely a group of pampered, privileged city kids raised with too little struggle, too little appreciation for the need to struggle in life, far too much time on their hands, and nothing to do with it but what their government education and media socialization tells (demands) them to. All the same, for those who complain about the “youth,” it is their children, their nation, their government, their government schools, their culture of no culture – and resenting one’s own culture of babies having babies.

THE SOCRATIC DEVIL - It is rumored Socrates didn’t want his work written down, due to others running the eventuality of misrepresenting or miscomprehending his ideas. Oh? You want to maintain the tightest control at all times? But of course. You and everyone else. RELIGIOUS PEOPLE – They believe this very universe, this very world was created just for them. Who then does this world belong to? In their minds, the Earth (i.e., their self) is still the center of the universe.

DROPPING THE DEAD-WEIGHT – Imagine thinking the archaic past and its profound lack of understanding and utter lack of workable goals is our "better" future. MORALITY IS THE CONSOLATION PRIZE – After all, you traded your power for it. It’s supposed to feel at least a little good, before it controls, dominates and subjugates your mind, thus your life, but most people run along the ingrained cultural instincts of hundreds and thousands of years of "our" own programming codes that are NOT so secret anymore. This doesn't even speak to our lack of sophistication in such matters in the first place.

ALL COMMON MORALITY AND VALUES – It is the headspace of which the MASTERS themselves carved. Slaves can’t help but fall into it and find no way out. Their fate has ALWAYS been engineered thus, for us, for them.

DEVIL SPEAKS IN AND IN – Oh yes, none of these modern worms pretending to be men will DARE claim power for themselves. They’re instead the freedom fighters of mankind! They are the standard bearers of justice! They are the ambitious snakes pretending their priest craft is a self-sacrifice for someone else instead of their own petty desires for power which they must hide, due to Christianity, and now politics’ long-standing herd impulses and its resultant bad conscience, and bad taste, namely letting a man be a man. Namely, letting a man aspire as he can and does regardless of the authorization of a tribe, a herd, a state.

WESTERN WORLD 2021 – To watch the sad children of today build a future world somehow even sadder for tomorrow with mankind’s quintessential stone-age tools of hate, fear and stupidity, is perhaps both the most pathetic and heart-breaking event of the present modern world. This could all change tomorrow, for all we know - yet even then there is no guarantee that it will be for better or worse. IN TRANSIT – Some day, we, in any meaningful number and manner, might actually evolve to value life. This may or may not happen before our species destroys itself or our home, or something else destroys us and/or our home. But with Homo sapiens gone, one can only imagine the great evolutionary potential of whatever “dominant” creature comes next.

THE MATRIX – The machine has to accept the human, to fix itself (again). What was the function? To resolve the disaster that were the hostile brothers the system itself created. As for our future, we are beyond all "welcomes" to the machine. We've been gone on it all along.

IT IS THE SAME OLD PROPHECY – Our religious technology does not match the sophistication of modern man's cascading dilemmas, decadence and disasters. ITS NOT A CRIME TO BE POOR IN AMERICA, BUT IT MIGHT AS WELL BE – That’s all there is to this one, except to say, Americans hate themselves for their poverty and suffering. “THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL” – Is another way of saying “we’re government informants," but they won't admit they work for the state, and not this man, or the better man to come. THE RELIGIOUS INSTINCT – Growing up as apes, we tricked ourselves. We mistook the own ever-watching eyes of our own, and our fellow predator and prey, for that of an ever-watching god.

IN MY TRAVELS – My father was quite the facilitator. On our road trips from here to there, he was never more excited than when we saw hitch-hikers, the crustier and more dangerous looking, the better. My father was always happiest helping people get from here to there, for at least some span of distance on their journey. This is an old ideal, and not so long ago, a very American ideal.

CHANCES ARE YOU SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED – The Buddha wasn’t just ashamed of his humanity, he was just as much embarrassed of it as he was terrified of it (the passions). Thus he suffered. Thus he engineered HIS way out. Nietzsche is no different. What of modern man then? He doesn’t overcome. Why? Because he has been following his circular and deathly ape logic to his demise for millennia now. Yes. It is indeed EMBARRASSING. But seldom is there a family reunion without its relevant drama, and seldom is there a family without its criminal(s).

COMMUNICATION THROUGH THE AGES – We have been playing a game of telephone on down the centuries. Did we forget to pick up? Or remember? Or did we forget – that is – did we make the mistake of thinking we had remembered?

BETTER TO REMEMBER OR FORGET – One cannot in fact remember any pain. Pain is ONLY ever known in the present - as is the suffering birthed of both remembering and forgetting, or remembering while trying to forget, or forgetting while trying to remember. What one ever suffers from is only ever in the present. It is mind and imagination that subjugate the physiology to the bad ideals, bad ideas, and bad conceptions of the past, as it is the body that has been following all along. One thinks they remember feeling poorly, badly, but feelings are only ever felt in the present, with the beating of the heart and the will behind it.

A “SAD” TRUTH – I’ve read a lot. Not as much as the scholar or the academic, because I’ve never been either. But I have searched, because it is necessary, especially for the novice’s path to wisdom, and I have read, and I had exhausted everyone and everything. There comes a point in reading an author, a philosophy, a poet, a writer of fiction, a theoretician, when you eventually HAVE to ask, BUT WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE TO SAY? But there is no answer coming, because it cannot come. Often, they are saying nothing at all.


THEY WON’T BE HAPPY ANYWAY – Only at my most belligerent and idiotic, did I throw myself at problems, or attack, bravely and stupidly. I have let myself grow, swell, ebb and flow like the ocean tides, until I am bigger than my problems.

IF IT WERE A DIFFERENT TIME OR KINGDOM – I would be perfectly happy to never open my mouth, that is, I would hold myself in contempt for spoiling man’s good will, and good humor – but there is a problem – for I see so little good will, or will period, and since I also see so little good humor, this is the precise problem that has demanded my answer.

WORDS OF THE MOST UNTHINKING APE – Yes. People just don’t have time to think. They are simply too busy. And, what, may I ask, other excuses do you have?

FOOLING ONE'S SELF TO WISDOM – If you’re a supposedly happy person, and a wealthy person, or a powerful and influential person, why would you ever become a Buddhist? Buddhists are Buddhists because they have no answers of their own, and follow someone else’s path due to their own lack of merit, that is, their own suffering and fears, of which they rely upon another to give both meaning, and methodology and approach.

ATTENTION I – The warrior’s largest battles are always with the cobwebs of his mind. Clarity is required for both situational awareness, and what can best be called "certainty."

ATTENTION II – If men’s duty is to master a task so as to require utmost attention, that he may forget all else but attention, then what is otherwise so bad or preferential as a matter to ignore, that man would seek activity as such? Even this ZEN is suspicious, that is to ask why the practitioner is otherwise such poor company for himself – that he would need to escape it? The young anchorite may realize that something is wrong, yet he hides in the robes of another?

ATTENTION III – To be or not to be, to discern or perish.

ATTENTION IV – To burn with inhuman desire.

ATTENTION V – To see Mars in all things. To extinguish even this. To give up this, to bring your attention to anything and everything that is beyond.

THE PEN AND THE SWORD – If I ask you your Philosophical position in life, and you send ammunition, back down my range, what does that tell me of your answer?

WET AND DREARY ON DRY LAND – You would use a raft to cross a river, and then insist on carrying that raft on your suffering back through the dreamscapes of your life, or worse, an eternity of such beastly burdening?

FREEZE – The gaze of an animal caught in the act of “something it ‘should not’ be doing – or, caught in the act period. Enlightenment requires the approach of the natural born scientist, the natural born psychologist. My favorite study, after decades of studying man, plant, and beast, is that look that all animals give, when “caught” in the act. What act is that? The act of a supposedly outside observer, observing them, especially when the subject is engaging in something that is strange, forbidden, or misunderstood, be it to animal or man, those that live here love a good chase, and almost all critters engage in such behavior anyway (at least when no one is looking) - that is - we inevitably wander through homes and territories, including those not considered to be ours by other animals still. As it is, what animals physiologically know, and somehow perceive (insects and "eye spots," bats and sonar, etc.), is that DANGER ABOUNDS. METHODS OF COPING – This is what you think of man? That somehow, destruction, war, suicide, homicide, and genocide aren’t logical and value-based means of man and woman’s morality when it comes to coping with life? All three are common and well used to the present day. Who still thinks this is aberrant behavior? Is it a return to the mean, or the mean itself? Conflict? It’s as if all of mankind prefers failure, but I suppose this is ingenious, since you can always blame yourself, or someone or something else. What is all this? Often the normal behavior of the averagely hateful, or, the happiness of the evil ones, by their own morality and values.

SCIENCE OF ENLIGHTENMENT – For practical application, the question of reverse engineering a superior way to think or be (one’s physiology) and a superior philosophy from a clearly inferior philosophy and a lack of thought, would be to question every last supposition in the inferior philosophy, which any advanced student would already be doing, or naturally be doing. But from there, we have to consider how these garbage "values" and trash "ideas" get in our way and prevent us from loving our fate, as I maintain myself, as the Greeks themselves knew, that man can't love his fate if he doesn't understand his place in it.

AN EVER NARROWING PATH – Is not limitation, merely discipline, but seeing and honing that of infinite potential, the nature of the universe as far as we can tell.

UNDERSTANDING HUMANITY – Civilization itself is a refined and refining endeavor, a Greek endeavor, and many others’ endeavors gone south, sour, wrong, lost or afoul, but it is the philological nature of each mechanism and its outgrowths and ideals that are to be understood, if anything is to be understood at all. If man is the malleable phenome, and the larger ontological structure and metaphysical framework are the complete sentences for each of these widespread productions (never mind thoughts of genetics and codes) - then it is imperative modern man understand the grammar and syntax of these structures that make up our psychological, that is our physiological, that is our physical dwelling places - do you see the root word - physis? That is the kernel which carries the dictum, perhaps the only first principle one could nail to nature, until they are no longer here to do so, that of man’s labor, purpose, meaning, and transcendence –“DISCERN OR PERISH,” is its first and final rule, and that which undergirds all of man’s being, even if he refuses to stand for the occasion, that is, the accounting of humanity’s time and life. Of course he fears what the BOOK OF LIFE says of him. Of course he’d prefer extinction and destruction - it seems he prefers it, be it of laziness, decadence, or gleeful desire itself. This might otherwise be considered a lack or slack of duty, but it's just as well that the rightful species to inherit the Earth simply hasn't evolved into being yet, and at this rate, won't be here for at least another 5,000 or so years.

SIMULATED HUMANITY – Economists, scientists, bean counters, and even evolutionary minded biologists and psychologists keep making the same mistakes. They think they can apply their “effects,” their games, their theories that came long after causes they can’t even trace, to crack the code of humanity in the past, present, and future - to solve our problems - but their “effect” does not follow man’s cause, the earth’s cause, or the universe’s cause - that of in fact no cause of which we can conceive, or perceive. We will be making these post hoc rationalization until man himself is extinct, as the species lives on like sick animals in a well curated and systematized zoo, not too far removed from the predicament at present, as our Physiology, at least in America, has not kept up with our "civilization," of which it is questionable that we can even call it that. They say technology just might save us – save us for what? The ovens? The factory farm? No. This alone will not do for the children at all.

SCIENTIFIC REDUCTIONISM – This is life’s reckless deadening in the pointless, joyless counting of beans. Such thinkers collect knowledge and information to display as if life was nothing but one great funeral. So it is much of the information they provide, like life itself, is a bloodless butterfly in a jar, a collection of insects pinned in a box - and man is left wanting for some creature who can demonstrate vitality. Science in and of itself, as with any single thing in and of itself, is not a suitable substrate in and of itself, for either a man, or a civilization.

HISTORIC FOLLLY ON A GRAND SCALE – Man’s biggest mistake was to assume anything and everything of himself, his world, his gods, his rationale, and his morals. Modern man’s biggest mistake is thinking even the tiniest inkling of this matter, easily identified or observed but not understood, is obvious, easy to understand, or worse, easy to learn, that is, easy for a man to unlearn his broken physiology and its bad conscience, it’s debts of salvation to myriad heavens and hells, and the entire mental and emotional system that makes it tick and twitch, worry and suffer so. None of this is in fact natural. It is only what has been seen as natural. Due to what? Trauma. What we call a sort of “standard” human consciousness, that is, mental illness, yet man is no longer shackled in the same old cave.

ENTRENCHED – Modern man’s and modern woman’s reaction to the brutal cultural repression of modern life is the evermore schizoid, piggish, entrenchment into the ideological shantytowns, ghettos, and trailer parks of their minds. If one is to find enlightenment, you must know both your strength and weakness, and if you miss the entire point (such as, finding the capital T Truth), and are foolish enough to “build” in the first place, building on your weakness, your ignorance, is picking a foolish place to die. But maybe the flood only washes away the mud hut in the mud mind. Maybe, this is just what is in order. Maybe men need their foolishness as much as their genius. Maybe all this was even necessary. And of course, what's to come is always necessary.

ILLUMINATION – Mankind does not understand this greatest-of-all-time commitments, devotions, sacrifices, and supreme endeavors, that is, enlightenment. Who is otherwise ready to lay down every last fear, hatred, desire, longing, and even suffering itself, for this? Others may mistake this as moralizing, but it is their loss. Who could otherwise give up their own fool-hearty beliefs and conceptions? Who would sacrifice themselves so? To a point, like “blessing one who harms you,” such insight or physiology is not in archaic or even modern man’s “nature,” that is, a botched physiology akin to what we call mental illness, and what we call mental illness is in fact more akin to what a disorder of the will.

THE EYE AND ARBITRARY RULES – One must always look back, but not for so flimsy a prescription as the ordinary mind might prescribe. If we say the Big Bang is in fact true, and this is where it all came from at present best knowledge, yet we can’t see behind this, or what caused this, where it came from, or where it’s truly going, then one must question why our reason, our rationale, and our sight breaks down here. Further, every human folly since then must be accounted for, to the present. This is a road map of the cosmos reflected in an all too human perception. This is also a study of chaos, and order.

TRUE AWARENSS – The power to hold the cosmos in your hands, gently, lightly, lovingly, neither concerned nor unconcerned. Neither attached nor detached. Neither angry nor sorrowful. Neither engorged nor famished, seeing from the beginning, to the foreseeable end, and waiting nor wanting for nothing. But first, before you get lost on your own vanities and assumptions, do you even know the full definitions and etymologies of any of these words written here? If not, you need to dig deeper.

WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR – The best of everything? But how does one find that in one locality, so to speak?

COMMON DEFINITION OF LOVE – It is the dust wiped off feet, the baleful moan, the daggers of hatred, the hooks of a cloying passion, the child and the man shut out in the cold, the heartbeat of the mob, the commonness of irony, the debasement to wit, and all haughty pretensions that couldn’t otherwise come to name their own exploding stars. That is, it is modern human banality in conscious attitudes towards self and life. My, what big, forward facing eyes you have. What magnificent paws you hide. So it has come to this.

JUST ANOTHER LINE IN THE SANDS OF TIME – What grand sand castles we children build though. And only the dead and dying are upset when the waters come to wash all this away.

HIGHER STANDARDS – Love - the greatest and highest art of all arts, and the ultimate art of boundaries and their contentions. Do you not understand power, life, vitality is thus? Values further articulate what the rules of the games are from there.

THE INEFFABLE – Education, nobility, sight, enlightenment, are not ideas. They are spirits. Everything else may be wrong, untrue, or even one more lie scraped out of the shallow Earth, but this spirit is never wrong. It is the will of life itself – it wills itself to know not sorrow; to create and recreate a new; to see and see past; and to not want to see at all.

GUTTING THE GODS – How old religions go wrong you ask? By mistaking that they are still the end goal of humanity, or that they are the ONLY thing of worth to humanity, the final say of a young simian.

HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE – As they ask, act, and deserve. You may throw a blind dog a bone. He does not care where it comes from, he is just happy to have a bone. At least give them something tasteful and thoughtful to chew on, namely irony, a useful teaching tool, but otherwise decadent byproduct, or happenstance, or, the notice of a parallel reality.

WHY WE GIVE – I don’t need this much happiness. It is simply ludicrous. What more could I do with it? Let me then be rid of it, yet, this only makes me happier? What a terrible world! It seems simply unfair! Unequal! Unjust! My injustice is that of a man too happy for the perceived reality of this world. I will share it with any man who is fit to indeed take it, and I will make sure he gets his fill. And may all such travelers move on well fed, for, I am an excellent cook.

WHAT WE PAY – A bit more vitality, a bit more health, another day, another year, whether we want to or not. Conservation is always for more expenditure. I hope you’ve built your impenetrable castle against death.

GRACIOUS GUESTS AND HOSTS – The Buddha said, do not flatter your benefactors. I suppose he was thinking, he is patronizing you, and not the other way around. The benefactor on the other hand, the one recognizing and deeming something fit, due to the curiosity and support of the people, would otherwise disgrace such a man, a rare man, to not offer something in return, if nothing to speak of his time, honor (whatever these values may be), and reputation. In our day, we are often many steps removed from such situations, but the framework of this has never truly changed.

PHILOSOPHY IS NEVER OBJECTIVE – like Nietzsche, I am here to say that all Philosophy is personal. What confessions have thus been recorded here? I am neither out of, or from academy, university, and the government, nor the church, the state, or of other common philosophers. Of course Philosophy is personal, because real Philosophy is neither abstract nor academic, but how one wills their way through life, that is, the science of NEED. Those who don’t understand inevitably don’t understand need, which is suspiciously similar in phenomenon to WILL.

FOREVER EASIER, THEY WEEP – Ever easier society is not culture and life itself, nor a desirable and sole aim, no more than proverbial modes of thoughtless being of man's past is a desirable or worthy sole (yet ongoing) aim. We have yet to see any new* ideas in organization, systematization, and of course, a well-articulated, well-established and workable ideal. What ideal? The ideal that people have been killing each other over in perpetuity: that of the ideal man, and his ideal world, whether it's built in this life, or a supposed next life.

*"New," key and guiding thoughts being, "workable, articulated, ideals, systems, and ranks of order."

THE GATING PROCESS – Here it is, buried in my text, my life, my philosophy. You dear reader, you made it this far? Of course you did. You know how I know? I was looking for you. I knew you could and would be found in both the likeliest and unlikeliest of places.

A LIQUID BULWARK - Others may philosophize as hammers and nails, but it is all rust to me, and even less to the waters above and below. It will all be washed away in the drizzle, the downpour - a veritable deluge, the monsoon, the flood, the nourishment of new growth!

THOSE OF THE WIND AND THE RAIN – Are you the new growth? The man of future springs? May your children be forever born WITHOUT THE STUPIDITY AND REVENGE of an old and dying world, an embarrassment of old blind maids.

LESSER VALUES – “Conditional love," blind punishment, mindless cruelty - that of men on their crosses - their endless and deadly sacrifice of YOU for what they call "heaven."

WHAT DO YOU CALL "EVIL" ON A HIGHER VALUE SYSTEM – Stupidity.* Plain and simple. This aphorism does not apply to the phenomenon of what we call psychopaths and sociopaths, at least at present.

*Stupidity as descriptor, not pejorative. The sum total or confluence of forces that describe an individual or collective's blindness, neuroses, ignorances, negligencies, lies, swindles, mistakes, primordial fears, modern delusions, etc.

MAN IS FAR MORE RATIONAL THAN HE IS EVER GIVEN CREDIT FOR – But the mentally ill of an old and dying world keep utterly FAILING to offer man anything for his time, that is, his life: incentive, honor, rank, order, rules, and rule sets, rituals and sacrifice, that is, an updated game, a worthy game, a higher game, or even a fun game. Do you see why he then WALKS AWAY - and leaves a civilization in ruin and decay? Why should he fix what he didn’t break in the first place? Neither restitution for vengeance nor rational explanation have been remotely questioned, weighted, measured, answered, and addressed, let alone brought to the table.

SOCIAL CONTRACT – The intelligent men of this world are in fact saying, "Deals are off, unless terms are renegotiated."

MORE THAN COAL AND DIAMONDS – Who says love isn’t pressure and heat? If there is no warmth, than one is dealing with a corpse.

SNAKES AT THE CROSSROADS – You shouldn’t meet me, read me, if you don’t want to change. If you’ve already “changed” or “changed” many times,” then it’s no ghastly surprise to die again.

DRAGONS AT DINNER – Cut off the scales, and become a many-eyed dragon yourself. But don't dally long in the reflection of the entire cosmos in your hand. Even this must be set aside to go and dance through life as the best and happiest of children.

UNDERSTANDABLE IMPULSES – Many of these are not new ideas, but everything is bound to wash up again. That is, if one is seeking enlightenment, there is no need to seek to flee to far off places to find exotic doctrines and study people and cultures of which one has no roots or initiative. Rather, if one is seeking enlightenment, they should instead go to work, and explore from there - paying utmost attention to any and every task at hand. To otherwise aspire to be the exception, when one has no clue, conception, study, or understanding of the endless rules, laws, and values, natures, and contexts of culture's and their idealized conceptions, is to continue on in an unarticulated, that is, unconscious, mythological puppet show, or, a bad habit, an imbalance, an insatiate and insatiable desire, mental illness, critical folly, etc.

EVOLUTIONARY MISHAPS (OVERSHOOTING THE MARK) – We touch each other, and at least for a moment, we are real. Yet, for modern man in many places and times in this modern world, touch is often absent, abstract, confusing, dangerous. How many suffer greatly physiologically, and emotionally unregulated as a result of this simple fact alone? How has our deluded conception of an imaginary yet unchanged social nature stretched the last man to the breaking point? Compared to our great ape relatives, who touch and do not lie, we are indeed a far less lively and creative bunch.

OVERSHOOTING THE MARK IN AMERICA – Free to what? Free for what? To argue and kill each other, as one big unhappy, dysfunctional American family. The world has otherwise been watching this unabashed and otherwise unexamined failure, as its sickness has long been center stage, from which it attacks the world and itself.

REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY WRITE AND REWRITE – Tell anyone who will listen, when it comes to American mental illness and dysfunction, WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES. And to this day, America has neither the means nor the wills to see our way out.

FALLOUT FROM SURVIVORS OF THE DYSFUNCTIONAL AMERICAN FAMILY – There comes a point where even expressing and espousing nuts, bolts, and gory details in this, is bad taste (for, to, and according to American standards, or lack thereof) - but that will never stop an American anyway.

THE GREAT AMERICAN DEATH RATTLE – From an early age I thought it strange we clumsily danced a middling line in school, work, and play - everyone followed the bells, fashions, trends of the day but I found not a single person had an answer as to why and a young me couldn’t quite articulate this anyhow but it then occurred, to my mind, that unless one is a prey animal, then one must learn to articulate one’s self to put an end to the ceaseless and rapacious manipulations and machinations of the world and its actors and mass forces but then you realize the entire point of these systems that no one could answer “wherefore” is to turn people into said prey animals, that is, dependents in the first place, you see that things are not as they seem and people are definitively not what they say they are, the "who" being nearly as irrelevant as to its purported "why's," post-hoc rationalizations of a system and narrow channel and pool of thought that will neither free, save, nor truly help man, as this was not its point, but merely to keep them busy, as there has been no end, goal, or aim all along, and the good Christians of the lands have been eagerly waiting for their bigoted little world to end - and in their sharp answer of "nay" to life, in their refusal to adapt and grow, they have allowed their being, their treasures, their ideal, to be thoroughly, steadily, and consistently outclassed.

BUT, IN LANDS FAR AWAY - Anchorites are to find their mountains - and forge them when they must. When they are ready, they do as they please - going down, going up, few perceive strange traversals as such.

NOT SO LONG AGO – I had come to label my hypothesis an infinitely deep wellspring and reflecting pool, of which I had already witnessed a glimpse both in my dreams, and in moments of revelation, that is to say, the understanding of power. Alas, I have found the potential in consciousness to be attained - sight unlimited, unbounded, unchained.

FEAR AND REVERANCE – Two of the most natural mindsets and positions to take, necessary poisons of the past to destroy what cannot be taken into the future. Of course, for all of human history, mankind simply couldn’t help themselves, from indulging in themselves. Only, in bad conscience, in false modesty, did they attribute this fear and reverence to the gods, to the holy men who speak for God. That is, yes, man has been worshipping himself all along. Now – how to worship sanctify, and glorify not just a higher man, but a new man, a better man – anew, time and time again as is needed with the return of the Monarch, the mass die-offs, the ebb and flow of the tide - so many sad cathedrals in the sand - existing briefly inside and outside the mind to the hatred of self, world, others.

GET USED TO IT – My path long ago took me off the path of foolishness, but don’t fool yourself. Old habits may die HARD. Old Physiology dies hard – but who said the birth of new constellations and their guiding stars was safe, simple, or easy? All the same, I never said I wasn't the grandest fool of all.

THE BUDDHA – He saw all the house-builders, and these house-builders do not understand to this very day. What he instead understood was, this life is it, and he was perfectly at peace with it - even its "eternal recurrence," though such Philosophers of old called it by other names. The house builders can never be at peace with themselves, or the worlds they would attempt to grievously, greedily, hold within. They can only know fear and death. How can they not fear when they know what the world will do to them and their house, that is, the inevitable and observable fact of the collapse of the housing of their body, mind, and physical abode that comes with the ensuing assault of seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millennia - an undeniable progression, change, and crescendo set to the dancing return of the seasons until the sun or some asteroid burns off even our coldest of winters.

FEAR AND HATE ARE BUILT RIGHT INTO THE FABRIC OF THE OLD WORLD AND THOSE WHO TAKE RAIMENT OR "INSPIRATION" THERE - How can they not fear, when they forever close themselves off to life and its utmost aspirations? How can they not hate when they refuse to adapt to inevitable and eternal change and revolution? This is to say, man and woman have a very hard time of their goings in circles.

WE WOULD NOT OTHERWISE REMEMBER CONSTANTINE - As it is, he didn't have the sense, will, vision, or spine to slap the gutter garbage out of his mother's hands, as he clearly could not recreate himself or his world on his own. Constantine thus proved to be the proverbial dominated, domesticated, decadent mother's boy born incidentally of the decline and decay of his time and place, his mother selling him on a slave religion of vengeance against mankind, and the entire world can now know of Constantine, an otherwise entirely forgettable man, history's ultimate example of the participation trophy.

HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? – It is not merely the accumulation of knowledge, nor is it mere strict religious practice. Despite the rigid discipline of Buddhism, it was still coined as “the middle path,” yet for being a level of discipline, attention, and its stratification beyond western culture and religion, understanding, and refinement, as a religious method to seek enlightenment, it is in fact quite timid and lacking in knowledge, experimentation, and method, that is, like all religion, it is riddled with “thou shalls and shall nots,” of which always serve a purpose whether people appreciate or understand said purpose. This is all to point out, one does not go from being a novice, a joiner, a follower, or even a college-educated and adult westerner who knows it all, to the enlightened over night or in short, easy, coherent order. Rather, the entirety of one’s life serves to make the human vessel capable of holding great culture and its absolute, that is, its complete understanding and wisdom – one’s own house treasure – something free of all the grubby hands of archaic myth and modern fantasy – to birth oneself into a world of no gods, masters, or creators is indeed one of many goals but only at the utmost can one go beyond. But one does not get there from reasoning and rationale alone, as man’s reason and rationale is that of an ape’s folly, a thorny side path of evolution. This is why all of Buddhism’s practice serves to break down man’s illogical yet self-assumed, self-comforting, self-centered, self-repressing, self-obsessed, self-aggrandizing, self-suffering ideas and ideals, of which follows how the entire theater is enacted. The rational shell of naïveté and flawed reasoning must be cracked if man is to see or understand anything beyond his own mind, or there he will remain, forever trapped. More so, even the heart must be broken – thus is wisdom a savage teacher, as in nature itself. However, all of this is only a problem if the sufferer notices the condition. The rest depends on how they continue to respond, that is, react to it. WHAT DOES IT ENTAIL – Once one is open to the suffering of the untold millions and billions of numbers of man and beast - just before one breaks down forever, or acts out on too many senseless, aimless, self-harming, or suicidal ideations, one must immediately began healing one’s own wounds - as there will be no one else available to treat such mortal trauma on the human spirit, nor anyone capable of even locating the wounded. One must forge here, that is, one must learn to be the creator of one’s own balm, greater than that of even the most soothing artists, scientists and medicine men, as how could any other healer, even the greatest doctors of traditional and modern medicine, help such a man who is beyond all other’s help, lost as they are in the labyrinths of their own heart and mind?

VIEW FROM THE TOP – I am law for me, but certainly not all, yet certainly for those who are well on their way to becoming laws unto themselves. BEHIND such bridge building is an old and dying world, uninhabitable to flesh and blood - a thing of which none can be brought into the future. It is an impossibility, especially for the child – for, what does he know or care of the botched job of ye olde world and all its boogeymen, an endless array of myriad mother dysfunctions and failed fathers. Thus, the child speaks: Your philosophy is smoke, the diamonds and jewels of the world are dust. My golden dream is every last man’s nightmare, your virtue is only ever as good as your most honest evil, and all the Buddha’s of the world are the path of bones on which I tread. What then is left to do? Why, our very play is a bridge beyond any rainbow, beyond even that of one’s own house treasure.

A SLEEPING ILLNESS – They keep mistaking the similar world we inhabit for the vastly different eyes behind the body of the mind that all exist in this seemingly similar world, upon which any two people may look, and tell completely different stories. This leaves one to question - for how many, is clarity, remedy, and solution, ever truly the aim?

HYPNAGOGIA II – Hallucinogenic: a tool to engineer a backdoor in and out of consciousness. A way for mother nature, or Albert Hoffman, or man himself to prove that what he thinks he is and knows is a mystery behind a dream. That is, hallucinogens are a way to prove that what we think we know is still an assumption, and what we desire for man as a whole, and for ourselves, is of course, a forever newer, better, more mature and desirable ideal. Travel wisely, travel bravely, and if you must take your sacraments, be it for science, or even for a bit of fun - then I wish you a good hunt.

HYPNAGOGIA III – It seems no one ever even gets this far, to create such a conscious articulation of what, even as Nietzsche left it to others, is an unconscious idealizing:

“...lurking in the background is an implicit, that is, unconscious ideal, against which all insufficient present states are NECESSARILY AND DETRIMENTALLY compared. We do not know how to make that ideal explicit, either methodologically or practically, that is, without causing immense dissent in the ranks. We know however that we must have a concept of “not ideal,” to begin and to justify necessary treatment. Sooner or later however, we will have to come to terms with the fact that we are in fact trying to produce the ideal man, and will have to define explicitly what that means. It would be surprising indeed if the ideal we come to posit bore no relationship to those constructed painstakingly over the course of centuries of effort in the past

Enlightenment I – What is it? Utmost certainty and its sincerity. A change in mind and heart brought about by a change in physiology. From what I have observed, studied, and experimented, people fight to keep their meager minds and dyspeptic hearts, the residual bile an inheritance of archaic man, the physiological disorder, the mental illness, that we call MORALITY - something among others, completely irreconcilable in man, least of all any better man. In this manner, even those seeking enlightenment inevitably cling to the meager treasures they pick up along the way. How could they ever find and esteem their own house treasure, when they’re so busy fawning and drooling over the broken bits of archaeology of man’s conceit, fear and folly that they find far and away from the crown of their own spirit, before even this bauble may be tossed aside, for the only world that can house the building of such a grand throne and crown is this world, this one world, namely, the world beyond. And to think, it’s not even their treasures of which they squabble and argue! Such seekers are no seekers at all - but are doomed to wander in the wilderness forever. If only they could be perfectly happy there like us anchorites, who catch, kill, clean, cook or befriend all our own snakes.

Enlightenment II – Don’t fool yourself, especially with someone else’s words. How would you know what enlightenment even is? How could you know or grasp the impossible? You have questions, concerns, nagging feelings, fear, hatred, pettiness, vengefulness, vindictiveness, jealousy, rage, envy, enmity, concern, worry and more worry still, and all else that is all too human? You are certainly not enlightened, for certainty is the sword that slays all gods and devils with inhuman attention, and sincerity, intimacy, is the shadow of the sword resting easily and rightfully in its scabbard. But how did the sword slice the Gordian knot, conquer the world, ALL men in it, all gods and devils above and below, only to be returned to its sheath without spilling a single drop of blood?

Enlightenment III – It is a change in the mind, a change in the body – the physiological change, wherein man tops his physiological relation to the hierarchy without any of the standard sort of measures that allow for such feelings. I.e., how does a Buddhist master live a happier life than a wayward rock star who can’t even enjoy his fame and wealth? Because the Buddhist has physiologically mastered themselves, that they rank higher than the rock star, even if they don’t have a single indicator of said rock star’s status, or the sort of means it provides for survival and procreation, as some things are beyond even the evolutionary lens. It is similar to the quintessential religious feeling and religious conviction itself. That is to say, it is “THE FEELING AS IF THIS IS TRUE,” without any requisite visual confirmation, or proof – but there is a river of death that separates the arrow-littered shores where men run up and down pointlessly, and the awakening of time and life on the far shore. The only differentiation is, for the handful of masters who have not been utter frauds and charlatans, or, those who have been satiate to lay down their lives and minds on assumptions, falsehoods, and lies, people are clueless when it comes to enlightenment. People would rather console themselves with judging the morality of their fellow’s frauds, than find or create anything for themselves.

Enlightenment IV – Those previous enlightened, or, those who had an understanding of man’s psychology, natures, cultures, and just how clumsily these few “truths” grind against one each other, the wreckage from god’s death burning itself out in the rub of a heat death, knew that one must follow the prescribed rails to a point. Even a Buddha could not have introduced many foreign contaminants to his religion, for, how could he know that which is beyond his knowledge and intellect, his princely and aristocratic education within his culture, within his place and time? This is to say, there must be a certain norm and acceptability within any “new” or outgrowth of religion, that is, civilization, or the people themselves won’t see it, appreciate it, understand it, and thus reject it. This was Nietzsche’s fate – not a single person on Earth in his time could understand him, but he knew it was his loving of his fate to serve his purpose, for posterity at that – thus a riddle behind a gateless gate was created, the work hermetically sealed, and few have ever existed to ever see or understand it. But it is here, in the banality of religious tradition and custom, where all religion reveals their truth: that it simply doesn’t know any of the answers at the bedrock of man’s mind, and tries to seal up the rifts in man’s perception thus his suffering, a proverbial grease trap for a surplus of consciousness, and the man who would create the new gods and devils, or riff off the old, must attribute his findings to the gods, for who can question the gods? Also, what humility! This isn’t just a human being talking, rather, he is telling us once more to be spiritual dependents and cripples? Unenlightened apes living hundreds and thousands of years in the past? And from Ananda to Paul, all it takes is a few good followers and the cult is born. As it is, man has long been depreciated, disrespected, and domesticated in good taste and good fashion. This stretches outward as the impetus of control behind this guise of as many little shalls and shall-nots* as there are and have been people on the planet, with a million more "new" and idiotic rules crafted by the day. That is, the forces of socialization and domestication are the very same moral precepts that define and drive culture and civilizational refinement in the first place. By the time one is in NEED of new ideals, new values, it is FAR too late, as this is indicative of a retrograde movement. Modern man fails to look past their own anger and confusion here, thus fails to see his own nature in the state of the world that he perceives, and it’s natural and divine that all of man’s precepts and suppositions in this domain begin and end with the warning, “woe to ye who enter here, your biggest sin is your will, your nature, your birth, and its very questioning!” Simply speaking, fro